Can You Sleep with Pandora Bracelet?(Quick Answer)

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Pandora, since their inception in 1982, has made a name for themselves in the jewelry industry. They are primarily known for their delicate pieces and the use of high-quality metals and gemstones. With that in mind, one must treat their jewelry with care.

That brings us to the question, can you sleep with your Pandora bracelet on? Well, we’re more than happy to answer that.


Can you wear your Pandora bracelet every day?

can you sleep with pandora bracelet

We wear jewelry to accessorize and complete a look we want to achieve. If we get a compliment out of it, even better. That said, where we wear said jewelry matters; it’s not specific to Pandora and their jewelry line. So yes, you can wear your Pandora bracelet daily, but the context does matter.

Those in a job where their bracelets don’t get exposed to harsh chemicals or machinery can get away with wearing their Pandora bracelet daily. You also have to be mindful of the surfaces the bracelet comes into contact with.

You don’t want to scratch your bracelet on a rough or uneven surface, as it will damage the jewelry. Lastly, if you’re wearing a particular piece of clothing infamous for snagging, avoid wearing your bracelet that day as you don’t want the chain or charms getting stuck.


Can You Sleep with Pandora Bracelet?

can you sleep with pandora bracelet

Pandora is well known for its snack chain designs which, without care, can form kinks.

That’s why wearing your Pandora bracelet to bed is not a good idea.

What’s likely to happen is that while you turn, you can get the chain stuck to your beddings or even clothes.

Since that’s not something you want, remember to take your bracelet off when it’s bedtime or when taking a nap.


Can You shower with a Pandora bracelet?

can you sleep with pandora bracelet

The short answer is no. Water, not to mention the chemicals from the bath soaps, shampoo, and other products, will tarnish not just your Pandora bracelet but all your other jewelry. Pandora typically uses sterling silver and gold for their products, and these metals don’t fare well when exposed to both water and any chemicals.

The same goes for swimming or going to a sauna. The chlorine, sea salt, sediment, and heat will damage your jewelry.

The same thing goes for when you’re in the gym; sweat and its components will tarnish your jewelry. Therefore, if you’re engaging in any water or physical activities, be sure to take off your Pandora bracelet.

Note: Don’t take off your Pandora jewelry in the bathroom. The humidity will cause the metal to tarnish faster.  Here is a detailed post for you: what jewelry you can or can not shower with! 


Tips for storing your Pandora bracelet while you sleep

can you sleep with pandora bracelet

Once you’ve taken off your bracelet, take time to clean the bracelet. Pandora does offer their own polishing cloth that is suitable for their delicate jewelry.

The purpose of polishing the jewelry is to prevent tarnishing. In essence, you are removing oils, sweat, perfume, makeup, dirt, and anything else that might be on the bracelet.

You don’t have to do this every day but regularly keep the jewelry looking new. Once in a while, use warm water mixed with mild dish soap, along with a soft brush and a lint-free drying towel.

Once the bracelet is clean, ensure that you put it in a protective jewelry box or a tarnish-resistant pouch. Essentially, make sure you store the jewelry away from sunlight and heat as well. If you don’t have the suggested jewelry storage, consider investing in one to ensure your jewelry’s longevity.

Even the gift boxes that Pandora jewelry comes in aren’t recommended since they aren’t airtight, meaning tarnishing will occur over time.

can you sleep with pandora bracelet

Alternatives like polyvinyl plastic bags contain sulfur compounds which will make the bracelet tarnish even faster.

Overall, store your jewelry when it’s dry and in a designated place in your room. Don’t store jewelry in the bathroom; the hot shower’s humidity will heat up the jewelry, causing it to dull faster.  



Keeping any jewelry looking new for longer requires conscious effort. Pandora bracelets are beautiful and delicate and deserve such care.

However, if you’re generally forgetful, consider only wearing the jewelry during special occasions.

In the meantime, you can purchase something less expensive and durable that you can do any activity you please with it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!