7 Types of Strongest Metal for Making High Quality Rings

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When purchasing a ring, many factors should be put into consideration. If the durability and strength of your ring are a priority for you, consider rings made of strong metals such as tungsten, titanium, platinum, cobalt, silver, and ceramic.

These rings pack a lot of benefits that far outweigh their drawbacks, and the best part, most are hypoallergenic and last a lifetime.

When purchasing engagement or wedding rings, there is a ton of emphasis on the rock on your ring, but what about the ring metal? Selecting the perfect ring for you can put you under a lot of pressure.

There are a lot of factors to consider, and the most important of all is to choose the right metal for your ring and lifestyle. If your lifestyle will put a lot of strain on your ring, consider a strong metal that is durable and scratch-resistant.

Although metals like tungsten and titanium are durable and scratch-resistant, they are extremely difficult to resize. Consider a ring metal that is best suited to your preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Below are some strong metals for rings to consider;


Strongest metals for rings- 7 types of metals

1. Tungsten

Tungsten is a darker metal that looks completely different from other rings. Tungsten is one of the strongest, most durable, and scratch-resistant metals for your wedding or engagement ring band. If you are looking for a strong wedding band metal, tungsten should be at the top of your priority list.

Strongest metal for rings

On the plus side; it comes with a comfortable price tag. You don’t have to break your bank. Tungsten is reasonably affordable. Tungsten is hard and doesn’t tarnish, however, it is brittle and is highly susceptible to chipping or breaking. This makes tungsten hard to resize. Tungsten is approximately 4 times harder than titanium.

Tungsten is a low-maintenance metal because of its hardness–it does not require extra care after purchase.

Titanium carbide is about 9 on the hardness scale, thus, it can only be scratched by a metal of similar or equal rank such as diamonds.

Because it is extremely hard to work with, the metal cannot be resized. So, if you gain or lose weight, the ring will not get any adjustment to fit you. You might just have to buy another ring.


2. Titanium

Titanium has in recent years grown its popularity for men’s rings. It is incredibly strong, and extremely lightweight. This metal is the perfect choice for anyone not used to wearing jewelry on a day-to-day basis.

Strongest metal for rings

Titanium is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, lightweight, easy to maintain, and has a unique look. It is of low maintenance and extremely affordable.

Rings made from titanium are really affordable and extremely hypoallergenic.

The downside?

Titanium rings cannot be resized, you have to ensure you have the correct sizing before you order, it cannot be resized even if your finger size fluctuates due to circumstances such as weight, warm weather, pregnancy, etc. Most jewelers find it hard to work with as resizing may pose a challenge.

Keep in mind that titanium rings do not rust, rather they develop a titanium oxide coating.

Even though the metal may wear over years of use, it can still be polished to look new. Titanium rings are known as the hardest metal in the world as it is very strong.

The metal is three times stronger than silver and steel.


3. Ceramic

Strongest metal for rings

Ceramic is man-made jewelry that is new to the jewelry world. The metal is extremely lightweight. Ceramic rings are similar to tungsten rings.

Most ceramic rings are made from titanium carbide which makes them extremely hard. This makes them prone to breaking and shattering.

Ceramic rings are hypoallergenic, durable, and fashionable. Due to their hard nature, ceramic rings are more brittle compared to other rings.

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4. Palladium

Palladium is an extremely durable white metal. The majority of palladium metals source is from Russia and South Africa. Palladium is a very valuable metal with a price has that doubled in the recent two weeks.

Strongest metal for rings

The rings have only recently gained popularity in the jewelry world and are mostly used for men’s rings bands. Due to its lower density, it is extremely lightweight.

The palladium metal is also durable. Experts believe that rings made of Palladium metal will last a lifetime.

The metal packs a lot of benefits such as;

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not easily tarnish
  • Similar to platinum in terms of durability but is light-weight  
  • Less expensive than platinum
  • The metal retains its white color forever


  • Palladium is extremely rare; due to difficulties in the manufacturing process
  • Jewelers are not comfortable dealing with palladium when it comes to sizing or fixing like gold.

Interestingly, palladium rings are made from only 95% pure palladium, which makes them hypoallergenic. Since the metal is naturally white, it does not need to be plated with another metal to maintain its luster.

Palladium is a 4.7 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Metals.

The harder a metal is, the more durable it becomes. This means that palladium is much more durable, and more scratch-resistant when compared to white gold. If a scratch-resistant durable, and the affordable ring band is what you’re looking for.

You can consider a palladium ring band. Palladium rings are a great alternative for both men’s and women’s wedding and engagement ring bands.


5. Platinum

Strongest metal for rings

Platinum is a lustrous silvery-white metal that makes it ideal for ring bands that can last a long time. Platinum is extremely rare and dense, making it extremely high priced.

Recently, its price has increased as it has started gaining popularity in the jewelry industry. This metal is considered the metal for wedding and engagement rings. Its hard nature makes it durable and long-lasting.

Platinum does not damage easily making it durable. The metal does not easily tarnish; therefore, it can last you a lifetime. If a durable, scratch-resistant ring is a priority for you, consider a platinum ring band. The dense and hard nature of platinum makes it ideal for protecting your precious gemstones.

