Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band?

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What are the rules governing your sizing decisions around the wedding and engagement rings? Should these two rings be of the same size?

If you are confused about the right ring size to order for your wedding or engagement ring, you’ll be relieved to learn that you are not alone.

And thanks to this article, you will learn more about all you need to know about the sizing of the rings and if the wedding ring should be larger as most of your married friends may have recommended, just how big are we talking about?


With these questions and possibilities in mind, keep reading to learn more.

Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band

  • Should your wedding band be the same size as the engagement ring?

As a future bride, one of the things that will take most of your time, effort, and money – after the wedding gown, is your wedding ring. The design and style options will be very confusing at first, even if you always thought you knew what you wanted, and even after settling on the ring, you won’t just walk out the door with it. You will be required to confirm that the size of the ring is the correct one. But then, should this ring be the same size as your engagement ring? Should you get the ring a half-size or full-size smaller or bigger?

We answer the big questions on the appropriate size of your wedding ring below, and we’ll do this by taking you through some simple steps to guide your wedding ring size selection.


  • The size of the engagement ring

To guide you on the right size of your wedding ring, the first step would be confirmation of the size of your existing engagement ring. Now, if you are wearing the ring during the wedding ring selection and you are doing this at a physical store, determining the ideal size of the wedding band will be easier. In such cases, the jeweler will drop the ring on the size stick to take measurements of the ring from the leading edge (of the ring’s measuring stick). Once they have the measurement, the jeweler will add half a ring size to the wedding ring, especially if the engagement ring is slightly larger than the nearest full size.

Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band

  • What if your engagement ring is too loose, tight, or if it fits just right?

The next thing the jeweler does (or you could do) to determine the right size of your wedding band is to establish how your engagement ring fits currently and if the ring’s size is right.

Essentially, your engagement ring should have a snug fit – not too tight. Also, there shouldn’t be too much skin bulging on either side of or beneath the ring. And if your ring fits too loose and it spins around your finger or just doesn’t stay in place, the engagement ring would have to be adjusted for a correct fit.

So, how is the size of the wedding band determined against the size of the engagement ring?

  • In most cases, when the size of the engagement ring is correct, the jewelers recommend that the size of the wedding ring matches the engagement ring’s so that both rings fit well, especially if you will be wearing both rings on the ring finger – which is the case for most individuals.
  • But if your engagement ring is a tad too snug, the ideal size of your wedding ring should be a half size bigger than that of the engagement ring. This slight increase in size is also important because it ensures that both rings sit right in place.
  • That said, it is a good idea to choose a ring whose size is slightly large, especially if you are getting a wide wedding band. This is also the recommended thing to do if your engagement ring fits snugly or is just comfortable.
  • For the traditional width wedding ring of about 2.5mm, you should get a wedding band that fits as comfortably as your current engagement ring. In such cases, it is ideal to make sure that the rings are the same size for the same finger.
  • But if your engagement ring is too tight/ snug, you may want the wedding ring to be half a size larger for that comfortable fit. However, if you find that you ordered both rings in the same size and they are now uncomfortably tight, you may want to get them resized.


Should the wedding band be the same width as the engagement ring?

Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band

The traditional wedding band is 2.5mm in width, but most people often choose wider rings if they want something different.

However, the rule of thumb is that both your wedding band and the engagement ring have to be of similar width for a more balanced and equal look between them. And this is not always the most reasonable ring styling option, which can be tricky in most instances. If, for instance, your engagement ring has a tapered design and the metal band gets thinner as it gets towards the gemstone piece used as the center stone, it would be impossible to get the rings in the same width. This means that the width of the wedding and the engagement ring might differ depending on the design of each ring.

When the design of the engagement ring means a thinner or a tapered design, you may want to get a wedding ring whose size is the same size as the width of the sides of your engagement ring. Doing this will create a sense of balance and beauty between the rings.


Can the wedding band be bigger than the engagement ring?

Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band

Yes, the wedding ring could be bigger than your engagement ring, and this is often the case when you are getting a wedding band that is wider than the traditional size of the ring.

Your wedding ring could also be bigger if your engagement ring fits snugly or a little too tight. This is also the case if you expect weight changes – even if you don’t, it often happens to most wedded couples, and the wedding band might not fit comfortably after some months.

What’s better? A wedding ring a half size bigger, a ring that fits a little loose, or a snug-fitting ring that will leave you with swollen fingers later?

If you are shopping for your wedding band, you should know that it is always a better feeling and option to have a ring that is half a size bigger and slightly loose than risking the ring fitting too tightly and your fingers swelling.

At the end of the day, your comfort is the most important factor to keep in mind when selecting a ring or any other kind of jewelry, and you don’t want to be in pain just because you love the ring. Keep in mind that a ring that fits too snugly will have to be resized, and it is unreasonable to incur this cost when you have the option of getting a ring with a small breathing space. As long the ring in the slightly bigger size doesn’t fall out of your finger, you will be good and comfortable.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you should not buy a ring that is a size or half-size smaller with the hope of losing some weight in the future. While this is a possibility, there is always the risk of the ring being too tight because you may gain much more weight in the future.


How to mix and match a wedding band with an engagement ring

Should Engagement Ring Be the Same Size As Wedding Band

First things first: should you mix/ match the bands?

Well, the answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on what’s important to you. If you wish to have matching wedding and engagement rings, it would be ideal for you to have a bridal set because this comes with matching wedding and engagement rings. You could also opt for the trio set that includes the groom’s ring if you want all the pieces to match for a more coordinated look. The only catch is that most of the bridal and trio sets are not modern but more conservative and traditional.

If, on the other hand, you wish to move away from traditional ring styles and preferences for more stylish options with a greater variety in color, sizes, and styles. The best part is that if you don’t want to mix-and-match and you’d rather mix up different elements, you’d have no real rules to follow, and you could also break some of the rules.

Wearing wedding and engagement rings available in different styles is important because it will signify the importance of the two important events happening in your life. In most cases, these life events have different associations and emotions attached to them.

Keep in mind that at the heart of these rings, the rings should complement each other and be designed to last through many meaningful years.

If mix-matching is not an option for you, consider the metal used and the width of the rings.



If you are shopping for your wedding band and you have sizing concerns, we hope that the content shared above will guide you in the right direction. Read more tips here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!