What’s The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry? (Detailed Guide)

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If you are learning the ropes in jewelry making, one of the things that you need to know about making the best kinds of jewelry is the fact that you have to invest in the best kinds and sizes of jump rings.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best jump rings you need for jewelry making to help you choose the right ones.

Bear in mind that the jump ring is considered one of the most useful and important materials in jewelry making. So, keep reading!


How does Jump Rings work?

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

Unlike the jewelry wires, the jump rings are more functional and reliable, and they not only work great in extending the body of the piece of jewelry that you are working on but also make it easier for you to connect the smaller parts of the jewelry during the jewelry’s construction.

And if you need a better understanding of how to open and close the jump rings, this article is ideal for you.

Generally, the jump rings work great in making earrings, necklaces, and pendants, among other kinds of jewelry. And in the case of the hanging necklaces and/or the pendants, the jump rings are meant to keep the jewelry secure and also enhances their durability for ease of use on a daily basis.

 You’d also use the jump ring to connect 2 or 3 parts of the necklace to one point, with the clasps and the locks interlocking thanks to the jump rings easily.

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

You also need the jump rings to create a more adjustable length for the necklace of the pendant. So, if your chain is a tad too short and you feel uncomfortable with it on, you’d want to make use of the jump rings.

That said, the jump ring in the wrong size would mean poor quality or weaker construction, and the design of the ring could also break apart easily after the jewelry is done, which is why you have to get the right size for the jump ring.

This is also important for you if you are making jewelry in different designs and with varied construction features or designs.


Different Types of Jump Rings

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

Despite what you expect from the jump rings, these fixtures are not perfectly circular, and there are numerous variations to the jump rings’ original shapes, especially if you are worried about one or two of the links slipping through the jump ring’s gap.

With this in mind, most people will use the oval jump rings that come with a hole on each side. The holes are placed away from the jewelry links.

So, what are the main types of jump rings used in jewelry making?


I. Ordinary Jump Rings

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

These are the regular jump rings often found in the jewelry supply stores, as well as crafts stores.

These jump rings are sawed with the ends rounded, which means that they are a lot harder to complete, and you’d need some coaxing for master alignment of the rings, meaning that the jump rings’ links will not slip off.


II. Chainmail Jump Ring

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

The chainmail is regarded as the best quality kind of jump ring that is used in jewelry. These jump rings get their name from their perfect shapes and their construction out of the best quality and the most durable metals, not to mention the consistency of the shape of the rings.

The difference between the chainmail jump rings and the regular jump rings is that the chainmail jump rings tend to be smoothened out completely for a complete closing, a feature that makes this jump ring the ideal solution, especially when it comes to the jewelry with more ambitious designs and the ones that call for the highest level of durability, for example, head jewelry.


III. Soldered jump rings

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

As the name suggests, the soldered jump rings have been soldered, and they can only be threaded into specific jewelry designs and pieces of jewelry.

With no way of opening the jump rings unless cut open, the soldered jump ring designs are a lot more challenging to work with.


IV. Snap-Closed Jump Rings

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

The design of these jump rigs is rare, and the pieces feature ends that are designed to latch each other, staying close unless you exert a tremendous amount of force to the snap points.

These jump rings are, however, easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about the springs snapping open. They are gapless jump rings, and they are the most secure ones for you.


Tip for Selecting the Proper Jump Ring Size

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

So, how do you choose the right set and size of jump rings for your project? Well, the good news is that there are different standards for selecting the jump rings.

These standards are the jump ring’s diameter and also the thickness or the gauge of the jump ring. The width of the jump ring is a measure of exactly how big the ring is, and the indicator allows you to measure the thickness of the jump ring’s metal.

The rule of thumb that you need to observe as you look for the best jump ring is that the width of your selected jump ring increases with the diameter.

This would mean that the larger jump rings that feature thin wires are not the very best because they’ve been fabricated with wires of the wrong grade.

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

Choosing the right jump ring also depends on the jewelry and what you intend to load on the jump ring. You get to choose the diameter size that matches your needs.

Just keep in mind that the jump ring metal’s gauge size is what determines its most appropriate use. If you come across jump rings of the same diameter, but one is made of a 20G wire, and the other one is made of a 20G wire, the 18G jump ring will be the stronger one.

So, what’s the ideal size of jump rings for necklaces, earrings, and pendants?

For necklace and pendant constructions, the ideal jump ring would be the 18G, while you need the 20G, 3.5mm – 4mm jump rings wire to make earrings. For heavier and larger projects, you’d want to use the jump rings with bigger diameters and metal thickness.


Jump ring Related Q&A

What size jump ring for lobster clasp?

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

The right jump ring for the lobster claw clasp has a diameter of 5mm, and a thickness of 0.8mm.

However, bigger 6mm or 7mm jump rings would also be a good option.


What size jump ring for earrings?

The right size of jump rings for your earrings are the 20G wire jump rings with a thickness of between 3.5mm and 4mm.

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

What is the smallest size jump ring?

The smallest jump ring ideal for use in jewelry making is a 3.5mm jump ring that would be ideal for use in making earrings, among other smaller pieces of jewelry. The lightweight design of these jump rings makes them suitable for earrings.


What size jump ring for key chain?

There are different options of jump rings that can be used for key chains, but the most common and the most recommended options would be 22mm – 25mm.

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

What size jump ring for pendant?

Ideally, the size of the jump ring that would work well for your pendant necklace would be the 6mm jump ring with 18G wires.


What size jump ring for the necklace?

You need a 6mm jump ring for making good quality necklaces. The wire used for the jump ring should be an 18G piece.

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

What size jump ring for a 1mm chain?

The ideal jump ring is a 22G or 24G—basically anything above 20G.


What size jump ring for the bracelet?

What's The Best Size Jump Ring For Jewelry

The ideal jump ring for use in attaching bracelets is the 6mm, 18G jump ring. These features make it the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a strong jump ring for your bracelet.



If you have been looking for a guide on the best kind of jump ring for different kinds of jewelry, this is an ideal piece for you.

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