9 Unique Things You Can Only Buy In Hong Kong in 2024

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If you love traveling, you will agree with us that ultimately, the beauty of travel comes from the unique places you get to visit and interact with, and most importantly, the unique and idyllic pieces and experiences that we get to collect from all the places we set foot on.

While you might not always find things or souvenirs that are unique to the places you visit, there are instances where you will only come across one-of-a-kind pieces in these locations. And Hong Kong is one such place.

The country promises the highest level of diversity you will ever be part of, and as you soak in this part of the world and her people, there are unique pieces that you can only take home from Hong Kong.

So, if you are planning a trip to Hong Kong but are unsure about what unique pieces to buy while in Hong Kong, this simple guide is exactly what you need.

Here, we’ll share a list of what you can only buy in Hong Kong and why you can only buy them in this ultra-modern city.


1. Cat Street’s Chinese Antiques

things you can only buy in hong kong

First on our list are all the exquisite antiques from Hong Kong’s vibrant Upper Lascar Row, also called Cat Street, a Chinese or Hong Kong street renowned worldwide by all antique enthusiasts.

But why exactly is this street riddled with antiques such a big deal? Cat Street is very famous because it boasts at least 100 years of rich history in selling both the best of Chinese antiques and the best handcrafted Chinese contemporary items.

And so, this rather narrow street located in Sheung Wan is regarded as the best possible destination for anyone in search of one-of-a-kind antiques and souvenirs, especially if you are attracted to the richness and intrigues of Chinese history.

The best part about shopping for antiques on this street is that you will have an opportunity and the time to browse through a rather large assortment of objects like old coins, Buddha Heads, figurines from the Cultural Revolution Era, antique jade pendants, and even calligraphy brushes.


2. Treasures and Trinkets from Hong Kong’s Goods of Desire of G.O.D

If you’re ever in Hong Kong and you must buy just one souvenir that you know will mean the world to you in terms of its cheekiness and coolness, you must visit Goods of Desire for their treasures and trinkets. This is also why this cheeky store is pretty much a must-visit place for many travelers.

The store is a treasure trove of the most incredible treasures and trinkets that scream Hong Kong. These items are mostly kitsch paraphernalia, including the peace sign/ lucky figurine of a cat, cushion covers designed in Mahjong tile shapes, mahjong wine charms, koi fish underwear, silk ties or scarves with the funkiest prints, stackable Yaumati mugs, etc.

And you will be happy to know that there are multiple locations for this store, so you don’t have to all go to just that one store. Some of these stores are at the airport, a very convenient location for last-minute shopping.


3. The Basket of Dim Sum Candles from Hong Kong’s BeCandle

things you can only buy in hong kong

Traveling to Hong Kong means an opportunity to indulge in dim sums to your fill, and you get to try more options from different locations throughout the city.

However, you won’t have the opportunity to carry home the delicious baskets of  Hong Kong’s Dim Sums from your holiday, and the only thing that is closest to the real dim sum experience has got to be the curated candles that are made to look exactly like the traditional Chinese delicacy.

Numerous artisans in Hong Kong understand the importance of the delicacy, and so, at BeCandle, these artisans come up with cute and unique dim sum-shaped candles.

The candles are designed in the shapes of different types of dim sums, such as the char siu bao, siu long bao, and siu mai. And the best part is that all these goodies come in the traditional Chinese bamboo steam baskets, which is why they make perfect handmade gifts or souvenirs from your trip. They are also perfect for displaying in your home.


4. Po Sum On Healing Balm – The Mother of All Balms

Hong Kong has been known for its healing balms for many decades now, although the association of Hong Kong to healing balms only took roots early in the 1900s.

And so, if you are looking for genuine healing balms in and from Hong Kong, then you must get them from Hong Kong, specifically from the renowned brand of healing balms, the Po Sum On Healing Balm.

This brand is well known throughout Hong Kong, and it’s also popular because the healing balm is made of natural ingredients. The healing balm and the medicated oils are a must-have because they are not unique and make the best souvenir for you to take home.

The healing balm is an all-purpose balm that cures everything from headaches and stomachaches to joint pains and even itches from bug bites.


5. Hong Kong’s Sweet & Savory Snacks

things you can only buy in hong kong

You cannot leave Hong Kong without packing a number of packs of Hong Kong’s sweet & savory snacks, and there are many options to choose from and carry back home. Keep in mind that food is one of the best things you will enjoy in Hong Kong, and it is also one of the best things you could ever take back home from your trips.

And because of the abundance of snacks, you can travel to Hong Kong; you have no excuse to carry the sweet, flaky egg roll biscuits or even the flavored Hong Kong shortcakes in exciting flavors like mango pineapple, honeydew, and interestingly, yolk.

Look for any of Hong Kong’s Kee Wah Bakery for these snacks. You could also grab some boxes of the exclusive and funky Pretz Flavors like the abalone or shark fin in oyster sauce.


6. Chop Alley’s Customized Name Seals

This is the other thing you will get in Hong Kong very quickly. You only need to visit Chop Alley.

People hold their names in high regard and always have, and in China and Hong Kong, this is such a big deal because Chop was a must-have – a seal with the owner’s name on it was necessary, and Chop is what was used to stamp the owner’s signature on crucial documents.

This has been the practice for many years now, and you could get the same exquisite-quality seal with your name from Chop Alley or Man Wa Lane. The personalized chops are made of different materials such as plastic, wood, ivory, jade, or marble.

You also get to choose the language your name is imprinted in – either in English or the chop makers may translate your name into Chinese then engrave it on the seal, leaving you with a high-quality, authentic Hong Kong souvenir.


7. Hand-Painted Porcelain pieces from the Yuet Tung China Works Store

things you can only buy in hong kong

The whole of China is known for its exquisite art forms and pieces, with the hand-painted porcelain pieces being the most popular pieces that are truly Chinese and often cannot be found elsewhere.

So, if you love art and are in Hong Kong, you can take some of that art back home by getting the porcelain pieces from Hong Kong. Now, bear in mind that there are many mass-produced varieties of porcelain pieces throughout Hong Kong, and so, for authentic pieces, you’d want to visit Yuet Tung China Works. This store was established in 1928.

For close to a century, the store continued to create impeccable and high-quality handcrafted, stunning, and hand-painted pieces of porcelain sets, tableware, cups, and vases.

Besides their dedication to the craft, this store is also the best for handcrafted porcelain pieces because it was the very first one of its kind ever to be established in Hong Kong.

Their pieces are also known and easily identifiable by the shape, colors, motifs of landscapes, floral patterns, and meticulous and very clean lines.

things you can only buy in hong kong

8. Original Chinese Tea

If you love tea, you must try and carry some Chinese tea. Although the history and origin of tea remains a big topic of discussion for many people, the earliest records show that China is one of the earliest places to have had tea – this was as early as or even earlier than the 10th century BC.

So, tea in Hong Kong is such a big deal. The best part is that you can buy tea anywhere in Hong Kong.


9. Jade

There are many places where you can buy jade and many lightweight synthetic pieces all over Hong Kong. But if you don’t mind the extra weight and cost of genuine pieces of jade, you can buy a piece from Jade Market.

Take time to research, though, because you wouldn’t want to be duped – genuine jade is unfinished and has a yellow tinge but no grey or brown color.



These are just some of the things you can buy from Hong Kong.

There are many others, but these are the best options you can easily travel with.

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