Tassel Earrings – Everything You Need To Know About It

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Tassel earrings are bold, big, and despite the large size, they are lightweight on the ears and perfectly comfortable for everyday wear.

These earrings will not make the ears droop, and if this type of earring is what you are considering, you will be happy to know that the tassel earrings are made in different shapes and styles.

Most of the tassel earrings have a Bohemian look, but there are also tassel earrings with a rustic, preppy, or modern look.

Most of the Boho tassel earrings feature a chunky knit fringe or even seed beads, and there also are metallic tassel earrings.

But there is so much more to the tassel earrings than meets the ears. So, what do you need to know about this style of earrings?


What are Tassel Earrings look like?

Tassel Earrings

As the name suggests, the tassel earrings are designed uniquely in a lightweight statement look, and they are designed using different materials and in different designs.

Tassel earrings hang from the wearer’s head. One notable thing about the tassel earrings is that these bright and long earrings get their name from the Latin word, tassau, which translates to ‘clasp,’ and so, the impulse for the earrings to grab at is rather ancient, mainly because these earrings often cause a tangle.

Most tassel earrings are shimmery creations that range in length from one inch to longer variations that are at least 6 inches long. These earrings are lightweight embellishments that make huge sartorial statements and boast an elegant summer look.

The basic tassel features bound threads made of cord and created with a knot. These decorative items often include fringes, pompoms, ornamental cords, gimps, rosettes, and gallons.


Where did tassel earrings originate?

Tassel Earrings

Tassels, especially the tassel earrings, are quite ancient, dating back to the Middle East, where the tassels were mainly worn as talismans incorporated on the headwear they had on.

Tassels were even common in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and throughout the rest of the Arab world, where different tassels were worn on caps and hoods of kids for their protection against malevolent spirits.

The tassels were also believed to have the power to ward off evil or demons.

Tassel Earrings

In Cambridge and Oxford, tassels or tufts were worn by university undergraduates who wore gold tassels. The tassels were worm by the undergraduates who had already paid for the gentleman-commoner status, and after the ceremony, these individuals received a higher level of social prestige.

They also received even more luxurious accommodations compared to the rest of the ordinary commoners who otherwise wore plain black tassels on their caps. The Oxford Chancellor is the only one who wears the gold tassels today.

In ancient Rome, the tassels grew popular, and by the Byzantine period led by Emperor Constantine in 330AD, the emperor issued a decree that all Christians needed to be fully clothed, and this increased the demand for tassels. By 540AD, the two Persian monks and Emperor Justinian made the tassels symbols of power for the aristocratic families and royalty.

Tassel Earrings

The smuggling of silk worms from China to the West supported the creation of tassels which were woven with knots in their garments as talismans.

Elsewhere, tassels grew popular, with the Young Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb showing that the tassels were quite common even then, specifically among royalty – he wore the tassels around the neck.

But away from these somewhat modern accounts of the tassels, the tassel dates back to much ancient times; specifically, it was quoted in the Hebrew Bible when the Lord spoke to Moses and commanded him and the Israelites to make tassels and to incorporate them on the corners of the garments as a way for them to remember the commandments.

Tassel Earrings

The initial tassels weren’t as decorative as the ones we now know of. Notably, the tassels in the West were much more decorative, and they featured elaborate coverings in satinings.

In the Middle Ages, tassels were much more common in Spain and were used as ornaments on horses. They were also common in the Victorian Era, from the Renaissance designs.

The Catholic church also held the tassels in high regard, and they used different tassels to signify the differences in their hierarchy, particularly for the members of the clergy.

Tassel Earrings

And so, in the 17th century, King Louis the XIV of France commissioned the use of tassels for the embellishment of the costumes made for royalties and for their residence. In the French army, tassels were used to identify or distinguish different ranks for the army men.

Today, tassels are the most common style of ancient jewelry, and most people prefer them because of their bold, elegant, and lightweight style. The tassels are also found in jackets, handbags, curtains, boots, pillows, lampshades, and most notably, as earrings.


Are tassel earrings out of style or not?

Tassel Earrings

The tassel earrings or fringes may or may not work based on your style. It doesn’t always look good on everyone, and there are many cases where your style will determine if you look good in them or not.

Think of the shape of your face and the outfit you intend to wear before you settle on a tassel earring style. Overall, however, the tassel earrings remain in style today.

Also, the tassel earrings are quite trendy and are the rage today. They work well with pretty much all outfits, especially if you are going for that bohemian chic, classic cool look.


Are Tassel Earrings comfortable to wear?

Tassel Earrings

Yes, thanks to the lightweight design and the style elements of the tassel earrings, these earrings are quite comfortable.

Essentially, you can wear these earrings all day without worrying about them making your ear droopy, and also, they will not cause you any pain.

So, even though some of these earrings are quite large, the truth is that they are quite comfortable and come in different shapes and styles.


Pros and cons of wearing Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings


  • Lightweight
  • Trendy
  • Elegant
  • These earrings come in different styles, and there is something for everyone. Some of the options available are preppy, rustic, or modern
  • The chunky knot fringe makes these earrings stand out
  • They are simplistic and stylish and made of different materials like, including metals


  • Some of the tassel earrings are not as durable and will not last long

How to wear Tassel Earrings in 2022

Tassel Earrings

  • Be simple, don’t go overboard – the tassel earrings feature a very eye-catching statement that ensures a simple look. So, keep the rest of your accessories simple
  • The tassels need to be the point of emphasis for your face and also your neck. So, the best thing you could do would be for you to pull back your hair or maybe wearing the earrings with an off-shoulder top.
  • Also, consider coordinating the colors of the earrings with the rest of your outfit. The brightly-colored earrings often stand out against neutral clothes and vice versa. You could also choose to wear tassels in color matching your outfits for a nice, classic, and monochromatic look.


Tassel earrings are elegant, and there is always an option on the market for everyone. They are also historic, elegant, versatile, and also very stylish.

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