What Is A Spacer Ring?How Does it Work?

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While diamonds are marketed as indestructible gemstones, this is far from the truth, and if you have another piece of jewelry with a diamond, you will be surprised to see that these pieces will scratch each other.

The diamond could also scratch any other ring you have on. And what you’d have to do to prevent your rings from rubbing against each other and scratching each other is to get a spacer ring.

Wondering what a spacer ring is and what it does? Keep reading to learn more about the spacer ring.


What is a spacer ring?

The diminutive spacer band or ring is one of the best accessories when getting bridal jewelry, and despite the small size, it gets the job done beautifully.

What Is A Spacer Ring

What is it? Well, the spacer band is this very thin piece of a metal ring that is designed to be worn between two rings. This all-metal band sits between your wedding band and the engagement ring, or even within or between your beautiful stackable rings.

Spacer bands or rings are designed in two standard sizes/widths of 1.0mm and 1.5mm, and they are mostly made of platinum or gold


What are spacer rings used for?

  • It prevents rings from rubbing against each other

Essentially, the spacer ring is meant to create a buffer between two rings, most often your wedding and engagement ring, where it protects the rings from wearing out by rubbing against each other.

What Is A Spacer Ring

By sitting between the rings, you don’t have to worry about the rings rubbing against each other and metal grains getting damages, or even the diamonds scratching each other and causing chipping of the rings/ diamonds.

And you will be happy to know that despite the important role of the spacer ring, it still is one of the most inexpensive accessories you can spend your money on.

Even if your engagement ring has an insurance policy, the spacer ring is the best kind of insurance you can take for your rings.


  • Filling gaps

The other thing that the spacer ring is used for is filling the gap that is created from the combination of rings that don’t sit flush on your finger or the ring that doesn’t fit too well.

You could use it with rings that have the head styles like the 6-prong set rings that can sit a little too loose because of the metal that extends from the base, pushing the wedding ring out/ away in the process.

In such cases, the spacer ring is worn under the head of the ring, filling the space and creating a more harmonious look for the rings.


Why do you need a spacer ring?

What Is A Spacer Ring

You will need a spacer ring if your rings have diamonds and they can touch each other; you will need the spacer ring to keep them apart and to protect the diamonds and/or the second ring when the claws of the diamond settings are chewing into each other.

 In addition to protecting the diamonds, the spacer ring is also the best way for you to stack your rings without worrying that the rings will rub against each other or that there will be too much space between the rings. The contrast between the rings will create a nice profile for varied textures for added visual interest.

We also recommend getting a spacer ring or spacer rings if your knuckles are wider than the rest of the finger and now your ring fits too loosely. The spacer will help stop the ring from spinning


Spacer rings on Amazon

Now that you know what a spacer ring does and why you need one let’s take a look at some of the options that are available on the market.

Since most jewelry dealers will not sell the spacer rings as individual pieces and you have to buy them as part of the bridal set, these three options on Amazon are ideal for you if, after some weeks, you realize that you need the spacer ring to prevent the two rings from rubbing against each other.


  1. LOYALLOOK 3pcs 1mm Stainless Steel Women’s Knuckle Stacking Midi Rings

For the best quality and affordable spacer rings made of stainless steel, you may like this set of 3 midi rings. These rings promise a comfortable fit, and they will keep your rings from rubbing against each other. They also offer great value for money since you get 3pcs for a great price. You could also opt for the rose gold and the gold-toned rings if you don’t want the ones with the silver finish.

Note that these rings are corrosion-resistant; they are made of safe materials free of nickel and are also rust-resistant. These features leave you with durable, strong, and safe spacer rings that can be worn by individuals with sensitive skin.


  1. NOKMIT 1mm 14K Gold Filled Stacking Ring

This is a dainty stackable or spacer ring that is gold-coated with 14k yellow gold. The gold-filling process means that you get a ring with a layer of 5% pure gold by weight of the ring – this is more than the gold in gold-plated pieces.

This spacer ring is 1mm thick, and it offers great comfort. It’s available in different sizes, from 5 to size 10. You may also like this ring because of its versatility and the fact that in addition to stacking it with other pieces, you could even wear it on its own.


  1. SOFTONES 18Pcs 1mm Stainless Steel Thin Spacer Rings for Women

If you’d like options, this set of 18 rings will give you the best range of options to choose from, whether you wish to wear rose gold, yellow gold, or silver-finish rings. They are all made of stainless steel for the base metal, and they are nickel-free and safe on your skin. These rings are also durable, and they will retain the bright finish for a long time.



If you are looking for a quick and cheap remedy to your rings that keep rubbing each other or the high-set 6-prong piece with too much extra space under the head, or maybe you just want thin pieces of rings to stack together, get the spacer ring(s).

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!