Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings?(Quick Answer)

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The slogan “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” changed how the modern-day couple views what qualifies for a suitable engagement ring. It is almost expected that when a man wants to propose, the ring ought to have a stone or a few diamonds, no matter the carat. That kind of pressure has caused both bride and groom to feel anxiety about the type of engagement ring to give.

The stress comes from assuming that you are a cheap person if you don’t get your gal a diamond ring.

Here, we will investigate the belief that diamonds are the only types of stone to get on a ring. Whether you choose to get such a ring or a non-diamond, one, it is your personal choice, and two, we’ll help you stand up for your decision.


Are Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Tacky?

We must start with the conclusion to this question: non-diamond engagement rings are not tacky. It is unfair to place a price tag on one person wanting to marry another based on the stone on a ring. If you’re wealthy and wish to purchase a diamond ring, go right ahead. However, putting the same pressure on two lovers on welfare that wants to spend forever together is immoral and unjust.

Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings

Affording a diamond ring comes down to one’s wallet, and there is no shame if your bank balance is uncomfortably low that it makes you laugh uncomfortably. Life can pull a number on individuals, and, by no fault of their own, they can’t afford the bare necessities, let alone a diamond ring. Therefore, even getting a basic ring, which is not functional or valuable on a grander scale, makes more sense. A diamond ring won’t affect food on the table, but what remains in your wallet after buying an inexpensive engagement will.

The type of ring you get is also not always about affordability. Some are just not interested in diamonds and would rather have non-traditional alternatives. Therefore, before settling on a ring, albeit a surprise, consider your partners’ preference. Listen to what kinds of jewelry they prefer or the type of stone they are into. Do they prefer sapphire, topaz, amethyst, or morganite? For many, the ring is a sign of commitment and not to make a statement and would altogether choose not to have a stone on their ring.

Let’s talk about where diamonds get mined. There indeed what we call “blood diamonds” getting used in the jewelry industry. Very few companies are transparent about where their diamonds come from and the condition in which they get mined. Therefore, whether or not you get a diamond ring, for plenty, comes down to the origins of the diamonds. Simultaneously, dedicated companies highlight what comes from where not everyone wants to take a chance and go against their conscience.


Pros and cons of Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings

There are advantages of getting a non-diamond engagement ring, but not everyone would agree. We’ll equally look at an opposing view of the same.


  • It is friendly to the pocket
  • It fits with the new wave of non-traditional tastes
  • It allows the wearer of the ring to be true to their expression of self
  • There are equally beautiful gemstones that are just as beautiful, whatever the color
  • Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend- the thought is outdated



  • People could perceive you as cheap or tacky
  • Diamonds are expensive and put a deep dent in one’s pocket


Should you buy nondiamond engagement rings?

Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings

Whether you get a non-diamond engagement ring is down to personal choice. You know your situation best and can therefore make the right choice for you and your loved one. A non-diamond ring doesn’t have to be cheap; it can be just as expensive and suitable to the person you’re proposing to.

The times are changing, and while Marilyn Monroe remains famous for the slogan, diamonds are not all girls’ best friends. If anything, while it is a catchy phrase, that’s not quite the reality upon close inspection. There are more important things in life that the average person attaches themselves to, and diamonds are not one of them.

Overall, there ought to be no guilt or shame about the type of engagement ring you purchase; it is all about what works best for you and your significant other.

If you’re sure that’s what the future bride will like, then you can go ahead and get the diamonds.

If not, getting what works best for them is more important than what society thinks. Sure, there will be people who consider you cheap, but that is a “them” problem and nothing to do with you.


Tips for buying nondiamond engagement rings

Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings

The best part about purchasing non-diamond engagement rings is that, compared to the diamond, few can tell at first glance whether or not it’s diamond.

With clear gemstones like white sapphire, moissanite, and cubic zirconia, one can get jewelry that looks like the real thing but for half the price.

Like Swarovski, there are equally high-end brands that produce crystals that, depending on the carat, have more brilliance than an actual diamond.

Even so, let’s look at some tips to getting the ideal non-diamond engagement ring:

1.Colored gemstones

Many modern couples are looking to veer off what’s traditionally acceptable. What they are finding more appealing is colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

They come in various colors that many can appreciate.

Interestingly, colored diamonds are a sign of defect from interstitial impurities or structural defects.

That means that they cost plenty less than clear diamonds; that’s something to look into if these specific diamonds are what you wish to get.


2.Gemstone size:

If you want to get a ring with a large rock, you don’t necessarily have to part with a few thousand dollars.

While we’ve talked about colored gemstones, they vary in price, with diamonds being at the very top.

The reality is that if you’re focused on a price range, you’ll get a large stone size of amethyst compared to that of a diamond. That means that going for other white gemstones will get you a larger stone.

Should You Buy Non-diamond Engagement Rings


What’s fantastic about other gemstones such as moissanite is that you don’t have to follow a diamond’s 4cs.

The clarity might not be as good as a diamond, but how much you pay for it is based on the stone size and measured in millimeters.

Swarovski and other brands also don’t entirely use the same structure to determine clarity.

While it’s not a diamond, one can get a colorless stone on their ring that attracts equal attention.



Society is not made equal, and it is thus unfair to hold diamonds as the only type of gemstone ring you can get.

There is more to an engagement than merely how much you spend on it. While no one wants a cheap ring, it’s all about getting something worthwhile and symbolic of the union you want to start.

Some will call you cheap because you didn’t get your significant other diamonds, but remember, their opinion ought not to affect the reality and the love you share with the one you love.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!