How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling( 13 Actionable Tips)

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Is there a fool-proof approach or solution to storing your necklaces where none of the necklaces makes it to the next time you need to wear it without tangling?

You will agree with us that the jewelry is the perfect accessory you could invest in, especially because it adds just the right amount of flare to your fancy, formal or casual outfit. But like the rest of us, you’ve had days that you’ve had to leave the house without your favorite jewelry because the necklace was too tangled up. And since this has happened more than a few times, you are now looking for a remedy that actually works.

We understand your pain and frustration, especially if you’ve been left with permanently damaged necklaces because of tangling, hence this article. In it, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about storing your necklaces appropriately to avoid tangling. So, let’s get into it!


Storage tips for necklaces

1.New or DIY Necklace Stand  

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

A necklace stand is the best solution for storing necklaces, and you won’t have to worry about the necklaces tangling because the necklaces will be hanging individually. This is a particularly perfect strategy if you have several pieces of fashion necklaces.

You could either buy the necklace stand or make one at home using copper and wood. The wooden plaque will serve as the base, and the copper pipes will form the stand – the copper pipes form a t-shape from which the necklaces are to hang (each side of the T). Make sure that the pipes are of different sizes – preferably one 9inch pipe and two 5inch pipes, as well as a copper pressure tee.

You can attach the copper pipes to each other using gorilla glue. You have to pin the longer pipe to the middle of your wooden plaque, holding it in place for about an hour for the glue to dry. Once it dries, attach the pressure tee to the top of the middle copper pipe, then connect the other two pipes to each end of the copper pressure tee. And voila! You have a necklace stand that will comfortably hold all your necklaces securely.


2.Compartmentalized Drawer

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

If you are tired or misplaced, rings and earrings, and tangled-up necklaces, and a reasonably sized compartmentalized drawer would be an excellent option for you.

Make sure that the drawer features small sections for the smaller pieces of jewelry and longer but thin rectangular compartments for the necklaces and even bracelets.

The best part about the compartmentalized drawer is that you can keep each necklace in its own small box, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your necklaces getting tangled up.

And at the end of the project, you will be happy with how now neat your top-dresser is, and also, you will have an instant jewelry organizer.


3.Using toilet paper rolls

If you are traveling and you need to pack some of your favorite necklaces without having to worry about any of them tangling, you may want to pack them in toilet paper rolls. It sounds obscene, but it’s interesting how this common household item works seamlessly. All you need to do is to unclasp your necklace, then thread it through the toilet paper roll’s home, then re-clasp the necklace. In addition to keeping your necklaces tangle-free, this system also allows you to pack more than one necklace on one roll.


4.Packing necklaces in sandwich bags

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

You could use a sandwich bag or the small snack bag to pack the necklace. While the necklaces will not really get tangled in the bags, and you could pack at least two necklaces, you could consider packing the necklace in tissue paper before stacking them in the sandwich bag. Just make sure you force out extra air and flatten it before you seal the bag. Note that this is the other effective strategy for packing the necklaces for travel.


5.Pack your necklaces on a hobby box

Besides their use when packing rings and earrings, the necklaces also work great for packing necklaces because the hobby box allows you to separate your necklaces and all other types of jewelry using the hobby box’s small compartments. That said, you could also use the hobby box to store your costume jewelry because these jewelry options are less fragile than high-end and genuine jewelry varieties.


6.Hanging or packing necklaces on the plastic hangers

These hangers are an excellent storage solution for your statement necklaces. All you need to do is to wrap your necklace around the hanger’s lower rings, then pack the necklaces away. There will be no tangling as long as you keep the hanger in the thinner section of the luggage compartment.


7.Plastic sheets

Even if you are not traveling, you could protect your necklaces and prevent them from tangling by using a sheet of plastic. For this, lay out a sheet of plastic that would be big enough to cover your medium-sized bow; then roll that plastic wrap, connecting the two ends. The plastic wrap’s clingy grip will prevent the necklaces from tangling by keeping each piece in place.


8.Compartmentalized trays

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Whether traveling or looking for a necklace storage solution for use at home, the compartmentalized tray would be a great option for you to try out. The best part is that you could use a simple tray like the ones for kitchen utensils and office supplies. The longer compartments will hold the necklaces in place while keeping them separated and safe from tangling. In case you are traveling, and you opt for this solution, you should wrap the tray using plastic wrap once you have filled up all the compartments.


9.Key Holders

 You could also keep your necklaces from tangling and eventually get rid of that jewelry dump by using your old key holders to secure the necklaces. The key allows you to easily hang one or more necklaces in the dresser, and you can hang the key holder on the hooks, as you would keys. This not only gives you more space and gets rid of clutter but also prevents the tangling of the necklaces.


10.Use jewelry roll

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

This is an effective storage solution for jewelry, especially when traveling. The jewelry roll is stylish and functional, and you only need to look for the softest, most luxurious jewelry rolls that will hold and keep your smallest and the most delicate necklaces safe, secure, and very neatly organized on the go. Most of the jewelry rolls come with 2 elastic bags and 3 hooks that keep the necklaces safe. The jewelry roll is also suitable for the storage of earrings and rings thanks to the ring holder and the earrings holder, as well as the larger removable bag that features a secure zip to hold your bigger pieces of jewelry and even lipsticks.

Note that the jewelry roll is exceptionally designed in a compact design, with a velvet lining, a deluxe and super-soft leather exterior, and the best quality flannel interiors for excellent protection for all the jewelry you keep in it. Thanks to these design features, your necklaces will not get tangled up, and the best part is that you can keep your high-end solid 18k necklace in the jewelry roll without having to worry about the jewelry getting damaged.


11.Jewelry box

You could also keep your necklaces in the good old jewelry box that it came with. This is often the best option, especially if you have a high-quality leather jewelry box lined with velvet material. This is also the cheapest option, and if you have more than one of these boxes arranged nicely in the dresser, you will have the perfect storage solution for your necklaces.


12.Necklace/ Jewelry Case or Carrier

This is the other option for necklace storage and for avoiding tangling your necklaces. This case often has hooks and fasteners that work perfectly for necklaces and smaller pieces of jewelry like rings and earrings.


13.Foldable organizer

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling

You can prevent your necklaces from tangling by getting a foldable organizer that comes with compartments for necklaces. Most of these foldable organizers allow you to fold them or hang them in the dresser, meaning you could use the organizer at home or when traveling.

Other options

  • Full-length Mirror-organizers for all your jewelry and accessories storage needs
  • Jewelry bags, especially the clear bags with zippered pockets or compartments.
  • Straws – just thread the necklace through the straw. Keep in mind, however, that plastic straws may not be the best option for you, especially if you are trying to be more eco-friendly.



To keep your necklaces from tangling, whether at home in the dresser or when traveling, you need to invest in the right storage solution. You could choose a storage jewelry bag, case, box, or jewelry roll. All these will keep your necklaces and the rest of your jewelry safe from tangling.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!