What is The Best Metal For Wedding Rings? -Our 7 Choices

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This is your current situation; you have never done a wedding before. You have never taken part in planning or organizing a wedding, then boom! It is now your turn to handle your big day.

You want the perfect ring on your fingers but selecting one is putting intense pressure on you as a couple. You want a wedding ring that makes a statement about your personalities and styles as a couple yet at the same time not hurting your pockets.

Your situation is even more complicated because the only metals for wedding rings you know about when it comes to wedding rings are gold and platinum. You and your fiancée can’t seem to agree on them. The questions at the back of your mind are;

  • Should you focus on a ring made of gold or platinum?
  • Can you find other contemporary metal alternatives?

Apart from just making a style statement, each metal has its distinct advantage with regard to the look, the sturdiness and the cost.

In this article, we tell you about all the metals you can consider. We look at both the traditional and the ultra-modern options in the market. Find out more below and decide your best options. Let’s roll.


List of metals for wedding rings

Below are 7 popular traditional and ultra-modern metals from which you can base your choice of a perfect wedding ring:

  1. Platinum
  2. Tungsten Carbide
  3. White gold
  4. Rose gold
  5. 18k yellow gold
  6. Titanium
  7. Tantalum

Popular Traditional and Ultra-Modern Metals For Wedding Rings

1. Platinum

Rock your wedding like a royal and join the British crown members with a platinum wedding ring. Platinum is among the rarest precious metals on globally.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

It is mined underground in South Africa and Russia. Acquiring a platinum wedding ring will come at a very big-budget price. You get the added advantage of a gem that is between 90% and 95% pure for your money.

Platinum wedding rings have a soft white hue in appearance. Platinum was the most popular metal that made rings in the 20th century and the metal that makes over 90% of British Crown Jewels.

Platinum is intoxicatingly beautiful with a lasting shiny appeal. This is the metal you should consider if you have a budget for a prestigious ring that can outlast your generation.

The military use platinum on most of their equipment and that should convince you just how strong and tough the metal is.


  • The natural soft white hue of platinum rings will never change or fade.
  • It makes the most exquisite engraved or embellished wedding that highlights the intricate details with a precise acute sharpness other metals can’t match.
  • It is naturally hypo-allergenic and will not cause allergic reactions when you slip it on your finger on your wedding day and forever.
  • It does not tarnish or oxidize in all environments.


  • Platinum wedding rings wear out with time and get scratches that require expert polishing from your jeweler.


2. Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten preferred for its hardness. If you enjoy the feeling and relish the power of comfortably carrying weight, this is the metal you have been looking for.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

The dark grey glossy metal will make you the perfect wedding ring you desire. The popularity of tungsten has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times. Its black-silvery appearance is a favorite with most men for wedding rings.


  • Built-to-last: Tungsten carbide wedding rings are exceptionally strong and scratch-resistant. They will look the same way they did the first time you bought them as years go by.
  • They don’t tarnish or corrode
  • Perfectly safe to wear because tungsten carbide wedding rings are naturally hypo-allergenic


  • Tungsten carbide wedding rings cannot be resized once made because you can’t cut or soldier this metal.
  • Tungsten carbide rings will shatter and break if hit by hard force.


3. White gold

White Gold is an alloy of pure gold and silver or palladium. A combination of yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel, turns the yellow gold into the silver-colored stylish, modern and glamorous metal we call the white gold that.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

It is one of the most popular metals for wedding rings with modern couples. Wedding rings made of white gold have a strikingly beautiful polish and shine that grab attention without you announcing.

Rhodium plating is done on the wedding ring to give it a brilliant white luster. White gold is the perfect complement for skins with a cool shade.


