6 Little-Known Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

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Hematite represents one of the most powerful mineral stones boasting spiritual and emotional benefits.

It has been around for a long time and has been used by different communities and cultures of the world for blood purification, balancing of your source cycle, enhancing harmonious energy, as well as the removal of all negative energies from your body.

But there is more, and you will attain a high level of mental clarity from wearing a bracelet made of or with hematite crystals. It is also an excellent option for you if you are looking for a way to ooze positivity into your life.

Unfortunately, hematite bracelets are imperfect, and some of their side effects are unwanted and unhealthy.

So while you could wear hematite mineral stones all day to continuously enjoy the positive energy effects, especially if you aren’t allergic to the stone, you should be aware of its negative effects. We’ll divulge the side effects of hematite below. Let’s get right into it.


Side effects of Wearing hematite bracelet

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

For starters, you should never consume hematite mineral stones in any form because while wearing it as a bracelet allows you great positivity and great energy flowing through you all day long, you should never ingest it because this mineral stone would cause cramps and other severe physical ailments affecting your body and mind.

Some of the symptoms of consuming the hematite crystals include a tingling sensation. Also, you should wear it daily because it will irritate your skin and even cause dizziness.


1. Harmful vibrations

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

Even though wearing a hematite mineral stone bracelet daily will fill your life with positive energy, a sense of happiness, and productivity, you shouldn’t succumb to the temptation of wearing the bracelet daily because hematite is a strong stone that emits very strong vibrations.

These aren’t so good or, rather, not as good as you may like. These powerful vibrations can be too strong and adversely affect your body and your mental health. These stones will affect your emotional and physical side, and you may not be too happy with their side effects.

Of course, these effects and the intensity of the vibrations vary from one person to the other, and you may not have it as terribly as others, but it’s important for you to exercise caution.


2. Dizziness

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

While you may enjoy the positive feelings and energy associated with wearing hematite mineral stones, wearing a hematite bracelet all day every day won’t feel too good after some time because the stones’ high vibrational energy will cause a great deal of restlessness and dizziness.

In extreme cases, hematite will cause imbalance or even epilepsy. This happens quite rarely, though.


3. Tingling Sensations

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

Given the high vibrational energy associated with the hematite mineral stones, it will create a tingling sensation.

Although these crystals hardly stimulate or overstimulate your circulatory system, hematite might not be safe for you because it may increase your body’s circulation, which will feel like tingling.

In extreme cases, you may lose sensations in your legs and arms, especially if you live in a place that records a high level of atmospheric pressure.


4. Emotional side effects

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

As mentioned above, hematite is a form of mineral stone bearing a great deal of positive energy. It is a good option if you need bursts of energy from time to time, and you will be happy with its array of spiritual benefits. In many ways, this type of stone enhances your mental strength and stability.

But there is a catch, the high energy from the hematite crystals causes variations in the vibrational energy, which is quite unstable and will affect you negatively.

You may start experiencing a level of imbalance and a great deal of mental discomfort. So, thanks to these sudden energy changes, especially in your body’s energy centers, you will experience extreme mood swings. YourYour blood pressure might also shoot up, and you will feel significantly angry and anxious.

In extreme cases, hematite mineral stones will negatively influence your emotional and mental health, which is why it is necessary for you to either replace or to recharge the crystals often.

Also, it might be safer for you to stop wearing these stones after some time or maybe wear them a few times every week.


5. Toxicity

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

 Hematite has also been known for causing extreme physical effects, and exposing it to your body by ingesting or having these mineral stones on for too long will have a toxic impact on your body. In some instances, its effects are quite severe and may even cause death.

How? Well, hematite is made primarily of iron, and iron is extremely toxic at high concentrations.

Too much iron causes severe physical symptoms and harms your body, and if you consume too much iron, you will experience a lot of pain, especially in your limbs. And if left unchecked, extremely high levels of iron will cause death.

It’s essential to remember that hematite, like other minerals and rocks, often contains high percentages of toxic components like asbestos, heavy metals, and arsenic, which is why you need to be extra careful.

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

You also need to consider that iron present in hematite can be very hard to get into and out of the body. And exposure to iron, especially if its absorption in very small amounts, can be very dangerous to your skin.

So, it might be unlikely for you to take in as much iron as you may imagine, but wearing the hematite bracelet for too long will cause major problems. In most cases, your physical health is affected significantly.

Bear in mind that while you need iron in your body, it is essential for your body’s functions. But you only need some, and you should only take a small amount regularly for optimum bodily functions, and taking too much or exposing the body to too much iron will get you in trouble.

With hematite, the iron present in the stone may not bother you in the short term, but long-term exposure will be damaging, and you will show some symptoms of toxicity. It may cause significant bodily injuries after some time.


6. Effects of hematite consumed internally

Side Effects Of Wearing Hematite Bracelet

If consumed accidentally, hematite stones cause stomach cramps, twisted intestinal tubes, and blood toxicity. Inhaling this stone may also cause respiratory problems.



Even though it offers significant health benefits and will enhance your mental well-being, ensuring that your body oozes with positivity, hematite has some negative effects on your body, which will be experienced as dizziness, skin irritation, and tingling sensation.

It also has negative emotional effects and may cause mood swings and overall emotional imbalance.

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