Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain-Differences, Pros&Cons Explained

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Are you considering buying a chain but aren’t sure which one is best suited for you? We understand how that can feel. Chains are a versatile and popular neckpiece variety that comes in many designs and options.

For someone new to the game, it can be overwhelming to decide. Most people have to try different styles before they discover their perfect choice. Sometimes deciding on the right chain can be difficult when the chains seem similar, like in the case of a rope and Singapore chain.

Although their appearance is not the same, the two chains share a few appealing features. This makes it hard to decide which is the better of the two. Not to worry. In this article, we will look into the two types of chains,

in terms of what they are and their benefits and shortcomings. We will then compare the two to help you find out which chain is more suitable for your needs.


What Is A Singapore Chain? What Does A Singapore Chain Look Like?

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

Some speculate that the name of the chain comes from the fact that it is a popular design in Singapore. Sometimes referred to as curb twist chain, the Singapore chain is a blend of the curb and rope chain structures.

The design features the basic curved link structure of a curb chain that has been hammered and twisted to resemble a rope chain. The structure of the chain gives it a fluid-like movement.

On top of that, the design allows light to reflect off the chain at different angles giving it the ripple effect people love most about the chain.

The chain can be made of different metals. The thickness and lengths can also vary but overall, the chain is known for its delicate appearance. However, do not be fooled.

While the chain might appear delicate, its strong soldered links make them extremely durable. That is why the chain is a popular choice for charms and pendants regardless of the thickness.


Pros And Cons Of A Singapore Chain.

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

The following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a Singapore chain:


  • It has an appealing fluid-like ripple effect.
  • It is perfect for pairing with pendants.
  • It is lightweight compared to the rope chain.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It is versatile and easy to style.
  • It is gender-neutral.


  • It is not as sturdy as the rope chain.


What Is A Rope Chain? What Does A Rope Chain Look Like?

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

The rope chain is one of the most beautiful designs, and with good reason. The design features links on two or three links that have been tightly braided together to form a rope-twist kind of pattern, hence the name of the chain.

The links used are small and manipulated to avoid calling too much undue attention to them. Due to the rope-like pattern, and especially with a diamond-cut finish, the chain can reflect light from all directions. This enhances the luster and shine of the chain, which is why it is so popular and appealing.

Aside from being lustrous, rope chains are also textural. There are many variations of the chain. Like other chains, this one is also made of a variety of metals. You will mostly find it made of steel, silver, or gold.

The length and thickness also vary. Unfortunately, the links of this chain are not fully soldiered, therefore they’re not completely resistant to tagging. The delicate thinner sizes are best to wear with pendants.

The thicker and soldered links ones are best suited to be worn alone or with a heavy pendant. The design is so prized that other chain designs are also twisted at times to mimic rope chains.


Pros And Cons Of Rope Chain.

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain


  • Easy to style.
  • Appealing design.
  • Perfect for pendant necklaces.
  • Gender-neutral.
  • Easy to style.
  • Strong and durable structure.
  • Doesn’t kink or tangle.


  • Damage to one section can ruin the entire chain.
  • It has a rougher finish.


What Is The Difference Between A Singapore Chain And Rope Chain?

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

The Singapore chain may have borrowed slightly from the rope chain’s design, but that doesn’t make them similar. The two still have a lot of features that differentiate them, beginning with their structure.

The rope chain resembles an actual rope with two or more links woven and twisted together. The Singapore chain, on the other hand, alternates between flat and curved links to create a smooth and fluid appearance.

The Singapore chain has an overall smoother finish and more shine since its design allows it to reflect more light. The chain is also lighter than the rope chain given its structure.

The rope chain, however, is sturdier thanks to its structure and the number of interwoven links. That is not to say, however, that the Singapore chain is not strong. Both chains are perfect for pairing with pendants.  


Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain- Which One Should You Buy?

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

So, which of the two will be worth your money? That will depend on what you are looking for in a chain. Both chains are strong and sturdy.

They can both be worn alone or paired with your preferred charms or pendants. They are also both shiny and lustrous thanks to the light that reflects off them from different angles.

The rope chain, however, is a classic look and a popular choice for many people. It also appears to be thicker and sturdier. You can think of it as a more minimalist approach. With the Singapore chain, however, you almost get the feel of a rope chain but at a lighter weight. The finishing is also comparably smoother.

Given that it reflects more light, the Singapore chain is also more eye-catching and is more of a decorative chain. So, the choice you go with will depend on whether you want something lighter and more striking, or something slightly heavier and sturdier.


Related Q&A

Singapore Chain Vs Rope Chain

Do Singapore chains break easily? How long does it last?

No, Singapore chains do not break easily. Given their unique design of strong soldered links, the chain will not easily break. That means that they are durable, regardless of their thickness.

That is why they are the go-to chains for heavy pendants. The chains can, therefore, last for a long time, although that also depends on how well you maintain them.

Do rope chains kink? How long does it last?

No, rope chains do not kink nor do they tangle. Thanks to the design of the chain, it would be very difficult for the chain to bend, or kink at any point. That’s an issue usually seen in flat chains.

Aside from being one of the most popular chain designs, they are also the most durable. If properly taken care of, and if made from high-quality materials, you should be able to pass the chain down through generations for an entire lifetime if possible.



There you have, the comparison between the Singapore and rope chain.

They may share a similarity in their rope-like pattern, but as you’ve seen there is a lot that sets them apart.

We hope the information has helped you decide on which chain is better suited for you.

If you are still confused, then there is no harm in getting both. After all, they do pair well together.

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