  • These metallic wedding rings can be easily resized and even reshaped because gold is softer, very malleable, and easy to use.
  • The white gold wedding rings are safe to wear because the rhodium plating gives them hypo-allergenic qualities that safeguard against allergic reactions.
  • You can choose to have them without the plating at a cheaper cost.
  • Very affordable
  • They are durable with proper care and scratch-resistant


  • The rhodium plating wears away with time. The wear will make the whiteness of the ring fade away though you restore it by re-plating.


4. Rose gold

Rose gold wedding rings are your perfect pick if you are looking for affordability that is combined with durability in a wedding ring compared to all the other materials.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

Rose Gold wedding rings have a distinct vintage look that has been popularized in recent times in vogue making it a favorite of many couples in recent times.

You will find it in jewel shops referred to by other names like pink gold or red gold. It will give you a traditional distinguished ring with a touch of romance then this ring is your best pick. It is also commonly used to add aesthetics to other golden types of rings like the white and yellow gold rings.

Like white gold, Rose gold is a golden alloy product made by combining pure gold with copper to produce a vintage appeal that is unique, elegant, and feminine.

It is slightly more affordable than yellow gold and is quite popular with lovers worldwide. It is the accepted perfect symbol of love worldwide.


  • It is more affordable than yellow gold and white gold for most wedding budgets
  • The metal is proven to resist tarnishing and maintains its beautiful shine for a lifetime.
  • It complements all skin types providing great convenience for couples who desire matching rings that are universally comfortable


  • It is not hypo-allergenic and may cause allergic reactions in some people due to the copper component.


5. 18k yellow gold

The perfect complement for your warm skin tone will never get better than 18k yellow gold. It will also stand out in a gracefully beautiful against your skin if you have a darker skin tone.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

It is the captivating beautiful yellow that we associate with gold. It requires 75% of pure gold to make an 18k yellow gold ring. As the traditional choice for wedding rings, this metal symbolizes the qualities of a perfect marriage relationship.

You should consider an 18k yellow gold wedding ring if you are the traditional bride looking for a classic and timeless ring to crown your love story on your wedding day.

An 18k yellow gold ring on your finger not only symbolizes classic timeless love but absolute fidelity to your newfound everlasting union.


  • It can be worn on sensitive skin as it is the most hypo-allergenic of the gold types
  • It can be easily resized and reshaped because pure gold is highly malleable
  • Compatible with all types and shades of skin tones


  • It is very pricey
  • Requires regular cleaning and polishing to maintain


6. Titanium

Titanium holds the record as the strongest metal on earth. It is also quite light.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

Titanium wedding rings command a sense of strength and fortitude. They tell a story of unshakeable commitment to the union by two lovers. This metal has a fantastic rich dark color and is also inclined towards making masculine statements.

Because its hardness comes with a brittle side, other metals are always added to it to form a less brittle alloy that can be used for jewelry. It is however known to be three times stronger than steel and beats both gold and platinum in terms of strength.

This is another moderately affordable metal ring you can opt for that will deliver perfect results.


  • Does not oxidize or fade with years
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Hypo-allergenic and safe to wear even for people with extremely sensitive skin.


  • Quite brittle and prone to breaking if dropped hard or hit hard


7. Tantalum

Are you someone on the look for something tastefully different, unique, and eye-catching? Is your definition of a perfect wedding ring based on a fine rich texture than can be easily combined with other metals?

Tantrum is the right answer to all your questions and more. Even though it goes through an intense process to extract from the other elements it comes with like niobium, thorium, and radioactive uranium, its natural shiny-gray color that is darkly richer than platinum will win you over.

Tantalum makes the perfect-looking masculine wedding rings. Tantalum is mined from various regions around the world with the lion’s share coming from South America and Australia. It is the metal that brings out the beauty in luster.


