Tiger Eye Bracelet -Left Or Right Hand?

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If you are looking for a way to bring in good fortune, happiness, and overall success in your life or just need a better way to manage your anxiety levels and to sleep better at night, tiger eye bracelets might be exactly what you need.

These bracelets are known for their grounding abilities and the fact that the crystals would bring you good fortune. All you need to do is to ensure that you wear the tiger eye bracelet correctly.

To do that, the bracelet must be on the right hand. So, which hand should you wear your tiger eye bracelet on, right or left?


Which hand to wear tiger eye bracelet?

Tiger Eye Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

When it comes to tiger eye bracelets or other types of crystals, the hand you wear the crystals on is crucial.


Right or Left Hand?

Generally, it is ideal for you to wear your crystals on your right hand to be able to get the best effects of the crystals.

But that is not all – at the end of the day, you need to wear your crystal bracelet on the dominant hand, which will make sure that you get the full effects or benefits of the crystals.

But that is not all; the type of crystals matter as well. If you are right-handed, then the right hand qualifies as the giving hand, while the left hand is the receiving hand.


Left Hand

Tiger Eye Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

For the crystal bracelets, wear them on your left hand, which is the receiving hand that absorbs not only energy but also the perfect pathway to your subconscious and also the most effective way for you to do your internal work.

The left hand is the yin or your feminine side and has everything to do with your creativity, dreams, and subconscious mind. The receiving hand is essentially that hand that you take your external energies with, and the tiger eye crystals on your right hand would be the hand that absorbs the benefits of the stone.

Like other crystals known for their ability to relax and calm your mind, the tiger eye crystals should be worn on the left hand or the receiving hand.

These crystals would help heal your emotions while also attracting you to your new relationships.


Right Hand

Tiger Eye Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

Your right hand, on the other hand, is your giving hand that releases energy, is effective for enhancing speech and communication, and also enhances your cleansing and detox. The right hand is the hand that is believed to release what is inside of you. This means that if you wish to let go of any negative emotions or energies, then your right hand that releases things would be the best hand for your tiger eye’s bracelet. Quartz crystals like tiger’s eye are best worn on the right hand for cleansing.

So, since the tiger eye’s bracelet is made of crystals that help in releasing fear and anxiety while also improving balance and harmony, the best hand to wear the bracelet would be your right hand, which is the giving hand. Tiger eye’s bracelet is also the ideal stone that stimulates your power or ability to take action and also for you to make better decisions. It also unclouds emotions, meaning that it is the ideal crystal to go on your right hand.

The tiger eye’s crystals also represent confidence and strength, and wearing these crystals on the right hand would not only improve your confidence and strength levels but also your influence on the audience and speech, meaning that you will have a better hold of your intentions and energy. You could also wear the red tiger eye’s bracelet on your left hand for a boost of self-confidence.

However, if you wish to take in your power and strength through the tiger’s eyes, then you’d have to wear the bracelet on the left hand rather than the right hand.


Which day to wear a tiger eye bracelet?

Tiger Eye Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

It is believed that the best time for you to wear the tiger eye’s bracelet is at sunrise, not later than 7.30 am. You could also wear the bracelet on Thursday, during the waxing moon.

Others note that the best time to wear the tiger eye bracelet is on Sunday mornings, right after taking a bath.


On which finger should you wear tiger eye stone?

You could wear the tiger eye bracelet on your ring finger on the right hand if you want to be able to release emotions and also for strength.

The ideal time is before 7.30 am on Thursday during the Waxing moon. You could also wear it on your silver pendant and make sure to change the crystals each year.

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Tips for wearing a tiger eye bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

  • First, don’t wear the tiger’s eye bracelet if you will be around spaces with too much moisture or vibrations because these crystals are very sensitive to moisture and vibrations.
  • Wear the bracelet on your left hand for courage, balance lowered stress and anxiety levels, and also to reduce excess negative energy.
  • Alternatively, wear the bracelet on your right hand for its protective effects and for the transfer of negative energies away from your body.
  • The golden tiger’s eye bracelet helps center your emotions, and it works great when you wish to make important decisions, but you wouldn’t want your emotions clouding your judgment. Wear it on your left hand for this.
  • The red tiger’s eye bracelet boosts your motivation and energy levels when feeling sluggish or low. So, it is ideal to go on your right hand or the receiving hand.
  • When worn as jewelry, tiger’s eye bracelets should be worn close to your skin for the crystals to absorb powerful vibrations and crystals. You could also wear the crystals in rings, pendants, or bracelets. A lower placement is ideal for enhancing harmony.
  • For use at home and in the office, keep it in the workspaces or the office. You could keep it close to the window or close to the front door.



Tiger’s eye bracelets are great at mopping away toxic energies, and they will ensure you experience the stone’s highest vibrations. So, you could wear it on your right or left hand to enjoy the benefits of the crystals.

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