Some Proven Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

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Crystals are known for offering multiple health benefits to all that wear it and believe in their powers, but what if you need to enjoy the full benefits of the crystals incorporated in the bracelet?

Which protection crystals should you choose, and more importantly, what should you do when wearing the triple-protection bracelets?

And more importantly, what defines and makes up the triple protection bracelets?


Some facts About triple protection bracelet

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

If you worry that your energy isn’t fully protected and need some help feeling more balanced and safe, a triple protection bracelet would be an ideal option.

Essentially, a triple protection bracelet is a bracelet made of three of the most protective crystal types. These triple stones offer the perfect line of spiritual defense for you, especially when you need extra protection.

The triple protection bracelets are made of three main crystals – hematite, black obsidian (or black onyx), and the tiger’s eye; all known for their immense protective effects.

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

Hematite is an effective crystal known for its grounding and protective powers. It works on your root chakra, ensuring that your negative energy is transformed into positive energy and vibrations.

In many ways, hematite will purify the stresses from your body and surroundings while keeping you spiritually and emotionally safe. Hematite is a crystal that creates courage and balance because this stone is a cluster of energy from the earth, which means that it will balance your energies, bringing out your full protection by making you more courageous.

As a result, hematite is often used as a lucky charm that men and women wear. And in many ways, this stone will help you think more clearly, and you will be able to develop different things.  

Hematite typically transmutes negative vibes by clearing out toxic emotions. It is also an excellent manifestation tool that will not just transform your dreams but also allow you to realize your dreams.

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

Black obsidian also boasts powerful protective properties, and it is an important part of your triple protection bracelet because it will prevent you from being influenced negatively.

Black obsidian is also an excellent fit for you because it will cleanse the negative energies from your body, shielding you from anyone that may be draining your energy.

Some creators use black onyx in place of black obsidian because both stones are protective, giving you the power to overcome different difficulties in life.

Black onyx is also believed to have the power to enhance your focus, making it easier for you to accomplish your goals. It will also protect you in times of crisis and keep away evil.

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

The third crystal incorporated in this type of bracelet is the tiger’s eye stone, which is quite powerful and keeps you safe when you are around people who may not have the best intentions.

The Tiger’s Eye bracelet is important because it enforces the belief that opinions are rather subjective, and in many ways, these crystals make you much more immune to the judgment and the influence of others. Tiger’s eye is also a great protective stone that will bring you prosperity and good luck.

Thanks to the combination of these three stones, the triple protection bracelet becomes much more powerful, with a tenfold level of protection. These stones will always protect your energy levels.

It will also enhance your level of self-confidence, integrity, practicality, willpower, and protectiveness, and it will align your intentions allowing you to make the best use of your powers.  


Does the triple protection bracelet work?

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

If you believe in the triple protection bracelet’s power and effectiveness, or more importantly, crystals that offer protection, the triple protection bracelet will work for you, offering you maximum protection from negative, unwanted energies.

These bracelets would also be effective in protecting you from anyone with malicious intentions and, more importantly, the transformation of negative vibrations into positive energy and happiness.

This triple crystal protection bracelet offers an immense level of protection. Working together, these crystals protect all the parts of your life.

Black obsidian comes in handy if you are struggling with violence, addiction, and anger; these stones will protect you from the negative aspects of your life.

The tiger’s eye keeps away negative and malicious intent, warding off the evil eye’s curse. Hematite will also purify your aura, making you happier and more positive in life.


Pros and cons of wearing triple protection bracelet

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet


  • These bracelets dispel all unwanted energy in and around your life
  • They protect from malicious intentions
  • These bracelets transform negative vibes into positive vibes
  • It will enhance your spiritual and emotional health
  • This type of bracelet inspires healing
  • It attracts abundance and good luck


  • Some of the bracelets may not be made of genuine crystals/ stones.

Which hand to wear triple protection bracelet?

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

To receive all the benefits associated with the triple protection bracelets, you should wear them on your left (receiving hand) wrist, through which you can receive the protective elements of the stones.

It also makes practical sense to wear the bracelet on the left or your non-dominant hand because the bracelet will not get in your way at work and would also fit much more comfortably.


How to wear the triple protection bracelet

Tips For Wearing Triple Protection Bracelet

First, you need to cleanse, then charge the triple protection bracelet because it absorbs a lot of negative energy as an energy protection bracelet.

You need to cleanse it regularly, and you can do this by placing the bracelet under running water before leaving the bracelet out in the moonlight and the sun for a few hours.

You could also cleanse it by smudging the bracelet using a smudge stick. You could also use a singing bowl.

And you should consider wearing it daily, especially during the day, taking it off before showering and sleeping.



The triple protection bracelet consists of hematite, black obsidian, and the tiger’s eye, all crystals that offer maximum protective benefits to anyone wearing it.

These crystals also enhance mental clarity and improve your ability to meet goals. It is a source of good luck and will also be a great source of abundance in your life.

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