9 Actionable Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry in 2023

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Did you know that Tiffany & Co. was the first American brand (company) to institute and use the .925 standard for sterling silver in 1853, which the US government would later adopt as the official sterling silver standard?

Or that this brand has been a staple in America, and its presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, gifted their loved ones and dignitaries Tiffany pieces?

Also, Tiffany has survived wars, and during the civil war, this highly regarded jewelry brand supplied the Union Army with flags, swords, and surgical instruments.

Tiffany also designed the NY Yankees baseball team’s infamous NY Logo. They have also created jewelry masterpieces that remain classics to date.

In other words, Tiffany has been an important part of American history, not just the jewelry scenes, and so owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry could be one of the best ways for you to celebrate the brand and the rich American history.

In many ways, Tiffany is a household brand, and owning a piece of jewelry or more may be an excellent investment for you.


Can You Buy Used Tiffany Jewelry?

Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

Not everyone can afford to buy new, genuine Tiffany jewelry. Many people are forced to save for some time, but this is not always guaranteed to work.

In such instances, giving up on your dream tiffany piece may seem like the only option left for you, but it isn’t. You can buy used Tiffany jewelry. We are talking about authentic, high-quality pieces still in good condition but at a much more affordable price.

Tiffany’s pieces are hard to come by, and you could be duped. But we’ve researched for a long time, and not only do we know that you can find good quality, genuine Tiffany jewelry in the used jewelry section, but we’ll also guide you on how to buy used Tiffany jewelry to get your money’s worth.

The best part about buying used jewelry is that you will find high-quality and premium brand pieces sold for about half the cost of brand-new pieces, and you may even snag more significant discounts than this. The only tricky part is knowing where and how to find the best of the used jewelry.

Keep in mind that in addition to the significant savings you will enjoy from buying used, you also stand the chance of snagging some of the best vintage pieces or maybe historical options that carry a lot of meaning besides looking great.

The quality of the used Tiffany jewelry is also excellent, and buying used jewelry is an excellent way of protecting Mother Nature.

We’ll share tips on all that here. So, let’s get right into this!


9 Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

1. Finding places selling authentic used Tiffany jewelry

Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

This is important as it determines if the quality of the jewelry you buy is fake or genuine. It is also important because many jewelers and online sites sell used jewelry, and not all are genuine.

As you go through sites or product catalogs for used jewelry, look out for terms such as Estate Jewelry, Pre-Owned or Previously Owner, or occasionally, Refurbished Jewelry. These are labels that sellers of used jewelry often use.

We recommend buying used jewelry from reputable local sellers, yard sales, and online sellers on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc.  


2. Getting the best deals

Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

For the best deals with used jewelry, there are a few considerations that you must keep in mind. These include the metal content of the precious metal, the overall condition of the jewelry, and its craftsmanship.

These guide in determining the value of the jewelry. You can use this information and the valuation for scrap metal used for the jewelry to calculate the approximate value of the jewelry.

Since most used jewelry pieces are silver, platinum, and gold, you can use an online calculator to determine their value. Just input its weight and purity.

This is a neat trick and the strategy employed by professionals, especially when shopping for a piece online (well, it works for in-person purchases too). With the help of the online calculator, the valuation will tell you if the purchase is a good deal. It will also guide your negotiation.

However, note that the value or the cost of the jewelry is often more than the value of the precious metal. But it doesn’t mean that you have to pay too much more, say, above the value of the precious metal.


3. Don’t fall victim to scams

Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

There are too many scams around us today, and you just cannot put 100% trust in the next person or link that sells you used jewelry. It is the sad truth, mainly because scammers are aware of the high demand for antiques and vintage pieces and the value of jewelry by Tiffany or any other luxury brand. So, these people do anything and everything to exploit buyers. Thankfully, their ways are known, mostly.

To avoid scams, first, check the price. If the used Tiffany jewelry you are interested in is too cheap, run in the opposite direction. Always remember this, if the deal is too good to be true, then it is. A product with a very low marked price on a piece of jewelry also comes to be if it is defective or a fake.

Of course, there are once-in-a-lifetime cases and instances where the deal is too good, but the pieces are authentic.

This doesn’t happen every day, though, and in many cases, you can only get such an unbelievable deal from a close friend, not a stranger on the internet trying to make money.

For instance, if you are at a pawn shop, you could have the jewelry tested for authenticity before giving them your money.


4. Details

Tips For Buying Used Tiffany Jewelry

The devil is in the details. Before buying used Tiffany jewelry, essential details must be covered. These are the basics, really. And they include:

Photography – someone selling authentic used Tiffany jewelry will have the capacity to take perfect photographs of the jewelry from the best angles. This is essential as it tells you exactly what you are looking at and for.

Delivery and Collection details – for your safety, don’t buy used Tiffany pieces if the seller sets Collection Only as one of the conditions for the purchase.

Do you want to drive up to a stranger’s house with a wad of cash to pick up a piece of jewelry? Also, please don’t give them your home address; a P.O Box is a safer delivery option.


5. Hallmarks and Stamps – Know your metals and gems

All jewelry pieces by Tiffany are hallmarked or stamped. Tiffany rings have the Tiffany & Co. Pt950 stamp, and in other cases, Tiffany & Co. 750 Pt950. And the ancient rings may have a Tiffany & Co. Pt900 IRID or maybe a simple T&Co. stamp.

The stamp details notwithstanding, all the letters will be old and a little worn, but precise, even, and with no spelling mistakes. Beware of the differences in fonts for the old and new Tiffany stamps.


6. Hallmarks

For rings made in the UK, a UK hallmark is used. These hallmarks are characterized by a tiny embossed stamp for authentication by the Assay Office.


7. Serial Numbers

Tiffany rings made around 2000 will have a serial number. In the earlier days, the serial number started with a letter, but now, they have an 8-digit number whose details you can countercheck on their website.


8. Diamonds are laser-inscribed

Since November 2004, Tiffany decided to have all their diamonds laser-inscribed. The inscription is on the crown facet, and they are pretty small and only legible under a 10x magnifier.


9. Certification

If someone is selling a pre-owned Tiffany, the initial year of purchase notwithstanding, it must come with its certificate in either a Tiffany Blue paper wallet or, in other cases, a leather-look or black wallet. The new rings (2019 onwards) come with certificates enclosed in hardback Tiffany Blue wallets.

The old certificates were laminated; the new ones aren’t, but all the certificates have the details of the ring and the buyer printed. The diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are specified, as is the serial number. The certificates, new or old, also have a raised stamp.



There you have it! If you plan to buy used Tiffany jewelry, follow the tips above. Check out more tips here or here

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