Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which is Better with a Black Dress?

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Despite having clothed ourselves for decades, we’re not always sure about what goes with what. That is not merely addressing women that enjoy wearing their men’s hoodies and have no intention of changing that.

We are talking about perhaps the most essential item that women ought to have in their closets, the LBD, that is, the little black dress.

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress

After getting this staple, it’s not always clear how to dress up in it. It’s most certainly not reserved for funerals, but how do you turn a basic dress into a stunning outfit?

Well, the “war” comes down to gold versus silver; what works best with the LBD? There are other contenders, but these two precious metals are the top two.


Silver or gold jewelry with a black dress-Which one is better?

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which is Better with a Black Dress

There is no contest when it comes to the value of gold and silver. Gold is the more expensive precious metal and bound to make more of a statement.

With a black dress, you’re bound to make a statement about the jewelry, whether the jewelry is genuine or gold plated. Although that’s the reality, you have to look at the event that calls for a black dress.

While the reality is that gold is more coveted for its prestigious status, it doesn’t work in all aspects. It’s not merely about the dress; one has to look at other accessories, shoes, and handbags that dictate what jewelry will go better with a black dress.

Let’s look at other more prominent factors that play a role in which one works best on individuals.


What color jewelry goes best with a black dress?

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress

We can largely agree that for most people, gold has proven to be the classic choice.

With gold earrings, rings and bracelets, almost all women can pull off the look and come off as sleek and elegant.

The type of gold jewelry does matter; for example, more delicate pieces look best with going for a formal dinner, while chunkier jewelry is ideal for a night out with the girls.

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which is Better with a Black Dress

That said, gold jewelry and a black dress aren’t the best choices for everyone. People fail to recognize that one’s skin tone plays a role in the colors that one can purchase, silver and gold aside. Those with deeper tans or darker skin tones look best in gold. If you have pale skin, silver is the go-to metal since the alternative makes one look washout out. The silver instead complements paler skin.

Jewelers believe that silver brings about more contrast, while gold bends with tanned, olive, and darker skin tones. Even so, those in the latter category can indeed wear silver to make their jewelry stand out more.

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress

What’s more, as indicated, the type of dress dictates what kind of gold jewelry you wear. For example, if you’re looking for a vintage look, chandelier, or hoop earring, a cuff bracelet and a large pendant chain are what you ought to focus on.

In essence, it’s not merely about the color, but the kind of jewelry as well matters.


Tip for wearing jewelry with black dress

Gold and silver jewelry aside, there are other kinds of jewelry you can wear with your LBD. Let’s dive in:

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which is Better with a Black Dress


Pearls: If you’re looking to resemble royalty, high-quality pearls are the way to go. Do keep in mind that pearls call for a specific black dress, preferably body-hugging and knee-length. Also, black suede pair of pumps are welcomed, leaving the pearls on your ears, neck, and wrists to stand out. Remember too that the neckline does matter; bateau and sweetheart necklines work best with pearls.

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress

Pendant necklaces: Dresses with deep V necklines work exceptionally well with pendant necklaces to bring the right kind of attention to the décolletage. Get something that stops before the neckline; otherwise, the pendant will get lost on the cleavage. You don’t want to spend an entire event fishing it out and put it back in place. The same principle applies if you’re getting layered necklaces.

Short necklaces: Sweetheart necklines mostly call for short pendant necklaces, as long as it doesn’t overlap with the cleavage. The primary purpose is to get away with wearing bold accessories, and it still not get called too much.

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which is Better with a Black Dress

Bracelets: In some instances, having earrings and a necklace at the same time can overcrowd the face. In such cases, it’s wise to skip the necklace and let the earrings be the centerpiece, especially if they are large. If you feel somewhat “naked,” layered bracelets play a vital role in completing the look. To make them an equal focal point, consider layering attractive bracelets on your bear arms.

Cuff: These kinds of jewelry have become fashion statements and spotted making rounds during celebrity events and the runway. What’s excellent about cuffs is they can be a simple or intricate as you wish them to be. Whether made from gold, silver, pearls, or other materials, the right color and look are bound to get you compliments.

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress

Earrings: In the past few years, many female celebrities are making rounds on the red carpet with no earrings. At the very most, they would have small or transparent studs. That fact is something to consider if you’re wearing a statement dress. These are outfits that already have a lot going on; adding jewelry would be a distraction and make one look tacky.

However, if you have a plain black dress, you can opt for more statement jewelry; only remember to create balance. Shoulder and strapless dresses, sans necklaces, make a beautiful look. What’s even better is you can wear the statement jewelry anywhere; a dinner, wedding, or a night out; these statement earrings are bound to bring elegance.

Scarfs: While these aren’t entirely jeweler, though they are those that merge into two, you can equally pair your black dress with scarfs. A delicate scarf or something heavier for cooler weather completes a look. Since the black dress works as a canvas, you can get colorful and intricately designed scarves or scarves jewelry.

Hair accessories: Women with coveted hair will highlight how lustrous their hair is by accenting their crown with beautiful hair accessories to stands out. For them, the hair accessory is the centerpiece and should therefore wear simpler jewelry. Fashion is all about highlighting areas where you have it going on, and one’s hair is no exception.

Silver or Gold Jewelry Which is Better with a Black Dress


Even with the tips provided here, fashion is highly personal. Thus, one need not be confined to what’s been discussed, although they are considered best practices in the industry.

The point is to feel good and stay true to your taste. The idea shouldn’t be to get the wrong kind of attention, but a unique ensemble that speaks true to your personality.

Overall, it is agreed that the black dress, as mentioned, is a canvas and a backdrop for a centerpiece. Therefore, it’s not the LBD you should focus on, but what you want to get the most attention.

Is it earrings, a necklace, scarf, bracelet? Whatever the case, focus on that statement item and then work backward. It’s a great way to bring attention to what you wish, whether it is your sexy legs and high heels or cleavage.

Love your body, and wear your LBD with confidence.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!