What is a Tennis Necklace?(It’s History and other Details)

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What is a Tennis Necklace? How many diamonds are in a tennis necklace? The tennis necklace, like the tennis bracelet, is one of the most popular kinds of elegant fine jewelry on the market.

The tennis necklace is, however, also one of the most misunderstood pieces of jewelry on the market because there seems to be a wide variety of tennis necklaces on the market today.

The good news is that this article focuses on everything you need to know about tennis necklaces and how to buy the best tennis necklace.


But what is it, and how do you define it?

Well, a tennis necklace (diamond) refers to this continuous glistening diamonds’ stand. It looks like a tennis bracelet, but it’s longer, and it encircles the neck. It is the ultimate best kind of diamond jewelry, it’s timeless, and it comes elegantly designed in different styles.

Tennis necklaces are intricately designed with links and small paved or even bead-set diamonds that work as a collective with the other prong-set diamonds to form an elegant necklace.


Why is it called a tennis necklace?

The main reason why the tennis necklace is called a tennis necklace rather than a line diamond necklace is that the necklace is a design that was developed to match the tennis bracelet – since there already was a tennis bracelet on the market, it made sense to also come up with a tennis necklace.

But there is more to it – the tennis bracelet, previously known as a line bracelet or an eternity bracelet, got its name from the famous tennis player, Chris Evert, who made the name ‘tennis bracelet’ popular thanks to her style on the tennis court. Chris was known for her unique style on the court, and she was the number one tennis player in the world. 

However, the name that gave the tennis bracelet its name was the 1987 US Open championships.

During the match, the diamond eternity bracelet she had on broke ta the clasp, and it flew off her hand. This piece of jewelry was very meaningful to her, and she immediately asked that the match be stopped as she looked for her ‘tennis’ bracelet. This incident drew immense attention to the bracelet, and the eternity of the diamond line bracelet has since been referred to as the tennis bracelet.

The tennis bracelet has evolved significantly over the years, and besides the wide color and gemstone variety, you now have the tennis necklace, which, as mentioned above, is a longer version of the tennis bracelet. Here, we tell our reader why a tennis bracelet is so expensive.

Besides being the added length, the tennis necklace might have bigger diamonds, and in some cases, the diamonds at the center could be bigger than the rest of the diamonds, creating that nice, tapered look.


How many diamonds are in a tennis necklace?

An elegantly designed, classic tennis bracelet features 62 diamonds – these are round G/VS diamonds, each weighing 0.2 carats, hence a total of 12.4 carats.

In most cases, the diamonds in the tennis necklace are crimped on an 18k white gold setting weighing about 40g, and it’s 44cm in length.


How much does a tennis necklace cost?

If you are planning to buy a tennis necklace, the cost is the first important consideration you need to bear in mind.

Generally, the tennis necklace is a diamond necklace; like all other kinds of diamond jewelry, the tennis necklace is a little more expensive than your ordinary chain necklace, meaning that you should be ready to spend a little more money on the necklace.

To avoid getting ripped off and to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money when buying the necklace, you need to know that the cost of the diamond necklaces generally varies, depending on the diamonds’ quality, their carat weight, and the total number of diamonds in that piece.

The designer diamond necklaces fitted with multiple diamonds often cost upwards of $30,000. However, you can find a good quality tennis necklace for $1,500.

Currently, the most expensive diamond in the world is the A Heritage in Bloom diamond necklace. It is a 507.55-carat diamond called the Cullinan Heritage, and it was bought by Chow Tai Fook (a Hong Kong Jewelry company) in the mid-2000s. after the purchase, Chow Tai Fook commissioned the famous Chinese jeweler known as Wallace Chan to use the diamonds to come up with a necklace. A Heritage in Bloom is a masterpiece; it contains more than 11,551 pieces of gemstones, which include pink and white diamonds, as well as jadeites and white mutton fat jades. The necklace is said to be a symbol of love and good fortune, according to Chinese Culture, and it can be worn in 27 different ways, giving the nod to the significance of number 27 in Chinese cultures.

It’s important to note that the cost of the diamond necklace you are thinking about will vary based on a number of factors such as the color of the diamonds (the colorless diamonds are the most valuables ones), the cut, and how well the diamonds reflect light, the carats, and the clarity of the diamonds (the clarity is determined by the number of inclusions or the internal blemishes in the diamond, as well as the external marks, and the top-rated diamond is flawless – which means that the diamond has zero blemishes or inclusions when it’s examined under high magnification up to 10x magnification.

The flawless diamonds are quite rare, given the conditions that the diamonds are created from, meaning that the flawless diamonds are very valuable.

Pros and cons of Tennis Necklaces


  • It’s a beautiful piece of art
  • Beautiful settings
  • Timeless necklace design
  • Long-lasting
  • Different prong-setting options


  • Expensive
  • Low-clarity diamonds still look flawless to the eye.


How do you wear a tennis necklace?

A diamond tennis necklace is one of the most extravagant jewelry pieces on the market, and if you are looking for a truly classic piece of jewelry, you know that nothing would look better on you than a tennis necklace.

Even without extra intricacies or flourishes, the tennis necklace is one of the best necklaces around, and you can wear it easily with pretty much a good number of outfits on your wardrobe.

The one thing that really stands out from the diamond tennis bracelets is the high-quality designs of tennis stones and the mountings that leave you with a beautiful unbroken strand of diamonds, all held in place by a stone of your choice.

The tennis necklace is also versatile, and you can wear it in different ways.

We also talk about the problems with the tennis necklaces and how to deal with them. Read this post: Tips for Keeping a Tennis Necklace From Flipping Over

1. Wearing the diamond tennis necklace as the star jewelry

Make the tennis bracelet the jewelry that takes the limelight.

Thanks to the simple line design of this necklace, it stands out on its own with ease, and you don’t have to fuss about wearing many more pieces to make your jewelry stand out.


2. Choose the right metals.

For the longest time, white gold was regarded as the best go-to metal for setting diamonds on, but this tradition is changing, and today you can have a diamond necklace set on rose-gold or yellow gold.

However, the choice of metal is much dependent on your preferences, especially because most people still prefer the white-gold metallic setting.


3. Stacking necklaces

It might not sound like the most obvious strategy in the book, but you can actually stack your necklaces with a tennis necklace.

You can wear a single diamond pendant on your shorter chain suspended above the tennis necklace.

You could even stack two tennis necklaces together.


4. Perfect necklines for tennis necklaces

  • To pull off the perfect look wearing a tennis necklace, you need to make sure that the tennis bracelet is ideal for your neckline.
  • You could choose the 17-inch or the 18-inch necklaces because of these work with all necklines.
  • A graduated necklace, on the other hand, looks spectacular with V-necks or the halter-style necklaces.
  • For your crew neckline or the more casually-colored blouses, a simple, unbroken classic tennis bracelet with diamonds of the same size. The crew neckline is also ideal for you if you wish to stack up on your necklaces.
  • Finally, you could wear a large stone tennis necklace if you will be wearing a strapless dress.



Tennis necklaces are elegant and carry an air of sophistication. These necklaces are beautiful, and if you are looking for something stylish and simple, and don’t mind splurging a little, then the tennis bracelet will be a good option for you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!