How To Store Necklaces In A Box( 8 Actionable Tips)

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Long necklaces tend to tangle quite easily, even when you do your best to store them correctly. But this doesn’t mean that you should store your necklace just in any kind of way. In this article, we’ll be sharing tips on how to correctly store your necklaces in the jewelry box to avoid tangling.

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How to store necklaces in a BOX without tangling

1.Wrap the necklace in tissue paper to prevent tangling

How To Store Necklaces In A Box
Wrap the necklace in tissue paper to prevent tangling

Before you keep your necklace in the jewelry box, on the necklaces section, you could wrap up that necklace in tissue paper. This is an effective way of keeping the necklace separated and tangle-free. This is particularly effective for your delicate chain necklaces, especially for the pieces that you wear only occasionally. To store the necklace in the piece of tissue, first, fold each of the necklaces once or twice in the tissue paper, then lay the tissue in the jewelry box.

You could choose to press and release the necklace wrapped in tissue paper in plastic wrap.

Use the best jewelry organizer box to store the necklaces and to keep them separated.

To store your necklaces correctly and to keep them from tangling, consider storing the necklace in a jewelry box. The jewelry organizers come in pretty much all sizes, and you can find some jewelry boxes with bigger compartments for the necklaces.

You could order the jewelry box online or even buy it from the local crafts store. All you need to do is to make sure that the jewelry organizer can hold necklaces in different sizes. The good news is that depending on the size of the selected jewelry box, the jewelry box could have compartments and slots for necklaces of different lengths.

To ensure the best storage for your necklace, you need to keep the jewelry organized and well divided. So, opt for jewelry boxes with numerous storage compartments/ slots. You will be happy to know that there is a good variety of decorative jewelry boxes with more than enough compartments to hold your necklaces and the rest of your jewelry.


2.Only keep the jewelry you need

Necklaces get tangled easily when you keep too many pieces together, which means that if you are storing jewelry while trying to reduce its chances of tangling, you may want to keep the pieces you just need in the jewelry box, but each individual piece in the jewelry box compartment.

You could, for instance, keep your pearl necklace in one of the compartments by folding it in two or three, then store it away.

For the longer chain necklaces, store the necklaces individually in each compartment – and make sure that the long-chain lies flat on the compartment and isn’t tangled.


3.Don’t store tangled up jewelry.

Since you don’t want the necklace to be tangled, the first thing you should do is to untangle the pieces of jewelry first. Once separated, you can store each necklace on its own in the storage box compartments.


4.Store the necklaces in a tray

The tray compartments are great in keeping supplies separate, and they will do the same job with your necklaces, and you won’t have to worry about the necklaces tangling.


5.Use the travel jewelry box.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box
Use the travel jewelry box.

To ensure that the necklaces never tangle and are protected in the long term, you might want to think of storing the necklaces in a travel box.

They make many of these today and the variety available means that you can find the best jewelry storage option for your necklaces with ease.

The best part about the travel jewelry box is that they come with specific compartments that are zipped or hooked to hold the necklace in place without causing any kind of tangling.

And since the necklace in the jewelry box is locked away, you will be happy to know that the necklaces have an extra layer of protection, even if you need your necklace/ jewelry box just for use at home. The best part is that these jewelry boxes come in different sizes, and they will be able to hold all your necklaces safely.


6.Keep them in straws

If you are extra wary about the necklaces getting tangling up, you might still store them in the jewelry box, but with each piece of necklaces strapped in the straw to prevent any possibility of tangling.

Just loop the end of the necklace through the straw, then fasten the claps and keep the necklace in it. The straw keeps the necklace separate and free from tangling.


7.Get the stackable storage jewelry box.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box
Get the stackable storage jewelry box.

This will be a good option for you if you are looking for a storage box that can hold more than your necklaces.

The stacking system means that you can have an entire section for necklaces and the rest of rings and earrings, among other pieces of jewelry.

These stackers are often made of MDF, and the interior is lined with plush velvet that keeps the necklaces safe and secure.


8.Store the necklaces individually

The best way to avoid tangled-up necklaces is by storing each of the necklaces individually.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box
Store the necklaces individually

It might sound like one of those common-sense things, but you will be amazed by the number of individuals who store partially tangled up jewelry in the jewelry boxes while still hoping for the necklaces to be in perfect condition.

As you look for storage solutions for necklaces, you may want to detangle the tangled-up pieces first before you keep the storage box away.



There are several ways of keeping your necklaces from tangling, and the recommendations above are just some of the best ones you could try.

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