The best part about it? It is hypoallergenic. Since the metal is made of 95% pure platinum, You will not get an allergic reaction, especially if you are sensitive.

People who use their hands to do strenuous activities in their day-to-day life should seriously consider platinum wedding or engagement rings to other rings.

Even though a platinum ring is quite costly, it is the best option for you if you want to avoid future costs. Did you know that a platinum ring is worth more than an 18k ring? Shocking right?


6. Stainless steel

Strongest metal for rings

Stainless steel while normally associated with kitchenware and appliances is commonly used in watches and jewelry. Stainless steel is made from steel metal alloys that contain more than 10% of chromium.

The metal is silvery-white in appearance with a mirror finish. It is of two steel grade types, Type 304, and Type 316. Stainless steel does not tarnish, it retains its mirror-like finish appearance.

The metal is considered very easy to clean, extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and resistant to corrosion. It is less than other metals.

On the Mohs Scale of Metal Hardness, the stainless-steel metal is a 5. The metal when used for jewelry, had incredible integrity, and is workable.

Jewelry made from stainless steel can endure heavy wear and high-humidity locations. Even though the metal contains nickel, it is hypoallergenic. The metal is considered the best to work with for jewelry that will be in close contact with the wearer’s skin.


7. Cobalt

Rings made from cobalt are tough and durable. Even though they are not as durable as tungsten, they are an excellent choice for rings that can be worn daily. They do not bend easily. Cobalt is mostly used for men’s wedding bands.

Strongest metal for rings

Cobalt has a similar appearance to white gold and is highly reflective with a gleam. This makes it a great alternative to white gold.

Because of its natural reflective nature, cobalt does not require constant replating, unlike white gold jewelry. This appearance can last long as cobalt does not tarnish.

Cobalt rings are more affordable compared to other metal rings. It is resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Cobalt is a low-maintenance metal; hence you do not need to repolish your rings a lot. Cobalt rings are safe to wear and hypoallergenic. They have a comfortable fit as they are not too light or too heavy.  


Which ring metal is the strongest?

While most ring metals are strong. Tungsten takes this one. Tungsten is the strongest and most durable metal for your ring.

The tungsten metal is rated a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

Strongest metal for rings

It is extremely hard and resistant to scratches which makes it ideal for a ring band. Tungsten metal is also very affordable, and very easy to remove in the case of a medical emergency.

Unfortunately, the metal can be easily chipped but other metals and non-metals are equally as hard or more, such as diamonds, and sapphire. The metal is also hypoallergenic.

Its major flaw? The metal is very hard and cannot be resized, or bent once ordered. It can however break when extreme force is exerted.


What Is the longest-lasting metal for rings?

It is important to note; that a durable ring metal does not mean indestructible. Even the hardest of metals can bend, chip, or break when exposed to extreme pressure.

The composition of a metal dictates how it will behave under a lot of pressure.

Platinum is a hard metal that is long-lasting. Even though it can get scratches or chips in its structure, it does not wear easily.

If you are a person who lives an active lifestyle that involves, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and hiking, we suggest you take off your rings when doing strenuous activities. Platinum is considered the best metal for wedding and engagement bands.

Platinum has a natural silvery-white look that makes it ideal for ring bands that can last you a lifetime. Because of its rarity and density, platinum is highly-priced. Even though it is an expensive investment, it will save you on future costs as it rarely gets damaged.  

Drawback; costs more than an 18k carat of gold.

Palladium like platinum is also a durable white metal, it is starting to become the number one choice for men’s bands. Palladium is more lightweight when compared to platinum as it has a lower density.

Palladium has only recently gained popularity in the jewelry world. Experts believe that palladium ring bands can last a lifetime as they are extremely durable.


What is the most scratch-resistant metal for rings?

Strongest metal for rings

Tungsten is the most scratch-resistant metal at a very affordable price, but it can sometimes be scratched by other non-metals such as diamonds and sapphires. Even though titanium is also a hard metal, it is more susceptible to scratches and less scratch-resistant than tungsten.

Tungsten is also more durable and a stronger metal for jewelry, this metal does not tarnish and lasts a lifetime. Tungsten carbide is used for rings. Tungsten is ranked at 9 on Mohs Scale for Mineral Metals and is 4 times harder than titanium metal.

Despite its affordable nature, tungsten is extremely hard to manipulate. Once the ring has been ordered, it is hard to resize in the case of finger size fluctuations.

These rings are extremely resistant to cutting tools because they are extremely strong. Because of this, most people fear and wonder if they can be cut off during medical emergencies.



Since there are different wedding ring metals, choose a ring metal that works best for both you and your spouse. Not all wedding ring metals are equal as each has its unique characteristics.

Metals such as tungsten, and titanium are costly, hard, and scratch-resistant, but unfortunately, they cannot be resized. Palladium has recently gained popularity and is considered the best metal for men’s rings. Tungsten and titanium are the strongest metals for wedding ring bands.

You can choose your wedding ring metal based on your personal preferences, fashion reasons, and desired durability. While some metals are quite affordable, they cannot be resized, some are extremely costly but can last forever.

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