What Is The Purpose Of Jewelry?-We Discover 11 Purposes

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Do you ever look at your jewelry box and dresser and ask yourself why… why you have to have so many pieces of jewelry, the real inspiration behind wanting to own every kind of jewelry possible, and more importantly, what the actual purpose of jewelry is to humankind?

Well, there are many different beliefs and reasons why some people are into jewelry more than others, but there has to be more to the jewelry than meets the eye, no? And with some communities and individuals believing that some kinds of jewelry hold power to actually heal and connect while making the wearer feel more connected, loved, and empowered, it makes sense that we’d like to delve into the details.

At the end of the day, it’s all about trying to understand what meaning is derived from owning and wearing jewelry.

Well, in this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about what the real purpose of jewelry is. So, let’s get right into it!


What is the purpose of wearing jewelry?


1. Physical reminders of people, memories, and experiences shared with people we love

 the purpose of jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best gift ideas for your loved ones. As a result, wearing the gifted jewelry is not only a symbol of affection but also the jewelry has the power to transport you to the memories shared with that person.

Also, for the most part, the right jewelry, especially a custom piece, will conjure up the memories of the experiences shared together and, most importantly, the place where the memories were made.

Gifts are a reminder of the gift giver, which for most of us, really is the most important thing about living and gift exchanges. Jewelry will always be a reminder of the feelings we have for the person we love, and every time we wear it, we will see and think of our loved ones.

As long as we keep the jewelry around, the memories of our loved ones will always stay with us. And though the jewelry will not replace the love shared, it will always be that very strong physical reminder of the shared connection.

You will agree with us that whenever we feel adored, we are forced to want to reciprocate the feeling, all in a bid to make everyone feel more loved and appreciated.


2. Sense of connection to the people we love

 the purpose of jewelry

Jewelry like rings or all kinds of jewelry is a great reminder of love, especially when it’s given by someone you love or have deep feelings for. A ring, for example, is a great reminder of love, and not just the wedding rings.

A promise ring or even a celebratory ring by classmates and alma mater is a deep representation of the connection shared between you and your friends and classmates.

This is also the case with the signet rings and the family rings that would be worn by specific men and women in society, not just to represent their status but also to legitimize their status or business operations.

Rings shared by friends, for example, would make individuals think of each other whenever they have the ring on, even if they are miles apart. The rings would create not only a sense of belonging but also a sense of the complete feel of support from your loved ones. And with this kind of support, it would be a lot easier for you to take the big risks that would improve your life.

Somehow, that small piece of jewelry would give you the trust you need, knowing that the world would provide and that your loved ones would have your back.

An example of jewelry that shows you how much you’re loved and supported is the wedding ring. The wedding rings connect us and make us feel that we are loved and supported.


3.Feeling of renewal and desirability

 the purpose of jewelry

Wearing jewelry, for example, a pretty pair of earrings is a perfect little way of making you feel more loved, desirable and also to feel that much-needed sense of renewal.

Wondering why this is important? Well, sometimes, women will just feel ugly, fat, unappealing, bored, or just tired with how they look. And when this happens, getting a new pair of jewelry and, of course, shoes will instantly make you feel great.

So, if you find that for whatever reason, you do not feel loved, pretty, or wonderful, and all the affirmations don’t seem to be doing the trick, a new pair of earrings would do great. This often works because at the end of the day, we just need a little extra something to feel great about ourselves, and the right jewelry will help us feel great!

Jewelry, however small, would give us that much-needed confidence boost, rekindling our inner feeling of being badass. And as long as we feel great and a little more confident, then we are able to channel that feeling to all around us, and in the process, have a great day, and all around us will also feel great.

So, don’t let the bad day or bad mood get you down; throw in that nice pair of earrings, statement ring, and necklace, and perhaps a dab of lipstick, and voila, feel great again. At the end of the day, it’s all about adding the right bling that is all you need to feel beautiful and sexy once again. Even when you’re bloated, the right set of jewelry will make you feel great again.


