4 Little-known Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

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Malachite is one of the most gorgeous green jewelry pieces and one of the most popular crystals for individuals looking for a stunning, statement stone to incorporate into their favorite jewelry pieces.

Though the different shades of green make this one of the most popular gemstones, malachite is rare and expensive. These are also the features that make malachite a top-rated gemstone that comes highly recommended. It’s imperfect, though.

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

This naturally rough green gemstone that sometimes has a velvety or fibrous finish should be handled with care because some of its effects may be unwanted, which is why this article is dedicated to addressing the side effects of malachite.

But before we look at everything you should know about malachite, how about we address some of the essential elements of this stone?


Malachite basics

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

For starters, malachite is a green gemstone made of copper hydroxide. It gets its green color because it is primarily made of copper- it was initially mined for copper ore.

But it is not the hardest copper-compound gemstone on the market as it scores between 3.5 and 4 on the hardness scale (Mohs).

While it’s no longer a huge source of copper, malachite cut and polished in different shapes and sizes is quite common in the jewelry industry today, with an increasing number of individuals choosing this stone because of its known metaphysical benefits.


Positive effects of wearing malachite

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

I. Its association with throat and heart chakras means that wearing malachite jewelry will ensure a balance between them. Malachite’s connection with your heart chakra will make you more loving – you will love yourself unconditionally and allow others to show you, love.

On the other hand, malachite’s association with the throat chakra means that you will have an easier time speaking your mind and speaking and owning your truth with ease.

II. It also clears up negativity.

III. If kept with money, it may increase your wealth


What are the negative effects of malachite?

As mentioned above, malachite is imperfect. So, in this section, we’ll share tips about everything you should know about the side effects of malachite.

1. It can be toxic to humans

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

This gemstone may cause copper toxicity, especially during handling, due to the high copper content in malachite. Handlers/ gemstone cutters must wear full protective gear to avoid ingesting or inhaling malachite particles when malachite is cut and polished.

When ingested, inhaled, or when these particles come in contact with your skin, the copper particles accumulate in the body, causing long-term health problems. So, always wear goggles, masks, and globes when doing lapidary works involving malachite.


2. It breaks down when exposed to water

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

in addition to being relatively soft, the malachite stone breaks down after prolonged exposure to water. Copper compounds break down in the water, and when this happens, you shouldn’t touch the malachite with your bare hands.

You shouldn’t drink water in areas with malachite. Since malachite has a high copper content, its presence in water will cause long-term health damage if ingested.

The good news is that copper toxicity is rare, and you may only suffer long-term effects if you are in contact with copper for too long.

In most cases, exposure to copper in short periods isn’t dangerous because the body will work hard to eliminate the extra or unnecessary copper. However, with prolonged exposure, copper toxicity occurs, and you may suffer liver failure or death.


3. Green discoloration on the skin

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

Once the film coating on the malachite starts to wear off, you may notice some green discoloration on your skin. This also happens because of the presence of copper in malachite and because these copper compounds leech into your skin, causing green discoloration.

The good news is that this discoloration is nothing to worry about, and your skin will be back to normal after some hours or days – you only need to wash the affected area using warm water and some mild soap.

To prevent a recurrence, avoid wearing the pieces for long or apply a thin film of clear polish on the jewelry.


4. Health problems

Side Effects Of Wearing Malachite Jewelry

With prolonged exposure, especially if the gemstone is exposed to temperature fluctuations, malachite may cause chromosomal breaks, mutations, cancer, teratogenicity, or even respiratory problems.



This gorgeous gemstone is imperfect, and it may cause problems in the long run. However, malachite jewelry is safe to wear because it’s been processed and has a protective film that will keep the copper from getting to you.

But to be safe, you shouldn’t wear or touch malachite in its raw form or if the malachite gemstone breaks down – often, the broken or raw pieces emit toxic fumes, which can be terrible for your health, and you need to be careful.

If you are looking, for example, remove the jewelry because even the weakest acids will react with malachite, emitting unsafe fumes.

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