  • Malleable and easy to resize unlike tungsten and titanium
  • Hypo-allergenic and safe to wear: tantalum is so safe that it is even used for biomedical and dental equipment.
  • It cannot be corroded by acid or environmental agents
  • It is the easiest metallic wedding ring metal to maintain and care for. A simple cleaning with soap and water is enough.
  • It does not scratch and resists breakage.
  • Highly durable and does not lose shape with use and time


  • Funding wars: Tantalum has been used to fund wars and cause immense human suffering in Congo. Sometimes your fine tantalum ring may just kill another innocent child or woman in Congo. You should however not worry because Congo accounts for only 1% of the world’s tantalum production.
  • Tantalum wedding rings come in very limited designs and finding quality tantalum for making rings that suit women is an uphill task.
  • Tantalum wedding rings are more expensive compared to tungsten and titanium because it is rare and highly valued industrially.
  • People will also avoid tantalum wedding rings because they are viewed as less prestigious compared to gold, platinum, and other options.


Tips for Choosing the Best Metal For your Wedding Ring

There are many important things to consider while choosing the perfect wedding ring. Let’s look at 5 of the topmost principles that should guide your choice below:

1. Cost

Creditors should not be knocking on your door right after your wedding because you broke the bank for your wedding ring. Do not run out of gas or have an empty fridge after your honeymoon because your wedding ring ate up everything.

The cost of the wedding ring and choice of material must be within your budget. Some metals will be more expensive than others. It is crucial to find the balance between value for your money and the statement you want to make but with the priority placed on what is within your budget.

There is life after your wedding which should not be a difficult life because you did an expensive wedding to impress the world. Your best bet on the metal for your wedding ring is to settle on what you can comfortably afford. You will get it a hundred percent right with this approach.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

2. Durability

The metals used for making wedding rings come with varying degrees of strength. Tungsten is brittle and may break if not handled with care and drops on hard surfaces.

The golden variants are soft and prone to scratches. Depending on your budget and the premium you put on longevity, durability should influence the choice of metal you settle on.

You should consider Platinum rings if you are looking for a wedding ring that will outlast your generation. It is solid, barely scratched, and resistant to damage kind of metal that will offer you durability.

Armored military vehicles are made of platinum. If you are looking for a ring that lasts, then you must consider durability as the second top factor in your list of choice after cost.


3. The Look

A perfect wedding ring should tell your ultimate love story without words. Wedding ring metals vary significantly in terms of appearance. Finding the exact match for your skin tone is a vital factor to consider when shopping for the exquisite wedding ring for your big day.

The metals come in warmer or cooler color shades which suit different kinds of skin tones. Settle on the color and appearance that sits on your like you were created or born with it.

The colors and appearance will also determine how hard or easy it is to maintain your wedding ring. Yellow gold is the easiest to maintain of all the metals that make wedding rings.

what is the best metal for wedding rings

4. The engagement Ring-Wedding band harmony

Love and everlasting commitment between married couples have always been signified by wedding bands since the days of Ancient Egypt. That is a whooping 6000years or more.

You need to settle on a metal that will represent these two principles in your interpretation. It is always advisable to opt for a wedding band that will look good when paired up with your engagement ring.

You should consider the same metals or two metals that ensure the engagement ring remains in the picture. Your wedding ring is a continuation and the perfect completion of the love story that the engagement ring officially announced and commenced.


5. Hypoallergenic Properties

Allergic reactions are a crucial factor to consider. I will say that they are even more important than the cost you may incur to purchase that ring because they directly touch on you and your partner’s health.

It is paramount to find a metal that does not cause allergic reactions in any one of you when you wear it. Allergic reactions can be mild to cause discomfort or even quite adverse to cause serious health complications and in extreme cases death.

You should by no means get sick, uncomfortable, or die because of a wedding ring. Chose metals with hypoallergenic properties and save yourself the agony.



Choosing the perfect metal for your wedding ring is as good as finding your absolute soul mate because it will give you the exquisite ring.

You are better off when you can decide from an informed point of view about each metal, what it offers you, and the inconvenience you may have to live with based on your choice.

These insights have unequivocally made it easier for you to make the right choice. Go out there and get yourself that perfect wedding ring that has been eluding you.

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