What Does Statement Ring Mean in Today’s Fashion World?

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Looking for statement ring meaning? As the name suggests, a statement ring is the kind of ring that makes some kind of statement about you. Basically, anything you wear makes a statement about you and who you are, which is why we are always reminded to make a good first impression.

Your clothes and accessories tell more about who you are to the rest of the world, which is why most of us are obsessed with buying the very best clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. One of the accessories that really stands out is the statement ring. The statement ring is considered a staple in the fashion world, and you just need to get the right one.

But where did the statement rings comes from? What qualifies as a statement ring, and how do you make sure that the ring you are wearing makes the right or the intended kind of statement or impression?

Well, keep reading to learn more about the statement rings.


What is a statement ring?

Obviously, this is a ring that makes some kind of statement. But it’s interesting to note that the statement rings were common with the wealthy and influential members of the society, and this was the case for hundreds of years. During this time, the rings have been in and out of style, but it seems that they are now fully back and maybe here to stay.

Statement ring meaning

The statement ring can be a simple, practical ring, but it could also be a unique and striking ring that tells your story or a part of it. With this in mind, the statement rings are ideal for anyone who wishes to write their stories for the world to see, and in the boldest letters and brightest colors.

As mentioned above, there is more to the statement rings than meets the eyes, and at the time of the introduction of the ring, it was meant to make a socio-political statement. This is why the ring lives up to its name and makes a statement. What are we talking about? Well, although there is no firm rule regarding the use of the statement rings, this style of ring was initially developed as an announcement of status or as a fashion statement.

In ancient times, the statement ring was worn by noblemen and women who’d have on big, bejeweled rings made with precious stones. These individuals were separated from the common workers/ men would be seen cheaper and plain rings that wouldn’t be damaged in the fields.

Statement ring meaning

The most common versions of statement rings worn in ancient times were seen with the Vikings and the Celtics. And throughout history, the statement rings were worn by kings, hunters, warriors, and craftsmen. These individuals wore the rings to represent their status in society while also telling their stories.

This was the norm until the Prohibition Era of the 1920s, when the statement rings became more popular and meaningful, taking on a new name and were referred to as the Cocktail rings. These rings were common with the wealthy celebrities and women who needed the rings to have access to alcoholic drinks at speakeasies and other underground bars since alcohol had been banned. The cocktail rings were used to make a statement to show their rebellion and independence. These rings were set on platinum or gold, and they featured huge gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, topaz, citrine, or amethyst, among other large colorful gemstones. This trend lived on until the mid-1900s when jewelry was more affordable to middle and lower-class individuals.

The past few decades have, however, seen a rise and a resurgence of the statement rings, and they are now considered a big fashion trend.


What does statement ring mean?

Statement ring meaning

Beyond fashion, the birth of feminism, independence, and rebellion, the statement rings are worn by many people today as a representation of the things that are valuable to them. For most people, the rings allow for the expression of something deep and personal and also something resonant with who you are.

You could wear the statement ring as a way to accessing an outlet that allows you to show off your personality and creativity. At the same time, the ring would easily tell the world more about who you are – your value systems, passion, history, and also your heritage. And with the incorporation of family crests in many signature rings, these rings can also be seen as an important representation of the treasured familial histories.

Other signature rings are carved or inscribed with phrases and words that we find to be meaningful, symbolic or significant on a personal level.

And for statement rings made of materials like wood, it is believed that the rings represent the wearer’s kinship with nature; which would make the statement rings made of bones or the elk antler a representation of the wearer’s inner warrior or hunter.

In other words, there is a lot that goes into the meanings derived from the statement rings, and you could give the ring a more personal meaning depending on your reason for wearing the ring. And if you are looking for a ring that says more about who you are and what your style is, you could never go wrong with a statement ring.

It’s also worth noting that most of the statement rings are not just unique but very symbolic. These include:

  • The Irish Claddagh ring with a heart that is encircled by two hands to show off the wearer’s relationship status – depending on its positioning. It is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards if you’re single and the heart faces inwards if you are in a relationship.
  • The ring could be a remembrance ring if it’s designed with a heart and a padlock.  
  • And knot statement rings are a symbol of love, eternity, and/or friendship.


Which finger to wear statement ring?

Statement ring meaning

In the past, the ring was worn on the right hand on the middle or ring finger. But today, there are no hard rules that govern how to wear the statement ring.

You can wear your statement ring on any finger and on any hand, and though one is preferable, you could also break this rule and wear two at a time, we recommend wearing a single statement ring for it to play that starring role beautifully. You should also keep the rest of your jewelry understated.


Pros and cons of wearing a statement ring


  • The statement ring is the best way of expressing your personality
  • It pays homage to the Prohibition Era, sthe tart of feminism, and independence
  • Great design options,and there is a statement ring for any occasion
  • Meaningful gemstones in great array
  • They are symbolic
  • No hard rules on how to wear the statement ring
  • The ring allows for easy styling for different outfits


  • Your intended statement could be misinterpreted

Statement ring meaning

How to wear a statement ring?

Since this ring is a statement piece, you should keep it at that, which means that you must allow this ring to steal the show. You could wear it with other rings or pieces of jewelry, as long as they don’t underwhelm the statement piece. To pull off the look easily, choose the statement rings that can be worn alone easily.

If you must pair it with something else, choose understated and delicate pieces to go with the statement piece.

When mixing, try mixing different metals of the same tones.



You cannot go wrong with a statement ring, especially if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that allows you to express your style and personality with ease.

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