4. Jewelry is rewarding and empowering

 the purpose of jewelry

Looking for a piece of jewelry that will make you feel empowered and rewarded? How about a piece of a necklace featuring an element that is pretty much reminiscent of your greatest achievements?

Think of such a necklace as a kind of trophy, just a little gold statue. Jewelry is important, and such gold statues offer the best kind of recognition that tells you that you are highly regarded, especially for the win. This jewelry option is not only a reminder of your strength and power but also your tenacity and determination.

And if you think of the military and presidential rewards that are given to people who’ve made great achievements, specifically the medallions and pins, the necklaces also allow you to feel seen, celebrated, and even more empowered. And whenever we feel able and strong, we are able to challenge ourselves even further and are able to do more and do much better for ourselves and the people we love.


5. The jewelry makes a great family heirloom

 the purpose of jewelry

In some ways, jewelry, especially the family heirlooms, are a great way of bringing to life and into our minds and hearts the souls of our ancestors, and this s why family heirlooms are very important and why you may want to remake your family heirlooms into something more meaningful, wearable, and new.

Family heirlooms are great sentimental pieces, and if you’ve inherited your great aunt’s wedding ring or grandma’s pearls, the jewelry passed from one generation to the other will always bring with it strong emotions and stories that connect us to our ancestors.

So, if you are looking for a way or something that makes you feel more connected to your favorite great aunt or your grandma, a piece of jewelry that connects you to your past, especially because you believe that the piece would make you have a simpler time moving forward, the family heirloom will play an important part in your life.


6. Great jewelry makes it easy for you to advance your intentions

 the purpose of jewelry

Sometimes, we need something to give us a veil of protection or just to make us better advance our intentions, and jewelry is the kind of thing that would help you make that possible. The best pieces of jewelry that are packed with gemstones will not only heal you but also advance your intentions as you reflect on your dreams and goals.

This often works because of the belief that some gemstones and elements feature gemstones and metals that have healing properties. Gold, for example, has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and even calming effects, while silver promotes your stamina and strength while also fighting diseases and infections.

On the other hand, gemstones like rose quartz are said to make the wearer more open to love and trust, rubies are believed to conjure confidence, passion, courage, and adventure; while emeralds are believed to make you more loyal, your heart more centered, and you’d also be able to make better choices from a place of compassion and love.

So, if you are looking for something to make you feel more healthy and to bring in more goodness to the rest of the world, then jewelry would be the most important thing to have around.

At the end of the day, jewelry is powerful, and we always wear or gravitate towards jewelry because it has power.


7. Psycho-anthropological benefits

 the purpose of jewelry

We are all aware that gold, gemstones, and pretty much the most elegant kinds of jewelry have been around for Millennia, specifically to the ancient Egyptian and the Mesopotamian cultures.

Since then, jewelry has always been an important part of human civilization, and adoring yourself with great jewelry is the one thing that has been consistent all across religions, time, space, culture, gender, and class.

The Aztecs and even the Tibetans have also been known for their appreciation for great jewelry. Then you have the onomatopoeic bling that was famous in New York and Modern-day London, and all these points to the undeniable fact that humans have been connected to jewelry.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, jewelry falls between social needs and esteem needs – the social needs relate to the sense of belonging, while esteem is all about one’s desire for status and recognition.

And in all these, jewelry is the middling need that acts as an agent of personality and belonging. Identifying with jewelry like birthstones, for instance, is why jewelry is quite important.


8. The need for something higher, a powerful, independent element

Beyond beauty and the natural affinity for metals and pretty stones, and the coveting behind jewelry and its inherent value seems to be the reason why we are all attracted to jewelry.

  1. Adding style to the body and your clothing
  2. Perception of wealth and also a way of making a statement to express your values without having to say anything
  3. The best form of artistic self-expression

It can be a great form of investment, especially gold, since it holds great value and can be liquidated when you need to.



Jewelry is a great accessory that has been around since the beginning of civilization. And though varied, the reasons above are why jewelry is important.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!