Snake Chain Vs. Box Chain(Which One is Better in 2024?)

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There are many types of chains necklaces to choose from, but which chain necklace matches your style and personal preferences better?

Which type of chain is easy to wear and fix, and which is the strongest?

Which chain type is more suitable for men, and which one is preferable for women?

Is the snake chain better than the box chain? Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the snake and the box chain necklaces.


What is a snake chain? What does a snake chain look like?

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain

The snake chain gets its name from the fact that this chain is designed to resemble the snake’s body. The chain also moves in the same way as a snake, and it boasts a high level of flexibility.

The snake chains feature a series of small rings in the form of bands and plates that are joined together tightly, forming a continuous chain of sleek and smooth chain systems.

The chainrings are often wound up rather tightly with each other, and you can only notice the separated rings linked with each other when you hold the chain up close. Thanks to the tight weaving of the rings, the snake chain boasts a good-looking texture, and it is quite elegant in general.

Thanks to the tight-knit design of the snake chain and the fact that it is not textural when compared to other chains, it is quite delicate and has a stunning finish when paired with the pendants.

Its semi-rigid structure also means that the snake chains don’t get tangled easily, and the best part is that the chain wouldn’t get caught in the hair or in any other objects.


How are snake chains made?

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain

 The snake chains are made of high-quality sheets of metal rather than wires. The chain features very sleek and tubular cords of thin metal made of the cut sheet plates for the nice, flexible, and solid appearance of the chain, rather than the broken links seen in most of the jewelry chains.

Despite the tight-knitting of the rings, the snake chain needs to be handled carefully. In some cases, the chain designs feature a very permanently kinked chain design, and this pushes the flexibility of the snake chain even further.

Note that the snake chains are mostly round chains and not flat chains like omega chains. And thanks to the continuous connection of the rings that make the snake chain, the chain is also known as the Brazilian chain.

Given the uniqueness and the elegant finish of the snake chain, this chain type takes a lot of time and resources, and the manufacturing process is not only time-consuming but also more expensive than most other chains.


Pros and cons of a snake chain

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain


  • The chains are elegantly designed
  • Smooth textures for a smooth feel
  • The chain doesn’t get tangled, and it will not be caught in hair
  • Snake chains can be worn by men and women
  • The snake chains look great with pendants
  • They are dainty
  • Nice, good-looking texture
  • Flexible design


  • The snake chains are rather delicate and don’t handle too much pressure, meaning they would break apart very easily.
  • Not easy to fix given the complexity of the design


What is a box chain? What does a box chain look like?

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain

The box chain can be defined as a type of chain that features a series of links that are cubed. It is sometimes known as the Venetian chain.

This chain features square links rather than round or oval links, and this chain type is considered one of the most popular chain styles that can be worn by men and women, and with or without pendants.

The chain’s small cubes are usually linked together to form a rather sturdy chain with a smooth appearance that allows you to finish its look using the larger pendants.

The chain is created using a round wire which is then flattened to create a series of box-like chain shapes that form the box chain.

Thanks to the forging of the chains from the box or square-shaped wires and the fact that each of the boxes is cut into perfect equal 4 sides, and with a sparkly and a flat surface, the chain often creates a perfectly symmetrical design.

So, when the chain’s boxes are perfectly aligned, they create a shiny glint resembling a river of gold or silver.


Pros and cons of box chain

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain


  • The box chains are easy to fix when they are broken down, and though there are cases where the links get damaged and they break off, this is hardly a cause of concern because the links can be easily replaced, fixed, or reattached.
  • The box chain boasts a high degree of versatility, and they are suitable for both men and women as there are multiple design and style options to choose from.
  • Couples often opt for the box chains because they are a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.
  • The box chain is known for being the sturdiest type of chain thanks to the interlinking wires, as well as the box-shaped structures, and they can last a very long time when cared for well.
  • They are low maintenance chains
  • They are sleek


  • The thin box chains are not the strongest, and they break easily
  • Box chains worn with heavy pendants will stretch out and weaken over time.
  • They become stiff and thin after some time when one wears heavy pendants with the box chain regularly.


What is the difference between a snake Chain and a box chain?

Snake Chain Vs Box Chain

The main difference between the snake chain and the box chain is that they look different, and each of these chains is named after how they look like.

The snake chain is very comfortable and elegant, and it looks like the snake’s skin with the rings or the bands linked permanently to each other in a continuous system for the perfect snake chain design.

The box chain necklace, on the other hand, features a box-like design with the links interconnected to each other such that each part of the link is square or box-shaped.


Snake chain vs. box chain- Which one is better?

Both chains are elegantly designed, and they look great. Some people prefer the snake chains over the box chains and vice versa.

But in terms of durability and flexibility, the snake chains are more durable than the box chains, and they will not weaken when you incorporate a pendant. In terms of fixing, the snake chain is harder to fix than the box chain, whose links and parts can be replaced or fixed easily.


Related Q&A

Are snake chains strong?

Although this type of chain is not the strongest one, it lasts long, especially with proper care. The snake chains also tend to be more delicate because they are narrow.

Are box chains still popular?

Yes, the box chain is one of the popular chain styles on the market and it looks great on just about anyone.



The box and the snake chains are two of the most common types of chains used for necklaces and bracelets.

However, the biggest difference between the two, besides the appearance, is the fact that the box chain can be repaired easily, unlike the snake chain, which is harder to fix once it breaks apart.

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