8 Little Known Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone Jewelry

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While the black onyx stone is known for its calming, balancing, and protective effects, the black onyx, like most other stones and crystals with beneficial effects, also carries some side effects that you may not like.

What this means is that before you start wearing the black onyx bracelet, time to understand what some of its side effects are.

But don’t worry too much; most of the side effects of the black onyx are actually positive or desirable.

So, let’s jump right into it!


1.Protection against negativity

Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone

The black onyx is on the list of the most desirable stones and crystals in the world of crystals because there is a lot of negativity around us, and we are always looking for ways to be happier, more positive, and in control of our feelings and emotions.

The black onyx has the power to bring all these benefits to your life thanks to the fact that it directs negative energy away from you and into the earth, leaving you happier and with an upbeat spirit.

The stone also has the power to reduce the effects of negativity in your life, and it also works to protect you from such negative energies while removing all negative influences from and over your life.

This is possible because it wards off and staves the negative energies while strengthening your belief in yourself. It also helps you to forge forward a positive pathway that is different and more positive from the previous life you led.

If you have been dealing with many negative reinforcing decisions in your past, especially around money, and need to make better decisions, the onyx stone might be the best one for you.


2.Effects on Root Chakra & Balance to Masculine and Feminine Energy Aspects

One of the unexpected effects of the black onyx comes from the stone’s influence on your Root Chakra.

The stone has the power to balance your feminine and masculine energy flows through you, making you feel more balanced and grounded.

Its focus on the root also improves the health of your feet while strengthening the legs.

Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone

3.Energy Balance and Transformation of Negative Energy (Emotional Therapy)

As mentioned above, the black onyx is a powerful stone that would make you happier because it wards off and staves negative energies and in and around you.

But that is not all that this powerful stone does. The black onyx also carries the power to not just absorb and drain negative energies but also to transform the negative energies, helping to prevent leakages or draining of your personal energy.

It’s also believed to improve the development of your emotional energy, physical stamina, and strength, especially in times of stress, grief, and confusion.

The stone soothes in case you are dealing with overwhelming emotions, and it will also make you feel less angry or fearful.


4.Rebirth and Growth

The black onyx stone is much more time connected to the darkest times of the night, which is also when the world is quietest, and the only sounds heard are the natural sounds from the planet.

Although not everyone is fond of darkness, it is believed that the black onyx can help to free up your darkest fears, allowing you to rise above these fears. So, the healing powers of the black onyx are considered the most effective at night.

Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone

5.Physical Therapy and Healing

The black onyx stone is not just effective in energy and emotional regulation but also in your physical health status. This gemstone has been shown to be a great source of health, and it would improve your overall health and wellbeing.

For starters, the black onyx stone improves the function of your nerves and other body organs. It is especially beneficial towards the sensory organs that are not balanced, and it would also enhance hearing, as well as the recovery of the rest of your body organs affected by the hearing functions, such as tinnitus.

The stone also strengthens and heals your immune system, giving you more strength and power in times of need. It also restores metabolism and regulates digestion.  

Black onyx is also believed to offer relief if you have any of the following ailments:

  • Bladder issues
  • Gastrointestinal issues and ailments
  • Cramping, pain, or tightness in your lower back, ankles, or feet
  • Swelling in your body’s lower half
  • Menstruation complications and problems
  • If you are feeling sluggish, fatigued, and you cannot focus

Essentially, these benefits come from the fact that your root chakra could be clouded or in a negative smog. Since the black onyx clears and enhances the function of your root chakra, it alleviates these problems.

Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone

6.Enhances your intuition

The black onyx improves your intuitiveness and makes it possible for you to easily notice the very subtle energy changes around and in you while also allowing you to understand the meaning of these things.

You also connect to the higher reals easily and receive messages from them thanks to the black onyx, and this allows you to follow the right direction in life and to create your perfect future.


7.Confidence Boost

The black onyx will also give you the power to survive hardships and take on challenges with ease.


8.Great tool for meditation

Side Effects Of Black Onyx Stone

Not sure how to quiet your mind, be present, or how to be focused, especially if you have been trying your hand in meditation?

The black onyx stone might be the answer to your problems. This gemstone has the power to calm your nerves and thoughts, keep you away from distractions, and help you think more clearly or just be present.

Other effects of the black onyx

  • It helps you overcome temptations and have control over your emotions
  • It is an effective talisman against evil;
  • It helps you achieve results/ goals
  • It awakens your potential
  • In love and relationships, the stone allows you to create a lasting bond, feel more confident, or attract the love you desire.


One Caveat – It wears off fast

The effects of the black onyx stone will not, however, last all days of the year if you always have the bracelet on.

To enjoy the benefits of the stone, you need to clear, clean, and charge the black onyx bracelet and beads very regularly. You shouldn’t keep it on continuously for one week, without taking it off or clearing it.

You may have to take it off once each week, and also when going to bed. And to clean or cleanse the stones, you will need soil and not water. Soil is the best cleanser for the onyx.



The black onyx stone is a very powerful stone with powerful symbolism, as well as healing energies.

So, although most people buy it because of the spiritual benefits of the stone, the effects listed above make this a very desirable stone.

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