Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans?-Our Quick Fashion Tips

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As a skinny guy, choosing outfits that fit you well without making you look skinnier than you already are maybe a challenge, especially with the changing trends.

Still, you will be happy to know that skinny jeans look great on skinny guys. More people may be opting for pants with wider fits, but skinny jeans are not going out of style.

Skinny guys like you can still rock the skinny jeans, especially with the premium designers and the high-streets brands showing off some of the best possible styling options for skinny jeans.


Can you wear skinny jeans if you are skinny?

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

As mentioned above, skinny jeans look great on skinny men, and if you were on the fence about which pants you should wear to look stylish and cool, then skinny jeans may be a good option.

Skinny jeans remain very stylish because the fit of these pants follows your body’s natural lines. Even though they are not tailored, they look better and smarter than wide-fitting pants.

Skinny jeans also add shape to the body, unlike the wide-fit pants that will drown your frame in the large fabric, making you look older, shapeless, and like someone with no sense of style.

Also, skinny jeans offer the best way to wear your slim-fitting t-shirts and shirts while showing off your shoes, whether you have on the latest Nike sneakers or a nice pair of Chelsea boots.

So, no, skinny jeans do not look off or weird on skinny guys. 

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What kind of jeans should a skinny guy wear?

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

As a skinny guy, specific types of jeans look great on you. Some skinny guys can wear pants, including straight-cut, regular to low rise pants, and standard skinny jeans.

But you cannot wear super-skinny skinny jeans, especially if you have thick musculature or legs, because the pants may give off an anorexic look, which is not flattering.

You need to think about your body type before you find skinny jeans. You could be an ectomorph, which means that you are a thin/ skinny, tall guy who has a thin frame, or an ectomorph-mesomorph, meaning that you are a skinny-ish, tall-ish guy.  

As an ectomorph or a tall, skinny guy with a small, lean frame or skinny muscle mass, you will look your best in the straight-cut, low-regular rise jeans.

The regular skinny jeans will also look great on you, but you must avoid wearing super-skinny jeans because the tight fit of the skinny pants will make you look much smaller than you already are.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

The straight-cut and regular skinny jeans would look good on you because they complement your frame while creating a nice overall silhouette. But avoid baggy pants.

The standard skinny jeans would look good on you, too, thanks to the pants’ modern cut, which ensures an uncompromising comfort level.

On the other hand, if you are an ectomorph-mesomorph or a skinny-ish, tall-ish guy, the slim or straight, low-rise jeans would work well for you.

These pants work well because they bring out your best features, specifically, the average height and the moderate definition seen in your muscle. Most of these pants are essentially skinny jeans, and they fit your frame perfectly.


Tips for wearing jeans for skinny guys

1. Always consider your body type

As mentioned above, your body type is very important, and it is essentially what determines what pants will look great on you.

Ectomorphs and ectomorph-mesomorphs are generally the tall, skinny lads, and if this is you, the straight-cut and regular skinny jeans will look great on you.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

For medium-size guys who are not too skinny, on the other hand, slim-cut jeans would be great. Just make sure that you choose the low-rise straight- and slim-cut pants.

Now that you have a general idea of what the best pants are for skinny guys, based on your body type, let’s now look at the other fashion considerations that you need to keep in mind when dressing up.


2. Choose the right neckline

Skinny guys should avoid wearing V-shaped necklines and wear crew necks instead.

This is important because, as many people like V-necklines, they are not the most flattering on skinny guys.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

3. Slim-fitting shirts

The slim and straight-cut pants look great with form-fitting or slim-fitting shirts, and we recommend always wearing fitting shirts and t-shirts. Avoid shirts that are the wrong size, even if they are one size bigger.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

4. Layering always works

If you are wearing skinny, slim-cut, or straight-cut jeans in winter, you’d want to layer up.

The best part about layering, whether you have on a blazer, sweater, scarf, or a trench coat, sweater, and scarf is that it creates an illusion of a not-so-skinny person. And if you are a very skinny person, this is the illusion you want to create.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

5. Avoid super-skinny jeans

Though some people look okay in super skinny jeans, many others don’t, especially if you are already skinny.

So, if you are skinny and love to wear form-fitting outfits, you may want to wear the standard skinny, slim-cut, or straight-cut pants because these will bring out the best in you.

Super-skinny jeans, on the other hand, will only make you look skinnier. So, it would be best to consider wearing the regular-cut jeans for comfort and for you to look stylish. But avoid wide pants.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

6. Avoid wearing heavy or oversized accessories

The other important style tip that you need to keep in mind is to avoid wearing the big and heavy accessories.

So, no big chains, large belt buckles, big heavy watches, or oversized rings.

This is all-important because the big pieces will draw more attention to your already small frame; you don’t want this to happen.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

7. No vertical Stripes

As a skinny guy who doesn’t want to look skinnier, you must steer clear of outfits with vertical stripes.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Skinny Jeans

8. No more shirts with shoulder paddings

Cool and stylish skinny guys know to avoid shirts with shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are uncomfortable, but they are also not at all stylish or trendy, at least not in 2022.

So, opt for the shirts with a more natural body type for a nice, stylish look, and also for you to look and feel confident,


9. Choose the right shoes

Skinny guys in skinny jeans, straight, or slim-cut jeans look great in all types of shoes, not just loafers. So, if you are a sneaker-head and you’d love to show them off, you will be happy to know that you will be able to do this effortlessly with your new or favorite sneakers.

You can also wear them with your Derby shoes or even Chelsea boots and most other types of shoes. All these go well with skinny jeans, and the shoes and pants work well in all seasons.



The best pants for skinny guys come in different styles, designs, and cuts; and the most common pant styles for skinny guys include the skin-fit jeans, straight-cut jeans, high-rise boot-cut jeans, no-stretch slim pants, slim athletic jeans, the slim-fitting light wash pants, acid-wash denim, stone-wash, raw denim, vintage-wash, regular straight jeans, tapered-leg, and even the slim khaki pants/ jeans.

So, if you have no idea which pants to wear as a skinny guy, we hope that the tips above are helpful.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!