Why Do Tiffany Diamonds Sparkle So Much?-Detailed Answer

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Do Diamonds from Tiffany have more Sparkle? Why Do Tiffany Diamonds Sparkle So Much? You are in the right place if you want to know the answer!

There is absolutely no doubt that a sparkling diamond engagement or ordinary ring has the potential to seamlessly draw people’s attention.

Once you have chosen your perfect diamond ring or your partner has proposed to you with the most elegant diamond ring in the market, you are definitely going to want to show it off in the best ways possible- be it by wearing it daily or by taking multiple pictures and posting them on social media. For this reason, your diamond ring would need to have that dazzling effect!

In the jewelry world, the dazzling effect, rather brilliance on your ring is affiliated with the intensity of light reflection that catches your eye through the top part of a diamond as well as the overall whiteness of that particular stone. What we are referring to is the intensity of sparkle that some rings such as Tiffany diamond rings have.

In this write-up, we will delve deeper into the reasons why Tiffany diamonds sparkle so much. Also, we will compare Tiffany diamonds to other brands and conclude whether they are better.


Do Diamonds from Tiffany have more Sparkle?

Why Do Tiffany Diamonds Sparkle So Much   

Generally, cut is a very important factor that determines the brilliance or sparkle of a diamond.

Multiple diamond cutters tend to craft the diamonds to specific proportions so that they can make the best use of light.

When the proportions are extremely precise, the diamond sparkles even more simply because there are multiple surfaces through which the light gets to bounce off.

In addition, the clarity of a diamond tends to affects its brilliance and sparkle. The main things that you would need to look out for are the inclusions, which are simply the internal flows within that diamond.

The lesser the inclusions in the diamond, even if they are the smallest imperfections; the more dazzling, flawless and valuable the diamond becomes. Also, a white or colorless diamond tends to reflect and refract more light thus its brilliance increases.

That said, we can establish that diamonds from Tiffany indeed have more sparkle because of their color, cut and lighting levels.

Tiffany exclusively makes use of diamonds of a certain color grade where all their diamonds are either white or colorless.

Aside from that, the constant polishers by their jewelers and the consistent lighting in their display also contributes to the sparkling effect that their diamonds have.


Do Tiffany Diamonds Sparkle more than Other Diamond Brands?

Tiffany diamonds have been identified to have a high-quality procurement process. In as much so, there are multiple suppliers who supply equally high-end stones. A guy by the name Tolkowsky perfected the Diamond cut and started the hearts and arrows phenomenon that has dominated the jewelry industry. The Tolkowsky cut is among the most stunning cut above all other diamonds that exist.

On that note, Tiffany & Co. offers a similar cut and they have a very strict grading criteria. As we mentioned earlier, the sparkle of Tiffany diamonds is purely determined by their cut and this particular hearts and arrows diamond that has almost perfect dimensions would emit great characteristics in terms of their light and have the ability to transverse extremely well.

All in all, Tiffany’s diamonds are quite sparkly but if they offered a Hearts and Arrows diamond, then it would definitely sparkle a lot more than any other diamonds. But, for the same grade and cut, Tiffany diamonds are quite similar to any other diamond brands that exist.


Why do or Why Not Tiffany Diamonds sparkle too much?

Tiffany, with its long heritage and reputation, has done an excellent job with its marketing but you are spending much more on the same diamond when you buy from them than if you are buying from any other credible and legitimate jeweler, especially in the event that you are purchasing a diamond that has the same characteristics like H/VS2 excellent cut but their branding goes a long way.

Because a diamond’s brilliance is its main defining feature, Tiffany & Co. tends to cut stone slightly smaller if this would add to its presence. Generally, a smaller, well-cut diamond has the potential to catch more light and sparkle a lot more beautifully than any other large and poorly cut stone.

Also, you should note that you may be paying for the unique craftsmanship and the perfected skills that go into presenting these diamonds within its setting in the best possible manner. In as much so, you are assured of a stunning piece.

Based on this explanation, we can deduce that the amount of sparkle from any diamond is more or less the effect of the quality of the gemstone itself and the cut of that particular gemstone.

The amount of sparkle from a diamond is an effect of the quality of that particular gemstone, and the cut of the gemstone.

Perfect diamonds are identified as the most expensive, and they can either or may not produce the maximum amount of sparkle that you would expect. The producer of the diamond has no effect on how much it sparkles, other than how they choose to cut it.


Are Tiffany Diamonds really better?

In terms of cut, shape, carat weight and clarity, Tiffany diamonds grade similar to other labs and other diamonds.

The most important thing that makes Tiffany & Co. diamonds better is the cut that they have since they are excellent cut grades.

Also, Tiffany diamonds are ethically sourced which makes them high quality and prestigious. This alone, is one of the most important reasons as to why Tiffany diamonds are a great investment and a great design for most rings.

Additionally, when it comes to selling your diamonds from Tiffany & Co. you are assured of great value.



When purchasing a diamond from any jeweler, it is crucial that you understand what exactly you would want to get from it and evaluate whether it is in line with your beauty needs and individual preferences.

Also, you should be able to know whether quality diamonds and craftsmanship is part of what you are willing to pay for.

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