Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds?(Whit Test Methods)

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Fake jewelry has been in the market for a pretty long time now. Some people sell silver as white gold, while others engrave fake hallmarks onto different pieces of jewelry.

There are also times when some jewelers can use counterfeit gems instead of real ones to make jewelry pieces. With that in mind, it is very important to be aware of all these things when shopping for new jewelry items.

When you come across any jewelry store, the first thing you would think is that all their jewelry items are authentic. However, there are too many fake jewels in the market.

For this reason, you will find yourself questioning whether jewelry stores also partake in the selling of fake diamonds. Read on through the rest of the article to figure this out.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds

Do jewelry stores sell fake diamonds?

Whether a jewelry store sells real or fake diamonds depends on its legitimacy, reputability, and professional levels. Real diamonds are a lot more expensive than artificial ones in all parts of the world.

Further, diamond jewelry stores sell loose, certified diamonds, which you can mount on your ring or any jewelry pieces according to your preference. That said, most people prefer loose diamonds from jewelry stores. Purchasing a loose diamond allows your designer to custom-make your favorite jewelry items to suit your requirements and preferences.

Generally, most jewelry stores have real diamonds in their store that you can choose from. Any reputable jeweler who markets diamonds or diamond jewelry probably has real diamonds in their display.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds

In some cases, however, Cubic Zirconia or synthetic diamonds are set in rings for display purposes. In as much as this happens, you shouldn’t shy away from purchasing a diamond from their collection, as long as the seller is truthful about the type of stone on the ring.

All you need to do is ask, and you have the right to know if what you are buying is the real thing or just another dent in your wallet. At one point, it stops being a matter of ethics and becomes a matter of law. If a vendor or jeweler does not disclose whether the diamonds in their display are real or fake; or, if a natural diamond has been processed by clarity enhancement, laser drilling, or HPHT, it can lead to hefty fines. If any jeweler is selling fake diamonds, they can get shut down. This would happen after an order by the Federal Trade Commission.

In as much as these are the rules, some jewelry stores do sell fake diamonds. To check if you are dealing with a real or artificial stone, you can request diamond certification before the purchase. You can also request an HD video to see whether all the 4C’s of the diamond are up to standard. An authentic diamond that is 100% natural costs twice as much as clarity enhanced stones with the same carat weight. The Gemological Institute of America is the most authentic grading labs, and they do not grade any CE diamonds.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds

How can you tell if a diamond is real at the store?

The jewelry world is filled with several companies and jewelry stores whose sole intention is to get a quick buck. For this reason, they stock fake diamonds in their store.

And, for the untrained eye, it may be pretty hard for you to tell which is which. The worst thing that can happen to you is paying the full value of a diamond just to find out that it is a fake.

To help you avoid such trouble, you should consider verifying the authenticity of your diamond. You can carry out the following tests;


1.The Fog Test

Due to the fact that true diamonds have high thermal conductivity, heat disperses pretty fast from a diamond. You can carry out the ‘breath’ or ‘fog’ test on either a mounted stone or a loose diamond.

For this test, take the diamond and place it in front of your mouth. Gently breath over the stone like you would when fogging a mirror or a window.

If the stone barely fogs and clears up quickly, then you are just about to buy yourself an authentic diamond. If the stone isn’t real, then the fog would stay over it a while longer.

With time, condensation may begin to build up to it. When that happens, then the diamond is probably fake.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds

2.Use Magnification

At every jewelry store, you will find a jewelers loupe or microscope. Using magnification, the jeweler can look through one of the star facets or bezel on the crown.

If your stone shows doubling, then you have moissanite and not a real diamond.

Doubling means that your diamond starts to look like there are two of each facet line.

If you can only see one of each facet line, the odds are that you are dealing with a real, natural diamond.

Do Jewelry Stores Sell Fake Diamonds

3.Using a black light

Once you have your diamond, turn off the lights. Afterward, you should hold the diamond towards the black light.

When you do this, you should see a blue fluorescent light. If you see a green, gray, or yellow fluorescence, the odds are that you just purchased a counterfeit diamond.

As you do this, remember that: Using a black light to verify the authenticity of your diamond is not a conclusive test.  

Not all authentic diamonds reveal a dark blue or light blue fluorescence. Some have a different hue and may bring out that specific color.



I’d tell you that checking for a hallmark is the easiest way to confirm the authenticity of your diamond jewelry, but a hallmark is no guarantee that you have a real diamond on your jewelry piece.

Not all diamonds are equal or have the same monetary value. You may find diamonds that have been altered to make inclusions and any other flaws disappear and man-made diamonds.

To be on the safe side, have all your jewelry appraised and insured. A proper jeweler should be able to tell you whether you have a real diamond or you are dealing with a different stone.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!