Is it Better to Size a Ring Up or Down?(With Tips)

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You’re about to get a ring and are torn between getting a snug fit and one that’s looser. Which of the two is better in case the ring doesn’t fit well? Let’s find out.


Is it better to size a ring up or down?

When you’re getting an engagement ring, it might be hard to estimate your soon-to-be fiancé’s ring size correctly. The recommendation is that you find a ring they wear regularly and use it to calculate the ring’s size to get. However, not everyone has that opportunity. Thus, those wanting to propose are left trying to guess best what the right measurements are.

If you’re in this situation, then it is indeed better to purchase a ring that’s larger than your estimation. It’s easier to size a ring down than up, mainly because of the process and the strain on the metal.

Keep in mind, though, that resizing is not always possible. Some materials, such as tungsten, cannot get resized. Also, rings with intricate designs such as infinity rings make it impossible to alter the ring size at all.

When sizing down a ring, what a jeweler does is cut away a section of the shank at the ring’s bottom. After, the jeweler bends the opening closed, soldering the gap back together.

They then finish by smoothening and polishing the amended part. With this process, no one can tell that the ring underwent the process of sizing down, only that it’ll fit your finger much better. When done correctly, the ring remains thick and maintain’s its initial structure.

The same cannot be said for sizing up. The process requires the jeweler to cut the shank, pull the ring to create a gap, and then add metal to the opening before soldering it back together. Let’s use the example of resizing a gold ring.

When you’re sizing down, you only have to worry about soldering one part of the shank. When sizing up, you have to solder on either side of the gold added. It’s not just the added pressure point; pulling apart the shank is both a tricky and potentially harmful part of the process.

Why? Well, when the ring was initially made, it was intended to retain a specific shape. However, when you expand the ring, you’re forcing it to bend in places it wasn’t designed to. Think of a key holder; if you try to expand it to accommodate more keys, the circular shape gets distorted. Overall, the process adds stress to the shank and also the prongs and stones used. To reduce the chances of damage, ensure that you take the ring to a professional jeweler. Those inexperienced can bend or distort the channels and eventually rush the gemstones. Get a jeweler that won’t tamper with the setting.


That’s not to say that resizing down doesn’t have its challenges.

If the ring is a size six and you want to get it down to a size 3, you’ll have a similar problem. The stress put on the ring can equally distort the ring’s shape and damage the setting.

Therefore, making large shifts between ring sizes is somewhat of a recipe for disaster. It’d be all the more painful if you’re dealing with diamonds or expensive crystals.

Tip for sizing a ring up or down

The first step is getting the right person for the job. That way, you’ll avoid disappointments. It’s best to purchase and return a ring for resizing from a professional, authorized, and reputable jeweler. That immediately sets your mind at ease since you’re mostly assured they’ll do the resizing correctly.

The fantastic thing is that most jewelers do offer the first resizing for free as part of their customer service.

Otherwise, you’ll have to part with a considerable amount of money. One can only estimate the cost based on the ring’s material and whether you’re resizing up or down.

The bottom line is the best approach is getting a custom ring made to the correct size. It’s even better with the ring having channels if you have to size it up or down. That’s why, if you can, use a ring, the person you want to gift the ring to wears.

However, when that’s not an option, opt for most women’s average ring size, which is between 6 and 6.5. Please don’t attempt to resize the ring until it’s been tried on.

If you’re getting a ring for yourself or it’s not a surprise, then you can measure the size of your finger before ordering. Use yarn and wrap it around your desired finger. Ensure that the string has room to move around your finger and that it also accommodates the knuckles. Use a ruler to check the measurement.

Once you have the measurement, find an international ring size chart online, or ask the company to send you one if it’s not already on their website.

Should the size fall between two ring numbers provided, the recommendation is that you opt for the higher number. As we’ve established, you’re in a better position if and when you need to resize the ring.



Getting the ring size rings can be tricky business when you’re gifting someone or making a purchase online.

However, going a size up is recommended since sizing down a ring does the least damage to the shank.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!