6 Common Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

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Losing weight can help one maintain a healthy lifestyle. With obesity being a challenge affecting many, people try different techniques to shed some extra pounds.

While some work out, others look for shortcuts to help them become smaller.

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

One technique that some people have been trying is wearing magnetic weight-loss bracelets.  

Some wonder whether magnetic bracelets can help one lose weight. We created this post to share some facts regarding magnetic weight-loss bracelets. By the end of it, you will also discover what this bracelet does to the body and whether it has side effects.

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Some facts about magnetic weight loss bracelet

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Magnets are based on the principle of magnetic field therapy since they use magnets to help boost overall health. These bracelets come in materials such as gold, silver, copper, or iron and feature thin metal magnets mounted on them. They work in the form of a no-exercise, no-diet weight loss unit.  

Though magnetic bracelets come in different strengths, they are not as strong as magnets used in things like MRI machines. Today, magnetic products are a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Despite the popularity of magnetic weight loss bracelets, science does not recommend their use.

Even though marketers try to sway people to buy magnetic bracelets, claiming they can help them lose weight, they don’t have that capability. The only purpose that these bracelets serve is to decorate the wrist.


What do magnetic bracelets do to the body?

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Some people believe that wearing a magnetic bracelet can help change the metabolism. According to marketers that promote these bracelets, the magnet’s north pole can stimulate the metabolism, increasing the calories burnt in the body.

They suggest that metabolism works as an integral part of weight loss. This biological process ensures that the food and water you consume get converted into energy.

Since 99% of the magnetic bracelet’s composition is Germanium, people believe it can help boost the immune system and help obese people shed some weight.

The human body is believed to have electric and magnetic fields. Molecules in the body have a certain amount of magnetic energy in them.

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

According to magnetic field therapy, specific problems, including obesity, occur when the magnetic fields are out of balance. People believe that since a magnetic bracelet has a magnetic field when it comes into contact with the skin, it can help the body return to normal.

Magnetic weight loss bracelets are also sold under the pretense that they can help promote satiety in the body and make one feel less hungry. Others suggest that these bracelets can also be used alongside acupressure.

Those of this opinion believe that stimulating specific points in the body can lead to significant changes, including weight loss.  

In a study on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, researchers found that increased exercise, reduced calorie intake, and non-invasive electromagnetic brain stimulation can help overweight individuals lose weight.

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

This made people start assuming that magnets can promote weight loss. However, scientists explain that electromagnetic brain stimulation cannot have the same effect as simply putting on magnetic jewelry.  

There is no scientific evidence that proves that magnetic bracelets can indeed help one lose weight. Research suggests that wearing magnetic weight loss bracelets can cause more harm than good in some people.  

If, for instance, you are allergic to metals, have a pacemaker or electronic implant, or are using an insulin pump, you should avoid wearing the magnetic weight loss bracelet.

You should also avoid wearing a magnetic weight loss bracelet if you are pregnant or are getting an MRI. Do not wear a magnetic bracelet if you are about to go for an x-ray. This is because such a bracelet can interfere with medical devices or imaging tests.


6 side effects of magnetic weight loss bracelet

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, people should avoid wearing magnetic weight loss bracelets.This is because using such magnets in the body can lead to the following side effects.  

1. Warm or hot feeling

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Some wearers of magnetic weight loss bracelets reveal that they experience a hot or warm feeling the first few days of using them. According to the Magnetic Therapy Council, this side effect comes from the increased blood circulation caused by a magnet.

The side effect is likened to the effect of improved circulation caused by exercising. However, many people who experience it reveal that it causes discomfort. This can be worse, especially on wearers with certain conditions, such as women experiencing menopause.


2. Tingling

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Wearing the magnetic weight loss bracelet also causes tingling in some people. Like the first side effect, this sensation is also caused by increased blood circulation.

Most wearers that experience a tingling effect reveal that this side effect lasts only a few days until the body gets used to the increased blood flow caused by the magnetic weight loss bracelet.


3. Skin irritation or rashes

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

While some wearers of the magnetic bracelet report experiencing rashes, others reveal that their wrist starts experiencing irritation. Rashes are often common with wearers with sensitive skin to metals like gold or silver.   

Before the rashes develop, you may notice redness on the wrist a few days after putting on the magnetic bracelet. Though this may resolve after a few days, you should discontinue wearing the bracelet if the condition worsens and seek professional help.


4. Nausea

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Placing this magnetic object on the body also causes nausea in some people. This happens because the body goes through biological processes that need to adapt to this unfamiliar object.

Not every wearer of the magnetic weight loss bracelet reports nausea. It mainly occurs in women. Some believe that such side effects could occur due to the wearer’s insecurity or fear of using magnets.


5. Dizziness

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

During the first few days of wearing the magnetic weight loss bracelet, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy. This side effect is also attributed to the magnet increasing the blood circulation in the body.

Most wearers who experience it report that it stops after wearing the magnetic bracelet for a while.


6. Pain

Side Effects Of Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

While some side effects are minor, some wearers experience more severe effects once they start using the magnetic weight loss bracelet. Some report feeling pain around the wrist.

Since this is concerning, it is best to discontinue use if you experience it from wearing the magnetic weight loss bracelet.

Consulting a professional can also help you receive proper pain medication. While at the hospital, you can also get good advice on better ways to manage your weight.



The desperate need to lose weight makes some people go to extreme lengths. One technique that has been trending is the use of magnetic weight-loss bracelets. Though advertisements claim that these bracelets can help one lose weight, they are ineffective.

No scientific evidence shows that they can stimulate metabolism and lead to weight loss. The side effects of these bracelets are also not very pleasant for wearers.If you are trying to lose weight, you should try effective techniques such as exercise and dieting.  

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