8 Little-Known Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

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While the Blue evil eye bracelet is one of the most popular accessories in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, where it is considered an important protective amulet, there are things that you should know about the effects of the blue eye bracelet.

The evil eye is considered a tool for protection that protects you in case someone intends to cause you harm, albeit supernatural harm could come to you in the form of minor misfortunes, some serious injuries, or even death.

That said, the blue eye has some adverse effects that you need to be aware of. We’ll list them all below. So, keep reading.


Side effects of blue eye bracelet

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

Before we look at some of the adverse effects of blue eye bracelets, let’s first look at some of the good things that come from wearing blue eye bracelets.


Positive effects of the blue evil eye bracelets

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet 

1. Protection – this bracelet is considered an important evil eye charm or a talisman that offers protection to the wearer from harmful forces, evil spirits, and, more importantly, the malevolent glared that is believed to inflict damage or harm to the unsuspecting and the unaware individuals.

2. It wards off danger – the evil eye bracelet is also considered a good element that protects the wearer and their lives from the elements and problems like flooding, insect infestation, and even rotting wood. So, this amulet would protect the elements of your life, making sure that you are happy and peaceful. It also encourages a life full of peace, happiness, and prosperity.

 Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

3. It improves overall health – the other good thing that comes with the evil eye is that when it is used correctly, this amulet will strengthen your health overall and if the evil eye was to be cast in your direction.

If no misfortune comes over you, your health will improve. So, in many aspects, the evil eye charm will keep you happy and healthy.

4. It carries good vibes. The blue in the blue evil eye bracelets and amulets also brings you good vibes because blue is a positive color that radiates positivity and possesses a lot of good karma.

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

The light blue, also incorporated in the evil eye, is a symbol of truth and is regarded as a powerful force that protects the wearer’s life from the effects of the evil eye.

5. It is a symbol of good luck. The evil eye casts out evil intentions and brings the wearer good luck, happiness, and health.

6. It may help with anxiety.

While some people only deem the blue evil eye bracelets powerful protective amulets, the evil eye bracelet may or may not offer protection, but for the superstitious, the placebo effect it carries would make the wearer feel relaxed and the brain less anxious.


Negative Effects of the Blue Evil Eye

7. Illness

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

Although the wearers of the blue evil eye bracelet believe that the bracelet protects them from evil while guarding their good health, fortunes, and also good looks, it is also believed to carry some ill effects.

The bracelet may cause a loss of appetite, vomiting, fevers, hiccups, and excessive yawning. It is also associated with several other maladies like fatigue, insomnia, depression, and diarrhea.

And because the disease is regarded as a magical one but also illnesses classified as medical issues, the affected person may succumb to the afflicted maladies.

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

The illnesses are considered curses rather than random chances of exposure to viruses and other ailments. There are instances where the affected individuals suffer unexplainable events like sudden fire in the house or an unexplained leak in the roof, and in other instances, things like insect infestations.


8. It’s a magical curse

The evil eye is considered a form of a magical curse whose roots lie in superstition and magical thinking. Bad events have been associated with the evil eye, and like all other curses, the evil eye is the answer to that age-old belief that bad things always happen to good people.

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

So, what is it all about? According to superstition, the evil eye is a special kind of magical curse whose roots come from magical thinking and the belief that the eyes carry special powers as they are the getaway to an individual’s soul.

So, shifting eyes, for example, are believed to be subtle signs of betrayal or lies. At the same time, someone with a steady gaze would be considered endearing and, in other cases, menacing, based on the circumstances.

For these reasons, eye contact is one of the most potent forms of communication. Eye contact is an important symbol of personal human connections between lovers, subordinates, and superiors.

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

So, while an intense or glaring stare conveys authority and power over the other, it can also be used to communicate other emotions such as hate, boredom, disgust, love, envy, surprise, and scorn.

There is an old belief that people who struggle with uncontrollable eye spasms or twitches have been shunned in the past because they are feared and believed to provoke bad luck and other bad things.

Side Effects Of Blue Eye Bracelet

It’s important to note that despite the overall belief that the evil eye is harmless, such belief systems could be harmful too.

And there also are instances where such beliefs can cause more harm than good, and this can happen intentionally, supernaturally, naturally, and even accidentally.

And the worst bit is that these come with very deadly retributions. This can be seen in how witches and even sorcerers have been accused and punished over the years. Other people have been beaten, attacked, and killed just for casting what was purported to be an ‘evil eye.’



The evil eye bracelets have been used to ward off evil and as symbols of good luck for many individuals and cultures around the world.

Though it may come in different styles, it is considered a protective charm in many communities.

So, if you are looking for a good-quality protective amulet, this could be the best option for you. But beware of the risks involved.

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