Tiffany Setting vs. Prong Setting-Which one is More Safe?

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Are you shopping for an engagement ring, but you are getting more confused by the day because of the very confusing and long list of options that you have to choose from?

Well, trust us when we say that we get it. Having started there with no real guide on what to choose exactly, or even the best options that would work for you, we understand how you are feeling, and we hope to make your search easier.

The truth is that with the many ring settings and designs to choose from, the feeling of overwhelming might be unavoidable.

In this article, however, we’ll help fast-track your search by taking you through everything you need to know about engagement ring settings, specifically, the Tiffany and Prong settings.

So, let’s jump right into it!


What is a Tiffany setting?

The Tiffany Setting can only be described as Tiffany’s very best masterpieces, and this engagement ring setting lives up to this description, and it is regarded as one of the most iconic engagement ring designs ever created. It boasts the most flawless level of engineering, allowing for the diamond to be set up such that it is raised and well-secured at the top of the band by slender prongs.

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting

This setting style is exclusive to the Tiffany brand, but it also features a twist – the prong setting. This engagement ring setting was designed in 1886, and up until this invention, the Tiffany and Bezel settings feature multiple diamonds fixed on a bezel setting.

The new invention was, therefore, a huge move, especially because it would allow for the entry of more light into the diamond, resulting in an even more stunning sparkle.

The uniqueness and brilliance of this setting revolutionalized the jewelry world, and mounting of the diamonds would only be considered regal if the mounting or setting style allowed for the highest level of sparkle from the diamond. In other words, the Tiffany setting made the world aware of the possibility of diamonds shining brighter and even better than they ever did.


So, what makes the Tiffany Setting unique?

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting

Well, for starters, you have the perfectly symmetrical and elegant design of the ring setting, and also the prong’s unique positioning that serves one primary function – allowing the maximum amount of light to easily travel through that diamond, resulting in the best level of sparkle. In addition to setting the diamond on the center stage, the prong also ensures the security of the diamond. Thanks to the design features of the setting, the Tiffany setting is considered one of the very best diamond settings in the jewelry world – although it is expensive, and you’d have to save for a while to enjoy the beauty of this ring setting.

However, Tiffany is not the only brand or jeweler that makes jewelry in this design; there are several other brands offering products as good as Tiffany’s for less, giving Tiffany a run for their money. So, unless you are buying a Tiffany Setting engagement ring from Tiffany for the brand name, you can always find something similar and cheaper from other jewelers.


Pros and cons of Tiffany setting

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting


  • The setting is very secure, and whether it has 4 or 6 prongs, the prongs hold the stone securely at all times, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the stone.
  • The setting style is exclusive to Tiffany & Co.
  • The Tiffany Setting is easy to clean.
  • Tiffany Setting is elegant and allows for maximum entry of light into the diamond, enhancing its sparkle, which is why this ring setting is well known for its great sparkle.
  • Easy maintenance of the ring setting, ring, and the diamond
  • It’s quite stylish and classy, and also chic and extra-durable, which means that your Tiffany ring would always look elegant for as long as you own it
  • The setting/ engagement ring would last your lifetime
  • The ring setting is extra popular thanks to its universal appeal, over the years


  • Since the setting/ ring is by a luxury brand, the ring could be very expensive.
  • The setting prongs tend to get snagged on hair or be caught in clothing
  • Some people find the ring to be uncomfortable
  • Many counterfeits on the market today


What is the prong setting?

This is perhaps the most popular and largely recognized ring setting design. The prong setting is regarded as the most classic ring setting style that is also the most recognizable ring setting for most engagement rings. This ring setting is timeless and elegant, and the reason why most people and jewelers prefer this setting for engagement rings has to do with the fact that the prong setting will hold the ring securely on several edges.

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting

The prong ring setting often comes in either a 4 or 6 prong-set arrangement that allows for the most secure attachment of the ring and also ensures that the maximum amount of light travels or passes through the gemstone.

To get the job done properly, the prong setting is designed to look like a metal basket that will hold the ring within the ‘basket’ safely. And thanks to this, the prong setting comes in more than one style, with the basket prong setting being the most popular one.

In the basket prong setting, the ‘basket’ prongs’ corners hold on to the diamond in place. Then there is the peghead prong setting in which the prongs hold in lace the circular or round-shaped diamond on the diamond’s north, south, east, and west side. So, with the prongs (also called claws) holding the diamonds or other types of stone securely in place, the stone ends up being perched at the edge of the stone rather subtly.

With this in mind, the diamond or gemstone is held most securely when there are more prongs. So, in as much as the 4-prong settings are common, the 6-prong diamond setting is much more secure than the 4 prongs. Even so, the 4-prong settings are the most popular option owing to the fact that the 6, more secure prongs cover much of the diamond, meaning that the gemstone is not illuminated and will not shine as brightly. Most jewelry creators, therefore, prefer the 4 prong setting option to the 6 prongs. The need for the diamond to have the maximum possible sparkle is the reason why you will come across engagement rings with 3 prong settings – and these engagement ring designs are often the most striking options.

The other important thing for you to take note of is the fact that the prong setting is probably the setting that your engagement ring will have. The setting could be in different styles like the triple ring style, cluster, or solitaire setting, and these are often prong settings. To reiterate, the prong setting is not only the most popular engagement ring setting but also the most secure one. So, to get your money’s worth, opt for a diamond engagement ring with a prong setting.


Pros and cons of prong setting

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting


  • The prong setting is the strongest and the most stable ring setting that will keep your diamond securely in place for a long time.
  • Easy to clean
  • The setting ensures that the maximum possible amount of light enters the ring, compared to all other kinds of ring settings.
  • The 4-prong setting lets in the maximum amount of light
  • Prong setting styles are timeless classics
  • The setting is elegant
  • Minimal impact on the design of the stone means more versatile designs for the ring.
  • Many options for all price ranges are available
  • Popular and appealing ring style
  • Choose the best quality and sturdily built prong settings for durability and value for your money


  • 6 prongs or more will diminish the sparkle of the diamond
  • The prongs have to be checked regularly to ensure that they are still intact and holding the stone in place securely
  • The prongs/ claws might catch on your clothing or snag on the hair, meaning that they are not ideal if you lead an active lifestyle
  • The prongs tend to loosen or bend over time


What are the differences between Tiffany’s setting and the prong setting?

Tiffany Setting Vs Prong Setting

Looking at the designs of the settings rings with either the Tiffany or Prong setting don’t really look different. The primary difference between these settings would, therefore, be the fact that the Tiffany Setting is an exclusive setting design patented by Tiffany & Co., and this setting is primarily a prong setting. The engineering for the Tiffany Setting is also different from what is seen in other prong setting styles for engagement rings.

With both settings, the diamond or gemstone is securely held up to the light with the use of 4 or 6 prongs.


Tiffany setting vs. prong setting – which one should you choose?

To belong to an exclusive club and at a higher price tag, the Tiffany Setting would be the ideal option. But since most of us are looking for stunning but affordable engagement rings, the classic 4-prong setting would be great.



The Tiffany Setting is technically a prong setting, but unlike the classic prong ring settings, Tiffany’s Setting is based on an exclusive design and engineering techniques that make it superior and more expensive than the classic designs.

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