10 Little-known Side Effects of Wearing Gold Jewelry

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Gold has for millenniums been a symbol of prestige and always seen as a value add in one’s life.

It’s for that reason people turn to gold, and not merely for beauty purpose, but because there’s more to gold than meets the eye.

Here, were are going to explore what you stand to gain from wearing gold, aside from looking good.


10 side effects of wearing gold jewelry

Let’s now look at some of the side effects of wearing gold. 

Most of these are based on preliminary studies, and there is indeed more research that needs to get done.

Even so, these are some prevailing thoughts about the good you stand to get out of wearing gold. Last time, we also cover a topic, 10 benefits of wearing gold for the neck.

1.May improve circulation

Gold has long gotten used in therapeutics to increase blood flow. When a person wears gold, the result is an improved oxygen flow to various parts of the body.

The position of the body that tends to benefit the most is where the gold is worn. Even so, it does prove to be beneficial to the entire body.


2.May cause relaxation

There is a prevailing belief that wearing gold is relaxing.

There are different theories, one being that the warm color that gold has makes one calmer.

Also, picking from the previous point about improved circulation, that tends to make someone more relaxed than they otherwise would be.

3.Regulates body temperature

The nature of gold is thought to have the ability to regulate the body’s temperature. That way, it protects the body from the fluctuating temperatures.

The result is what boosts one’s immunity since the body is regulated.

When the body is in homeostasis, you’re sure that your body is working at optimum.


4.Enhances mood

There is a mood boost that comes with knowing that you look good. When you wear gold, that’s the feeling one gets.

Making a fashion statement does give one a confidence boost and ultimately increases one’s emotional wellbeing.

It is said that during ancient times, wearing gold was considered a form of dealing with stress. It was also worn when there were happy times and something to celebrate.

5.Peace of mind

It is agreed that gold is a good investment.

You’re assured it won’t tarnish, rust, or corrode. You can wear it with confidence for decades to come as long as you take good care of the jewelry.

The bonus is that can pass it down through the generations.


6.Help rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

Some doctors do agree, based on research, that wearing gold on one’s skin is shown to both alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and improve the symptoms.

While it is subject to more research, there has been significant evidence that it does make sufferers better over time.

7.Brings harmony to the body

Gold is also thought to balance and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

When you’re entire being is stable, your emotions and mental attitude become and remain positive.

In that state, the idea is that it gives a person energy, allowing them to have an increase in both mental focus and will power.


8.Can help heal wounds

There is some evidence that when you wear 24k gold, it can help heal wounds by stimulating the growth of new tissue.

Wearing gold near the site of the injury, you’re likely to heal faster than you otherwise would without wearing gold.


9.Reduces soreness

Wearing gold after a workout can help reduce the soreness. When you apply gold on a sore spot, it is thought to help one heal faster.

That is the case because, as mentioned, it helps relax the blood vessels, and thus allowing blood in the body to flow more freely.

Increased circulation means higher oxygen levels, which then helps in alleviating soreness.

10.Helps improve the skin

You can wear gold differently, and that’s on your face. When you use a pure gold face mask, you’re assured that your skin will remain youthful.

That was the case during the Roman era, where the elite had access to gold would make slaves that would treat various skin conditions.

Nowadays, you can find gold in several beauty treatments, including those endorsed by some dermatologists.

Overall, these products will leave your skin radiant and give you an inner glow.

In some cultures, gold can bring you good luck, read here for more.


There is indeed a need for more research to do with gold and what one stands to gain from a health perspective.

While some of these are ancient old beliefs, there is something to gain from a mental and emotional standpoint.

After all, there is nothing to lose by wearing gold.

Even though you don’t believe in everything described, knowing that you look good in your gold jewelry is more than enough motivation to wear it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!