Tiffany And Co. Packaging Real Vs. Fake(You Should Know)

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Did you know that you could spot fake Tiffany & Co jewelry by looking at the packaging that the jewelry comes in?

This means that your love for the best of that little blue box and what comes in it would easily save you some money if you know what you are looking for.

Tiffany And Co. Packaging Real Vs. Fake

This is one of the most important things to know about the Jewelry by Tiffany & Co because there exists an entire flourishing market that is made of replicas of the jewelry by Tiffany & Co, and you could be duped quite easily if you don’t know how to spot the difference between the authentic and the original pieces of Tiffany & Co jewelry.

The good news is that you don’t even have to buy the whole jewelry set; a keen eye looking at the company’s packaging would tell you if the piece of jewelry is authentic or not.


Tiffany and Co – packaging real vs. fake

Tiffany And Co. Packaging Real Vs. Fake

While Tiffany & Co has a diligent team of professionals that ensure adherence to the highest standards for quality, the company also seems to have the highest number of imitations on the market, and the imitations don’t just apply to the jewelry, but the packaging too.

In this article, we’ll be addressing the latter – how to spot fake Tiffany’s packaging.


Drawstring Pouches

Tiffany And Co. Packaging Real Vs. Fake

1.The first thing that tells you the Tiffany pouches you are looking at are fakes is the quality of the drawstring pouches. Generally, all the new pouches by the brand will have the Tiffany & Co logo on them, but there are specific things that will stand out – the logo’s placement and the type of cord or drawstring used.

2.Regarding the logo’s placement,the genuine Tiffany pouches will have the logo centered perfectly on all their pouches, but in most of the fake pouches, the logos are not usually centered, and you will find that the logos sit on the pouch’s lower section.

3.String or Cord Type– The authentic Tiffany’s pouches feature high-quality silk cords designed in the exact shade as that of the pouch itself. But with the fakes, the strings are made of low-quality materials and hardly ever silk. The cord or string on the replica pouches is also stringed together rather haphazardly. Also, the cords are tied neatly for the authentic Tiffany & Co pouches, unlike the fakes that have the cords tied together carelessly.

4.Color of the pouches – Tiffany & Co has all its products packaged in pouches and jewelry boxes that come in a unique blue, turquoise-ish color.

real tiffany packing
the real one

In most cases, the fake Tiffany pouches get the color wrong, and they are more bluish-green in color, a different color from the authentic Tiffany & Co Blue color.

Fake tiffany packing

To make sure that you are not getting the color wrong, we recommend turning the pouch inside out. You’ll also notice that in addition to the obvious color difference from previously bought Tiffany jewelry, the stitching of the pouch will be quite messy in the fakes.

The fakes also have uneven stitches, and there is no kind of seam control stitching, as is the case with the genuine pieces that are sewn neatly, with stitches running evenly throughout. Tiffany is a stickler for quality goods/ products, which is why you can see their high standards in every one of their products.


Suede Snap Pouches

Besides the drawstring pouches, Tiffany & Co also packages their jewelry in cute little suede snap pouches. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeits even for these pouches, and you need to be extra careful when shopping. But you can always tell the replica pouches from the authentic ones. Here is how:

the authentic bags
the authentic bags

Check the exterior of the pouches – On the exterior of the pouch, the following features stand out:

  • Stitching– the most obvious giveaway for fake jewelry is the poor stitching on the fakes, and you will also notice that the pouch hasn’t been stitched evenly all the way, as is the case with the genuine pouches.
  • Quality of the material or the fabric used– Tiffany makes these suede pouches using a high-quality soft suede material. The fabric feels soft and lush, which is not something you will notice with the fakes because they tend to be stiff, and they feel inferior. The imitation pouches are made of cheap, felt-like material, and they don’t have the lush feel that the suede pouches have. The genuine pouch is all suede and well stitched, both on the inside and out.
  • The color of the pouches is different too for the suede snap pouches– the genuine pouches come in the patented Tiffany Blue color, but the fakes look almost green, with a blue hue.

Checking the interior of the pouches, the first thing that stands out is the fact that the inside of the pouch looks and feels lush.

Tiffany And Co. Packaging Real Vs. Fake

Some of the things that stand out from the inside of the replica pouches include:

  • The fact that the material is often cut and stitched unevenly and the edges are almost rugged around the divider. The stitching is also flimsy.
  • You should also lookout for a small, perfectly circular suede fabric covering the inner side of the snap from the inside – this is only present on the genuine pouches.


Jewelry boxes

Real Tiffany box
Real Tiffany Co jewelry Box
  • The authentic jewelry boxes by Tiffany feature the right Blue Tiffany color, and they are designed into this sturdy and elegant little boxes that show a superior level of craftsmanship.
  • The fake jewelry boxes are also smaller, look cheap and wrinkly, and almost half the size of the genuine Tiffany jewelry box. Also, the font of the fake is off and not well aligned.
  • The card in the box is matte and cheap/ ordinary-looking for the fake, but the genuine box comes with a high-quality, glossy card with the Tiffany & Co logo sitting perfectly in the middle.


Packaging bag

the authentic bags
  • The bag that your ordered items are packed in is also the other thing that you should look at when trying to figure out if the jewelry you just bought is from genuine Tiffany & Co. sellers or if it’s a replica. Some of the differences between the replica bags and the real thing include:
  • The spacing of the holes for the handles of the bag. Generally, the holes for the replicas tend to be too close to each other, while the genuine bags have the holes spaced out more. The strings are also different, and the replica tends to have shorter handles.
  • The color is the other thing that stands out from these fake and genuine Tiffany packaging bags, with the fake bags looking more greenish-blue compared to the genuine bags which come in the patented Blue Tiffany is known for.
  • The thing you should be looking at – especially because the fakes often have inconsistencies in not just the font size but also the font types. The spacing is also off with the fake bags. Check the alignment, too – genuine pieces have the logo in perfect alignment, and the fonts are all uniform.
  • Also, the authentic bags come with tissue paper and the ribbon, both branded with the Tiffany & Co logo, but these details could be missing from the fake bags.
  • Check the sizes, too – the fake bags tend to be smaller than the real bags.
the fake bags


These are just some of the big differences between the fake and real packaging for Tiffany.

Essentially, you can see the high standards associated with the Tiffany brand in the perfect design feature of the packaging.

So, keep your eyes peeled.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!