Tiffany Necklace Keeps Flipping-How to Deal With it?

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Flipping necklaces are among the things that most of us worry less about when going about our daily lives. But this does not mean that it is acceptable for the necklace to always find solace on the wrong side of the neck or for the pendant to flip upside down.

On the contrary, we always strive for the perfect look which is completed by the correct positioning of the necklace on our necks.

The Tiffany Necklace has been observed to keep flipping when worn and we know you are wondering, what’s next? Well, you are in the right place because we are going to explore the low-tech DIY ideas that you can implement when wearing your Tiffany Necklace and other neckpieces that don’t seem to rest easy on your neck.


Necklace Keeps Flipping Over, Is It Normal?

tiffany necklace keeps flipping

Necklaces flip all the time and individuals who love putting them on, before leaving for work are very much aware of this, those who care have come up with ways of ensuring that the necklace doesn’t flip.

But we also have the group that does not care and would wear their flipped necklace the whole day every day. In essence, is that there is nothing abnormal about your necklace flipping over, and as such you just need to find a way of keeping it from flipping.


Why your Tiffany necklace or Tiffany heart necklace keeps flipping?

tiffany necklace keeps flipping

The Tiffany heart necklace can be a menace at times and will keep flipping upside down whenever you wear it and in the process hide its beauty.

Now, one of the reasons why your Tiffany heart necklace keeps flipping is because it is tight. The necklace must rest easy on your neck when worn, thus if it is too tight then the heart will keep flipping.

Another probable reason as to why your Tiffany necklace keeps flipping is because the heart is way heavier than the chain. If you think about it many people who own this type of jewelry from Tiffany have complained of the same issue. Notable is that the necklace comes with a matching bracelet and which has been observed to have a similar issue.

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How to Wear Tiffany Necklace without Flipping Over

tiffany necklace keeps flipping

Apart from increasing the weight of the necklace to match the heart, consequently preventing a flip over, Tiffany Necklace owners can also invest in the jump ring, which will enable it to hang instead of flipping as it does when worn.

If the above is not an option, Tiffany necklace owners could also visit a craft store and get a silver ring to attach to their necklace and which would help prevent the heart from flipping over.

Also, individuals could have their jeweler add another chain link that matches the pre-existing necklace and which would increase the length of the chain making it less tight thus giving the pendant the freedom to rest easy consequently minimizing the flip overs.

Alternatively, Tiffany necklace owners can also invest in a bail sometimes written as bale, which is used to attach a pendant. The bail is then placed at the center of the necklace to keep the pendant stable.

Ardent Tiffany necklace wearers have also invented a way of wearing the necklace that keeps the love pendant from flipping. Some move the pendant to the side once they have put it on their necks while others simply wear the necklace with the pendant on the opposite side.


Tips for investing on the Tiffany necklace

tiffany necklace keeps flipping

Also when investing on a Tiffany necklace it would be wise to invest in a necklace that has incorporated a counterweight on the clasp, so that you don’t have to go through the hardships of adding another. Notable is that the counterweight could be anything from a metal ball, a charm, or a bead normally attached to the pendant.

Some of the Tiffany necklaces incorporate a small key on the heart that keeps the pendant in its place when worn. Better yet you could purchase a necklace with a pendant that has been attached to both ends of the necklace.

This then prevents the chain from moving up and down the chain. Heavier pendants are also a good option as you can be sure that it will not move neither will it flip over when worn.

Tiffany retails different types of heart necklaces so finding one with a stable heart pendant is not an uphill task. Alternatively, you could have the jeweler customize one with dimensions that will keep the pendant from flipping.


How to keep your necklace from tangling on your neck

tiffany necklace keeps flipping

One of the most common ways of preventing your necklace from flipping or moving around the neck is by investing in a charm that will add weight to the heart pendant. Charms can be found online or in a craft store.

There are also some types of necklaces that are layered and which look really nice when worn under both official and casual clothes. These types of necklaces can be paired with your Tiffany heart necklace.

The problem however is that these types of necklaces are also known to twist losing their aesthetic appeal. So to keep the necklaces in line you could clasp one side to the other side but on a point that does not have the clasps, so that it creates a long chain.

If you have a double wrap necklace, you could adjust it so that the longer part sits lower on your chest. The shorter necklace will then be wrapped closer to your neck while the longer one could be dangling down.




From the above, you can tell that the Tiffany love necklace does have an issue as the heart does not seem to stay flat on the wearer’s chest once worn.

There are many theories trying to explain this fact and there are equally many DIY solutions that enable you to showcase your luxurious ornament.

However to avoid this problem altogether it is better to invest in a Tiffany necklace that has already incorporated the charms that get rid of the flipping issue.

Individuals could also try out the chain while at the store and ask the jeweler to solve the problem before walking out of the store with the necklace.

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