Top 3 Tips For Showering With New Nose Piercing

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Preventing and lowering the risk of infections after getting a new nose piercing is one of the most important things you’ll have to do, and this often means knowing how to shower without getting the piercing disturbed or getting soap in the pierced area. All this sounds extremely hard, especially because your nose is literally on the way. But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to shower with your new nose piercing.


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In this article, we’ll share some of the best tips you need to keep in mind when showering with your new nose piercing on. Keep in mind that this ubiquitous piercing is also one of the most delicate adornments you could have on your face, and you could swap it in and out easily, depending on your mood and style, but only after the piercing heals.


Can I take a shower with my new nose piercing?

Showering With New Nose Piercing

Yes, but despite showering as you would normally, the last thing you’d have to do is to clean out the piercing correctly. After or while showering, you’d have to lather up the area with some mold, anti-bacterial soap with clean hands, then wash the piercing area gently.

Next, rinse using distilled water or clean shower water. But just be careful to get rid of salt crystals from around the pierced area.

This is important because, just like the tattoos, nose piercings are open wounds, and they call for routine and also the safest possible aftercare process.

This is because the risks associated with nose piercings are greater because of their location between your upper lip and the eyebrows, and also because all the veins around this are connected to the sinus cavity, which means that any kind of problem around this area would be problematic.


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How long after a nose piercing can you shower?

While you shouldn’t disturb the pierced area for at least two months, you still have to wash your face every day or even twice daily, which means that you have to be very gentle when cleaning the area around the nose piercing.

So, while you’d have to shower after getting your nose pierced, be careful about getting soap to the piercing area and ensure that there is no residual soap left around the piercing area. But don’t remove the new piercing jewelry before it heals, meaning that despite the initial discomfort, you’d have to keep your piercing jewelry on throughout – the piercing takes a bit of time to heal, and in most cases, it takes at least 6 weeks before the piercing starts to heal, but it will take up to 6 months for the piercing to heal.

Also, nose piercing healing takes place in stages, meaning that you shouldn’t take out the piercing at first sight of healing – the inner of the piercing takes the longest time.

Showering With New Nose Piercing

Tips for Showering With New Nose Piercing

During the initial healing period for the piercing, you want to make sure that the piercing jewelry stays in throughout during the healing period.


1. Rinsing it

When showering with your new nose piercing on, you’d want to make sure that you rinse off your face thoroughly but gently when showering. Since you may have issues with your piercing’s healing later on if you don’t take good care of it, rinsing the piercing area with clean, warm water is important.


2. Clean out the piercing after your shower.

This is the perfect time to clean the piercing because it allows you to get rid of any soap, shampoo, or conditioner that might have gotten around the piercing.

To clean it, use saline solution (preferably the wound wash) to wash it. The best cleaning saline solution comes in a spray bottle, which makes it easier for application, and also prevents you from disturbing the piercing. You’ll also need a piece of clean gauze to blotch out any liquid from around the piercing. You don’t want to leave any moisture around a new piercing because it would affect how fast the piercing heals while increasing the risk of infections.

Keep in mind that you would have to clean the new nose piercing twice each day. You could, however, do it more often if needed.

The nose piercing will be completely healed after some months, and during that time, you could easily transition to few saline rinses and soaks whenever the area is oily or dirty. Use mild, unscented soap once the piercings heal.

Showering With New Nose Piercing

3. Shower or bath?

Showers, every time because of the clean, running water from the shower. Baths harbor a lot of bacteria and germs that would increase the risk of infection, which is why you should consider laying off your bath until the piercing heals. Alternatively, just keep your face out of the bathwater.


What should you not do with a new nose piercing?

Nose piercings and all other types of piercings are very sensitive, which means that in as much as the piercing allows you to express your individuality, it’s also something that must be cared for correctly.

As the piercing heals and you get used to having jewelry on your face, here are some of the important precautions that you must bear in mind

Showering With New Nose Piercing

  • No twisting. As tempting as it will be to twist your nose piercing when cleaning as you try to clean it correctly, you shouldn’t. Twisting irritates the piercing, which doesn’t really help.
  • Don’t use any over-the-counter antiseptics like Neosporin. Although it may feel like a sound idea, especially if you have an infected piercing, you shouldn’t use Neosporin, instead, continue using the saline rinses and go see the piercer for help and professional advice.
  • Don’t use hydrogen peroxide because it may cause further irritation to the piercing.
  • Do not twist or play around with your nose jewelry because this would only further irritate the piercing.
  • Do not touch the piercing with your dirty hands.
  • You should never share your nose studs or nose rings with anyone; however much you care about them.
  • Don’t force the ring back in after you get it out of the piercing hole. This is important because forcing the nose ring back on would cause damage to the skin. So, if the piercing ring doesn’t slide right back in, or if you can’t insert the ring in gently, don’t force it in. To get the nose ring back in, put it back in a slow, clockwise motion until the ring goes all in.
  • Don’t use poor-quality nose rings. This is important if you are trying to avoid allergic reactions and also skin sensitivities. Some of the best materials used to make high-quality ring noses include surgical-grade steel, 14k or 18k Gold, or titanium.
  • Don’t go swimming if the piercing is still new because the chemicals in the pool or the ocean would irritate the new piercing, and it wouldn’t hurt as fast as it should.
  • Avoid using cotton swabs or tips because the fiber might be caught up in the piercing.


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And there you have it, everything you need to know about what to do and how to shower with your new nose piercing in.

These tips will ensure that the piercing doesn’t get infected.

Also, the piercing will take about 6 months to fully heal, which means being extra careful with the piercings when showering and when cleaning it.

For more piercing tips, please visit here or here! See you guys soon!


Hey! I finally find the Answer!