5 Actionable Tips For Sleeping With Cartier Love Bracelet

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Although we know all too well that we shouldn’t sleep with our jewelry on, we often end up going to bed wearing the beloved jewelry more times than we’d like.

This is often the case when the jewelry in question is very comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of sleep. But what happens if yours is a Cartier Love Bracelet, which, as we know, has more of a fixed design and is meant to stay on forever as a symbol of eternal love?

Well, there are things that you could do to ensure that your sleep is never disturbed when you wear the Cartier bracelet.


Can you sleep with Cartier’s love bracelet?

sleeping with cartier love bracelet

The Cartier love bracelet is designed uniquely, and it is unlike most types of bracelets like the cuff or other adjustable bracelets because of the fact that this type of bracelet has a screw-on design, and you’d have to unscrew it to remove it.

This can be considered impractical for most people, but if you are buying this type of bracelet, this is a feature you should be aware of.

But the design of the bracelet notwithstanding, you will be happy to know that you could wear your Love bracelet every day for the rest of your life, and you wouldn’t have to remove it unless you’re flying out or undergoing a medical procedure or tests.

What this means is that you can sleep with your Cartier love bracelet every night. You also get to shower in it, exercise, and swim with the bracelet.


Does the Cartier love bracelet hurt your wrist when you sleep?

sleeping with cartier love bracelet

Despite the screw-on design of the Love bracelet, you will be happy to know that this bracelet will not hurt you when sleeping, and after some time, you may even forget that it is there in the first place.

However, you need to make sure that you get the bracelet in the right size for comfort. If your Love bracelet is too small or too big, it will certainly hurt and feel very uncomfortable.


Tips for sleeping with Cartier love bracelet

sleeping with cartier love bracelet

For comfort when sleeping with your Cartier Love bracelet and to keep it safe, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t wear it to bed every night. Despite the meaning of the bracelet, it is okay to take it off every few nights at a time.
  2. Ensure that the bracelet is in the right size for your wrist. This way, it will not hurt you.
  3. Invest in soft, high-quality bedding, not just for better sleep but also to reduce scratching of the bracelet.
  4. Opt for the cuff love bracelet if you prefer taking your bracelets off at night every night because this would ensure a more convenient option for you. This is also an important thing to consider before you buy the bracelet because you don’t want to buy a screw-type bracelet when the cuff bracelet is more ideal for you.
  5. Give your wrist a break and alternate the bracelet with any others every few days or weeks.


Tips for storing your Cartier love bracelet while you sleep

sleeping with cartier love bracelet

The good news is that even with the rather semi-permanent design of the bracelet, you still get to remove it on occasion or when you need to. It is not meant to be worn and taken off daily, but you could always wear the bracelet for a few days or weeks at a time. And after removing it, you need to store it correctly.

  • You may also be one of the individuals that cannot stand the feeling of sleeping with a bracelet or any kind of jewelry. If this sounds like you, you’d have to remove it every night and wear it in the morning.
  • To store your Cartier Love bracelet when sleeping or when you need a break from this piece of jewelry, we recommend storing it in the jewelry box it came with or any other box individually. You should avoid storing your love bracelet alongside other pieces of jewelry because it will get scratched as long as it is in contact with other pieces of jewelry.
  • You should also store the Love bracelet alongside the screws because you never want to lose the screws. Keep them in a compartment or a small storage pouch to keep them safe at all times.

sleeping with cartier love bracelet



If you are interested in the Love Bracelet by Cartier, whether the cuff or the screw-on love bracelet, you will be happy to know that you can sleep with your Cartier love bracelet daily with no worries and only take it off when necessary.

Besides sleeping with it, you could also shower, cook, and do pretty much anything else with the love bracelet on.

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