What Is The Meaning Of Cartier Love Bracelet?-Detailed Answer

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Ever since its release in 1969, the Cartier love bracelet has managed to maintain its popularity even today.

It remains among the best signatures in the Cartier collection and with good reason too.

Recently millennials look at the love bracelet as the ultimate must-have status symbol among millennials.

It is not just the design that appeals to its fun but the symbolism it carries that has built the global reputation it has today.

But what exactly does the bracelet symbolize and what makes it so special?

In this article we will focus on addressing these two things by taking an in-depth look at the bracelet, starting from its history.


A Brief History Of Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

Ironically, what has grown to become the emblem of love was inspired by heartbreak. The Love Bracelet was designed by Aldo Cipullo, in the 60s.

Aldo was at the time a young Romanian man who migrated to New York to build a reputation for himself. He managed to do build quite the reputation for himself as a jewelry designer working for big jewelry companies like David Webb and Tiffany’s Co.

While he managed to be successful in his career, Aldo wasn’t as lucky in love. One night when one of his relationships ended, he found solace in the comfort of his studio, and that night he came up with the magnificent design that is the love bracelet.

The design was a fusion of jewelry and industry, featuring the screws evenly spaced around it. It also features the unique screw clasp it is famous for that requires to be screwed shut.

The inspiration stemmed from the desire for Cipullo to build a piece of jewelry that couldn’t be easily slipped off. He wanted it to represent the permeance of love.

Creating the first version for himself, Aldo tried selling the design to Tiffany Co. who were his employers at the time. Even though he received positive feedback from many of his family, friends, and colleagues, he didn’t have much luck with Tiffany, which refused to pick up the design.

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

That, however, did not stop him. Around 1969, he moved to Cartier and adopted his design as one of his first in the company. Because Cartier was undergoing a transition in terms of ownership at the time, Aldo became one of the two designers in the company to be allowed to put a signature on their design.

After its launch, the Cartier love bracelet triumphed the market causing a buzz throughout. To stay within the theme of the bracelet, it was originally sold only to couples.

This was to reinforce the message of commitment and it became a must-have accessory for famous lovers like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Despite the simplicity of its design, the bracelet was drastically different from the types of bracelets in the market today.

Soon enough with the growing demand, Cartier decided to sell the bracelets to everyone single or in a relationship. 50 years later, the Cartier Love Bracelet is still a key part of the company’s portfolio.


Cartier Love Bracelet Meaning

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

As you may have already guessed or known, the main meaning and symbol of the bracelet is love. It has been a symbol of love for over decades now. But its meaning is not that simple, it touched on many different aspects of love. The following are what we feel the Cartier love bracelet represents:

Surrender – Love is all about surrendering entirely to the person you are in love with and this is demonstrated clearly with the bracelet. Each love bracelet comes with a small screwdriver to help you secure the clasp. By handing over the screwdriver to your partner, it is the same as surrendering to them and giving them your heart.

Commitment – love doesn’t last without a commitment from both parties. By locking the bracelet around your beloved’s wrist or having them lock it around yours, there is no better sign of commitment, unless of course a wedding band. Think of the bracelets as love handcuffs.  

Eternity – love symbols, according to Cipullo, should have some form of permanence or at least semi-permanence to it. It should represent a long-lasting love which is what most couples look for in love. the love bracelet was not designed to be taken off easily. The materials used are also meant to make it durable. All of this could be taken as a sign of commitment. It is a sign that you are in it for the long run and not just a short period.


What Is So Special About Cartier Love Bracelet?

Ever since its conception, there have been many things about the Cartier Love Bracelet that have made it stand out and helped it remain a favorite for so long.

To begin with, it came from a controversial inspiration. Although broken-hearted, Aldo Cipullo came up with a bracelet that would unite lovers for decades.

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

He wanted to create something no one could take from him, a permanent symbol of love. So, he created a bracelet that symbolized long-lasting love. The story behind its origin alone is enough to make anyone buy the bracelet.

Another reason, and one of the main ones, is the design of the bracelet. Unlike other bracelets, especially in the 60s, the Cartier love bracelet was a simple flat oval band, yet it was drastically different.

It was the first to have included industrial aspects like screws in its design. The clasp mechanism was also new to the industry. There is still no bracelet even today that requires a screw for you to secure the bracelet on your hand. It is a unique version of the lock and key types of love symbols.

What’s more, when the bracelet came out, most people’s perspective on luxury jewelry, was that it was saved for special occasions. But the way the bracelet was built it wasn’t easy to wear and take it off daily.

It was more of an everyday piece that one could rarely take off. That changed people’s view of luxury jewelry and jewelry as a whole. Additionally, most people used to think that jewelry was meant to be matched with an outfit, but the love bracelet matched with all outfits and any occasion.

Before recently, the Cartier was only limited to couples which only made it more exclusive and special to have. Cartier wanted to maintain the theme of the bracelet and by doing so emphasize its message of commitment.

This is what made it such a big hit then and now. Although they didn’t originally have it, the Cartier love bracelets are made even more unique by the individual serial number each of the bracelets comes with.

This was done to limit counterfeit and help you identify the fake bracelets, but it also means that no one will have the same bracelet as you because of the serial number.  


Why Some Rich People Buy Cartier Love Bracelet?

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

Although it is an exquisite piece both in design and meaning, there is no ignoring the price of a Cartier Love Bracelet. The high cost is mostly due to the luxury brand and the materials, still, not everyone can afford to cough up that mush chunk of change.

But that hasn’t stopped Cartier from making huge profits off of the love bracelets. So, you may be wondering, why is it that despite the price, people are still willing to spend on the Love Bracelet? Well, here is why:

1. Intriguing Design.

As we mentioned, the design of the Cartier Love bracelet is the main thing that makes it stand out. The screwdriver clasp mechanism is interesting and unique and who doesn’t like something that different.

The design is also simple and practical. It is built for daily wear and effortlessly compliments any outfit not to mention blends into any occasion.


2. Multi-faceted Appeal.

You’ve heard of jewelry that’s suitable for men and others for women. You’ve also heard of people saying that some accessories are best suited for certain personalities. But this is not the case for the Cartier Love Bracelet.

It is suitable for anyone and any gender. It can also be worn by individuals of any age. It comes in a variety of white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum. They even have the option of diamond touches. Because of this, the bracelet lends itself to different applications.

Cartier Love bracelet meaning

3. Powerful Love Symbol.

Although the screwdriver mechanism is simple, it is a deep and meaningful representation of love.

When couples hand each other the screwdrivers to their bracelets, it is a sign of long-lasting commitment to one another. The bracelets act as modern love handcuffs that tie couples to each other.


4. Durability and Good Investment.

Being a Cartier piece, you can be sure that the materials used for the Love Bracelet are of the highest quality. The bracelets are made of 18k gold, which is highly valuable and whose value only appreciates over time.

So, when buying the bracelet, you aren’t just buying an accessory but also making a good investment for the future. The bracelets could even serve as family heirlooms you can pass down generations.



With the Cartier Love Bracelet, it’s not just an accessory but one of the greatest symbols of love.

And it doesn’t have to only represent the love between a couple, it can also represent the love you have for yourself or your loved ones.

The versatility yet simplicity is what makes the bracelet amazing. You can wear it daily and style it according to your preference and mood.

What’s more, it is something you are sure you will have for a long time to come and so it’s worth every penny.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!