Thermochromic Liquid Crystals – This Is How Mood Ring Work?

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Are you using or planning to get yourself one of the mood rings that employs the use of thermochromic liquid crystals?

If so, you are most probably curious to know how it works. This modern mood jewelry is gaining popularity; however, many people do not understand how it functions.

Well, some people are still confused about the science behind thermochromic liquid crystals and we are here to help.

In this post, you will be in a position to find out how the mood ring works. Enjoy!


Are mood rings real?

This Is How Mood Ring Work

Mood rings have actually stood the taste of the time in predicting one’s mood. The mood rings were specially designed not only for an accessory purpose but also to reveal the wearer’s true emotions.

This is made possible with the use of stones which are made up of thermotropic liquid crystals. That moves and bends when there is a temperature change.

As the crystals move, there is a change in the color they express. The rings exhibit different colors, which is a representation of different emotions or feelings.

However, sometimes mood rings are not a hundred percent accurate but they do reflect real-life changes that occur in your body temperature, which happens in response to your emotions.


About Thermochromic Liquid Crystals in the mood ring

This Is How Mood Ring Work

The mood rings have come a long way. They were very popular in the 1970s and they are still very popular even now. Mr. Joshua Reynolds is credited for being the inventor of the mood ring.

The stone present in the ring changes its color regarding the mood and emotional state of the person wearing it.

Modern mood jewelry is designed from a flat strip containing liquid crystals that have a protective coating. Through twisting, the crystals will respond to changes in temperature.

Twisting changes molecular structure, which in turn modifies the wavelengths of the light reflected or absorbed.

This Is How Mood Ring Work

Crystals are well calibrated to provide a pleasing blue or green color when a person’s temperature is at 82 F (28C) at average resting peripheral.

As this peripheral body temperature increases, it does so in relation to happiness and passion the crystals will twist to reflect blue. When a yellow color is reflected, this means that you are excited or stressed.

This happens when the flow of the blood is directed away from the skin and in turn directed more to the internal organs thus causing a cooling effect on the fingers, which in turn makes the crystals twist in other directions.

The ring will appear black and unresponsive or dark gray if the weather is cold or the ring is damaged.


Any other materials used in mood ring?

This Is How Mood Ring Work

Mood rings mostly use thermochromic liquid crystal, however, there are other materials that are used that make this mood ring look so special and attractive.  

To start with, the setting for a mood ring is in a position to be made of any substance. However, silver is one of the popular choices.

While you may think the crystal is just but a single stone, they are multiple liquid crystals that are held in a container made of quartz or glass. This protects the mood ring from excessive heat or moisture.


The process of making a mood ring

This Is How Mood Ring Work

While people enjoy the comfort and pleasure that comes with wearing a mood ring, many are not aware that they can follow simple steps in making them.

Don’t shy away from showing your mood while wearing your mood ring. You can follow the below steps to make your mood ring.

Materials needed: Craft glue/ Ring Base/ Heat-sensitive stone/ Decorative bead.


Step One

This Is How Mood Ring Work

You will need to purchase a heat-sensitive stone at a craft store and in addition to that purchase a ring base that can fit your finger. Remember to get a stone that correctly fits the slot on the ring base. If you cannot find one that fits, have the stone cut in the desired shape and size.


Step Two

Once you have all these materials ready, warm the craft glue and apply it to the base of the ring where the stone is supposed to be placed.

This Is How Mood Ring Work

Step Three

Place the stone on the base and leave it to dry. While doing this make sure the stone comes in contact with the finger, to allow it to change the color. You can also add other decorative beads so that it can border the ring base to make it look very attractive.


Step Four

While using the same craft glue, you can stick some small beads around the border of the heat-sensitive stone. To achieve great results, use beads that are brown, blue, green, yellow, and purple. These colors are used since they match very well with the stone.


Why are Thermochromic Liquid Crystals used in mood ring?

This Is How Mood Ring Work

The thermochromic liquid crystals are used in the mood rings because the crystals are in a position to respond to temperature changes through twisting.

The ability to twist changes the molecular structure of the crystals. All this will alter the color being absorbed.

There are several natural and synthetic liquid crystals that are in a position to change color regarding temperature. The composition of the mood ring will depend heavily on the manufacturer.


Do mood rings really work accurately according to your mood?

This Is How Mood Ring Work

If you are really looking to find out if mood ring work accurately, this is for you. Mood rings cannot be in a position to tell the state of your emotions with any degree of accuracy.

But they are made to have a pleasing green or blue of an average person’s resting temperature. They are really good at reflecting your body temperature changes, however, they will not tell something to do with emotions that you already don’t know.



Many people are fond of wearing mood ring that contains thermochromic liquid crystals to reflect their emotional state.

Your body’s temperatures play a crucial role in helping the mood ring to change its color.

In as much as the accuracy levels of the mood, the ring is in question you can still use them for decorative purposes.

Feel free to make some mood rings for yourself and enjoy.

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