Should I Travel with My Engagement Ring?(with Traveling Tips)

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Your engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It has carries so much symbolism and is dearly significant to you almost as much as your fiancé does.

You also have a great connection to it and since your husband put it on your finger you can’t bear a day without it.

It’s the night of the honeymoon and you depart tomorrow for your romantic destination and the thought crosses your mind; should you travel with your engagement ring?  We will answer this question first and we will share ideas you can do with your ring when you travel.


Should I Travel with My Engagement Ring?

This largely depends on various reasons and circumstances surrounding your vacation or trip. If there is a very important occasion on the other side you are going to attend and you would love to wear your bridal set, all you need to do is make the necessary arrangements to minimize your worry.

Having a safe place to keep it while in travel is a good idea and never taking it swimming or out to sightseeing activities. Traveling with the ring would require you to keep checking your finger to confirm if it is still there.

That’s one of the reasons as to why travel experts and other experienced individuals discourage the carrying of your original engagement piece regardless where you are going. If you must carry it, having insurance back up protocols will keep your finances covered when replacing it.

The other main reason why not to travel with your jewelry is the message it sends out to your host community or the locals of the nationality you are vacationing in. You may have bought yourself a cheap cubic zirconia crystal imitation piece to wear on vacation instead of your real ring.

However, these imitations have a very convincing shine and brilliance to their crystals that thieves and crooks will be drawn into you as a target and may plan to get you for more than just your ring.

Based on the degree of worry and insecurity associated with carrying your valuable engagement ring, it doesn’t look like a good idea to travel with it. Wearing the wedding band instead because of its plain design, is more advised but ultimately, the safest plan is to leave the engagement ring in a safe lock in your house and travel with no jewelry worries.

But, you still have a choice, so we will discuss ways to keep you ring safe when you travel.


10 Ways to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe

There are a few observations you can adhere to before and during your travel plans. Keeping to these few tips will help you keep your ring safe, give you peace of mind and increase your chances of joy and relaxation while on your honeymoon.

1.Ring Insurance

The beauty and assurance of insurance.

Go get your ring valued and apply for an insurance policy. If anything ever happens to your lovely ring, you are guaranteed of a replacement at no extra cost to you.

The rule of thumb on ring insurance is to sign up the same day you bought it.


2.Consult an Expert for Inspection

Jewelry pieces like the prong held diamond stud could be loosely fitting and asking an expert to inspect your ring prior to travel will help you assess any existing issues with your ring that could pose a threat to your rings well-being.


3. Trust your Instincts

More often than not, we receive signals from our subconscious mind that charge us to do or not do a thing we are comprehending.

These signals are instinctive, they are a sixth sense that we can always se to our advantage.

If you cannot shake the feeling of dread when you think of carrying your ring, leave it behind.


4.Wear Occasionally

Taking out your ring every once in a while, to admire it and slip in it into your finger is a common practice, if you are on travel, you may choose when to wear it.

Maybe during dinner or breakfast or while lounging on weekends.

Remember that personal use products affect the shine of your ring because of grime build up.


5. Avoid Water

Never take your ring to the pool or beach because the chlorine and other chemicals dull the shine of your metal and crystals.

Also, water makes your hands cold and they contract which may cause your ring to easily sip from your finger unnoticed.

Not forgetting the fact that it may get lost in the pool or at the beach.


6.Lock It Up in The Safe

Many tourist hotels have safes with codes that you can set up yourself.

Make use of these facilities while out on your honeymoon.

When you are not wearing your rings, keep them in the secure and locked hotel safe.


7. Don’t take it off at Airport Check

As you depart or arrive back into the country, there will be a security body check where you will be asked to remove all the metals on your person.

It would be good to know and remember that platinum, gold and silver do not set off the alarm so keep the rings on you where they are safe.


8.Silicone Alternative

There are now rubber rings that have come up in very fancy and outstanding designs and styles.

You could get you and your spouse matching bands for the honeymoon adding a new interesting detail to your story.


9.Plain Band Alternative

The wedding band tends to be much plainer and simpler compared to the halo affected diamond crystals and the tiered crystal layout.

For travel, you could choose to wear the wedding band which will communicate that you are married and you’d still have a part of the whole original.


10.Fake Ring Alternative

You could opt to buy a similar ring in a much cheaper spectrum if you cannot stand the thought of not having the ring on your finger.

Sadly, most of these imitations look so real that the wrong crowd could be drawn towards you because of it.

You do not want that.



Travel is supposed to be a beautiful and peaceful experience where you get to relax and put all your thoughts on momentary suspension for the duration of the vacation.

One of the most spirit-dampening experiences while on a trip is when you lose or leave your luggage or a valuable item.

It is much better to buy a silicone replacement piece that you can spot around busy environments and activities.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!