Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring All The Time?

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Is there anything wrong with not wearing your engagement ring all the time? For most people (women), an engagement ring is quite a big deal. In the first few weeks after the proposal, you might find it weird to be without the engagement ring, but because of practical reasons and because we are humans with a tendency to forget, you will find yourself without the engagement ring a couple of times.

While some people may frown upon this and your fiancé may take issue with this the first few times you don’t have it on, we really cannot fault you, especially if you aren’t one to adorn yourself in jewelry all the time. Most of the time, you will forget to wear your rings, and you could be one of the many people who don’t wear jewelry often. In such cases, having to wear the engagement ring all the time might be a very tall order.

Besides not being used to having rings on or jewelry on your fingers, there are cases where wearing the engagement ring all the time is not realistic or practical. If, for example, you work in a hospital, kitchen, laboratory, manufacturing plant, or if you are in the marines or police force, you cannot have the engagement ring on. Your workplace may also be against wearing jewelry because of safety issues, and in such cases, wearing your engagement ring all the time wouldn’t be plausible.

Note that in as much not wearing the engagement ring at all times might make you feel some type of way in the beginning, it’s really not a grave mistake to not wear your engagement ring (as long as you have pure intentions).

So, Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring All The Time?

Well, we think not. Given all the things that your hands come in contact with, the environment you expose your hands to every day, and safety concerns, you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring all the time.

To gain more insights into this new world of engagement rings and when you must not wear the ring, keep reading.


Can I wear my engagement ring in the shower?

You may have gotten into the shower countless times with your engagement ring, but you may want to change that habit and remove the ring before taking that quick shower.

The reason why your engagement ring should be kept out of the shower is that the scented soaps, hair, and the beauty products in there are not very friendly to engagement rings, especially if the ring has a diamond or any other gemstone.

These products cause the build-up of cloudy deposits around and under the stone. These deposits are hard to clean, and they will steal the shine of the stones. With this potential risk of damage in mind, you should avoid showering with your engagement ring on.

That said, it’s important to note that keeping the ring on during showers once or twice will not cause any immediate problems. Only long time exposure is damaging. To protect your investment, you should leave the ring out of the shower.

But it’s not just soap that you need to worry about; you also need to know that your beauty products and lotions are not good for your engagement ring.

Play it safe by taking off the engagement ring before showers and before you lather up. Only keep it on after you’ve cleaned up and moisturized. If you guys want to read more about what jewelry you can wear in the shower, please click here to read more details.

Should I wear my engagement ring to bed?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, especially because most people go to bed with jewelry, including their engagement ring. But this isn’t enough reason for you to go to bed with your engagement ring.

Though it’s a matter of preference, there is a risk that comes with going to bed with your engagement ring, especially if the ring features a large stone.

Even with a smaller stone, there is the risk of the stone getting caught in your hair or worse, the stone might come loose, and you could lose it.

Also, should the ring come off your finger in the middle of the night, you will have a hard time finding it the next morning.

Since your engagement ring is a valuable piece of high-quality jewelry, take good care of it. If you don’t lose it, you may lose the stone, and replacing that piece of stone is expensive.

So, you might want to take extra measures to protect it; this can be as simple as keeping it in your jewelry box before bed.

Can I wear my engagement ring in the pool?

No. Avoid wearing your engagement ring to the pool.

The chlorine in the pool water is detrimental to your piece of fine jewelry, and it could cause the discoloration of the stone and the metallic band.

You could lose the ring in the pool too.


Can I wash my hands with my engagement ring on?

You don’t have to take your engagement ring off when washing your hands.

Thinking of the number of times you wash your hands in a day, removing the ring every time can be cumbersome, not to mention the risk of losing the ring when it falls down the drain or when you forget to take it from the faucet in the office lavatories or in public washrooms.

Therefore, it’s safer to keep the ring on when washing your hands.

Beyond keeping the ring safe, you can wash your hands with the engagement ring on because it also gives you the opportunity to clean the engagement ring.

Note that water and a gentle soap are best for cleaning jewelry at home. But don’t use strongly and scented soaps, which may damage the engagement ring further.

Can I wear my engagement ring in the ocean?

It’s definitely NOT  the best idea for you to wear your engagement ring to the ocean/ beach. Think of all the ways things could go wrong if you lose the ring in the ocean or sand.

And then there is the fact that the ocean saltwater is not friendly to stones and metals; it will cause tarnishing of the metal band and the dulling of the stone.

The sand on the beach is also not the best because the small grains could be wedged in the ring’s setting, loosening up the prong over time, making the stone at risk of falling out.

On top of all that, the sunscreen protecting your skin is bad to the stone, and it will build up, damaging the ring.


When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring

If you are looking for tips on the best ways to care for your engagement ring, the tips below will ensure that the ring gets the best protection possible.

Here are some of the circumstances that require you to take off your engagement ring.

  • When working out– basically, you need to take off your ring before breaking a sweat. The salts from the sweat are unfriendly, and there’s also the risk of the ring bending or being dented as you work out. Diamonds, silver, and gold are soft, and they can break/bend easily under pressure. If you must wear jewelry when working out, opt for friendlier ring designs like the ones made of silicone.
  • Moisturizing– lotions, serums, body butters, and moisturizers may be perfect for the skin but not as great where your ring is concerned. Moisturizing will diminish the ring’s brilliance.
  • Primping– this has everything to do with hair sprays, cosmetics, and perfumes. These products cause grime buildup, and consequently, the weakening of the ring’s natural sheen.
  • Cleaning– cleaning products and surfaces could damage the ring – stone and the band.
  • Swimming– you could lose it because the cold water shrinks your fingers. Also, chlorine in the pool damages the ring.
  • Cooking– heat may damage the ring, and also there will be a buildup of bacteria and germs during meal prep.  



Not sure if you should wear your engagement ring all the time or when you shouldn’t have it on? Follow the simple guide above. Want to read more useful tips, please read here or visit our home page for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!