6 Little-known Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

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Did you know that despite the appeal around diamonds, wearing diamonds isn’t always perfect, and there are cases where diamonds come with some side effects that you may not want to deal with?

It is one of those unknowns in life and in the jewelry scene, which means that if you are looking for the best of diamonds, you might want to research the potential side effects of wearing diamonds before buying these expensive gemstones.

      Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry  

In this article, we’re sharing important bits of information regarding everything you should know about all the side effects of wearing diamonds.

So, let’s jump right into it!

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Some Side effects of wearing diamond

Contrary to popular beliefs that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and how diamonds are now everyone’s favorite, hence the love and forever symbolism around the diamonds, it would appear that not everyone can or should wear diamonds because they are not everyone’s best friend after all.

There are several schools of thought show how diamonds are not for everyone and how some people would suffer side effects from wearing diamonds – which you’ll learn all about in the next sections of this article.

Side effects of wearing Diamond Jewelry

1. Vedic Astrology’s association of diamonds with bad luck

According to gemstone experts and Vedic astrology, it is believed that diamonds bring you either good or bad luck.

And in extreme cases, the diamonds would be an invitation for the vengeance of the gods to riddle your life. This is especially true for individuals with zodiac signs like Pisces, Aries, and Scorpio.

So, although diamonds are traditionally associated with grandeur and the best in life, the astrological connections between the diamond and the wearer are of great significance, and this stone is just not for everyone.

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Going by these beliefs, therefore, it is recommended that individuals with these zodiac signs only wear diamonds after an accurate recommendation by astrology (an actual expert) or after receiving a detailed Reading (Kundali), again, from an expert.

In the wrong hands, wearing this energized gemstone every day could bring you problems and big trouble in your relationship/ marriage. In other words, diamonds aren’t always a symbol of love, especially when the stone is worn by the wrong person.

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

How is this even possible?

Well, it all has to do with planet Venus and the planet’s association with diamond gemstones. Essentially, the planet Venus comes after the Sun and the Moon, where it twinkles quite brightly on the sky. It is because of its bright twinkly nature as well as the dazzling bright nature of diamonds that the gemstone is associated with the planet Venus.

But it doesn’t end there – Venus is considered the planet of Love, and its peachy warmth is associated with all that is nice and love. But its warms also showers and shadows all Horoscopes it governs, and Venus does this with a lot of love and compassion.

Generally, the trend around wearing diamonds springs from the planet’s association with love which is why a diamond is called the gemstone of love. Astrology has also bestowed upon this planet characteristic that is associated with all that is good with nature – all things luxurious, beautiful, elegant, and abundant. Venus also controls creative energies and spaces.

Side effects of wearing Diamond Jewelry

Unfortunately, individuals with the zodiac signs mentioned above don’t get to enjoy the good nature of the planet Venus when they wear diamonds. This happens because, according to Vedic Astrology, diamonds are worn by Scorpios, Pisces, or Aries, lead lives full of tension and disharmony. So, unless you are born with the other zodiac signs like Libra, Taurus, and Virgo, then wearing diamonds might not be the smartest move for you.

Below, we break down the specific side effects of wearing diamonds for different zodiac signs.

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

  • Side effects of wearing diamonds for Aries

If born between March 21st and April 19th and are an Ascendant of Aries, you should never wear diamonds, not in any finger. This is because of the influence of the Lord of Aries, Mars – Mars is the enemy of Venus, and by extension, diamonds, the stone for planet Venus. If you still choose to wear a diamond, you may experience some of the side effects like disharmony.

  • Cancer

If you are a Cancer Ascendant, meaning you were born between June 21st and July 21st, you are advised not to wear diamonds. While there might be some positive vibrations associated with Venus and Cancers, there still are several associated negative effects.

Side effects of wearing Diamond Jewelry

  • Leos

Leo is a sign of the sun, a celestial body that isn’t friendly to or with Venus, which means that wearing a diamond would bring you some of the negative vibrations associated with these two planets. The diamond might be harmful to your health, prosperity, and your wealth situation. If you must wear the diamond ring or earrings, talk to an expert first.

  • Scorpios

If born between October 21st and November 20th, you should never wear a diamond. If you wear diamond jewelry, you will be increasing the bad vibrations and, consequently, bad luck. It’s also not good for your health, and it might worsen your health. So, Scorpios should never wear diamonds.

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

  • Sagittarius

If you were born between November 20th and December 21st and are a Sagittarius ascendant, you should avoid diamonds because the gemstone would only make your life very miserable.

  • Pisces

Like Scorpios, Pisces should never wear diamonds because wearing the diamonds would harm the wearers significantly, not just healthwise, but also it might impact career and your wealth.

The rest of the Zodiac signs are safe to wear diamonds

Side effects of wearing Diamond Jewelry

 Instability of diamonds

One of the biggest side effects associated with diamonds, especially for the forewarned zodiac signs above, has to do with just how unstable this gemstone is. Worn by the wrong person, diamonds will make your life miserable. Some of the side effects associated with the instability of diamonds are as follows:

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

  1. Poor sleep, and you may start getting bad dreams at night, waking up feeling tired daily.
  2. Paling of your skin’s complexion
  3. If you have diabetes, wearing diamonds would result in spikes in your blood sugar levels, and you may experience new health issues cropping up.
  4. You will also suffer sexual and reproductive issues
  5. Hormonal issues are also common, and these might manifest as the whitening of the skin, pimples, and scarring, or even hair loss.

Side effects of wearing Diamond Jewelry

So, if you think that you started experiencing these issues after wearing the diamond ring, it might be time to remove the diamond to see if things change. You could opt for an alternative or gemstone substitute like a white zircon, white coral, white sapphire, white ajet, or white tourmaline.



If you believe in astrology and think that there are things that are happening in your life because of what you do or don’t do or because of the diamond and its astrological associations, it’s important to take note of the association of the gemstone with your zodiac sign.

 Side Effects of Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Most people will argue that this is just superstition, but we’ll not argue with this.

Keep in mind that what you believe is what comes to pass in your life. So, if you think diamonds are bad for you, they probably are.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!