Is Selling Jewelry on eBay Safe in 2024?(Jeweler’s Answer)

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For most people who are into crafts, eBay offers one of the best markets for them to sell their crafts from and to make some money on the side. This is because eBay offers one of the best online marketplaces for selling the widest array of products, and it’s trusted by buyers and sellers globally.

Unfortunately, there is a breed of sellers and buyers whose only intention is to frustrate the buyers and sellers on there, which is why most people have been questioning the safety and security of eBay, especially for sellers. After putting in all the work, the last thing you’d want is to learn that you were scammed and never got paid a dime, or in worst cases, you not only don’t get paid but are forced to pay for service fees even when you didn’t profit from the sale.

If you have fallen victim to scammers on eBay or if you just want to know all there is to know about the safety of selling on this platform, you are in the right place.

Here, we’ll share important insights into everything you need to know about eBay and selling on this marketplace.

So, let’s get started.

Is Selling Jewelry On ebay Safe

Is it really safe to sell real jewelry on eBay?

Well, there is no online marketplace that is 100% safe, and eBay, like the other sites, is filled with scammers, and you’d have to be very careful when selling jewelry on this site.

According to most sellers on eBay, there are many scammers on the platform, and one of the best ways for you to avoid getting scammed would be by selling low-value items. Scammers are always looking for new sellers and new, valuable items being sold, which is why you may want to avoid selling high-value items. In terms of jewelry, you shouldn’t sell new gold jewelry on the site, especially if you want to make any profits.

In other words, if you are selling items on eBay, you should never sell anything you cannot afford to lose. This because in addition to the endless string of scammers on the site, there is also a gaping hole, that is, the Failure of eBay to protect its sellers from the said scammers.

So, with most sellers running huge losses because buyers return products purchased after replacing the genuine gemstones with fakes, and with some of these buyers filling up SNAD claim forms even on perfectly good items for monetary returns and for them to keep these pieces, or even other buyers using feedback extortion mechanisms to gain huge discounts on products after sales have been finalized, we’d say that it’s not really safe to sell real jewelry on eBay.


What is the best jewelry to sell on eBay?

Is Selling Jewelry On ebay Safe

If you are looking to sell your jewelry on eBay, you’d want to take all the necessary precautions, and this often means that you must choose the jewelry to sell on this marketplace carefully.

Some of the jewelry options you’d have to try include:

Rings. There are thousands of ring buyers on eBay, all looking for the perfect rings, from gemstone rings to fashion rings and even wedding and engagement rings.

Pendants and necklaces. You could also sell necklaces and pendants on eBay, and the best part is that this online marketplace offers the biggest platform that complements different designs. There is an endless variety of necklaces and pendants, from the short and medium options to the long strands, including chains and long lariats.

Earrings. There is a huge market for earrings on eBay, and if you are looking to sell some of your unique earrings, eBay might be a great option and the perfect start for you. Also, you get to sell just about any jewelry design, just as long as you are sure that the earrings aren’t too valuable for you to lose.

Charms and charm bracelets. You can sell bangle bracelets, bead and cuff bracelets, and even the traditional charm bracelets, tennis bracelets, and even modular charm bracelets

Body jewelry. eBay is also an excellent place for you to sell body jewelry like belly, toes, and ankle jewelry.

Is Selling Jewelry On ebay Safe

Actionable tips for selling on eBay

While it’s rather challenging to sell jewelry on eBay, it isn’t an impossible thing to do, especially if you have the necessary knowledge about what you need to do and what not to do when selling jewelry and even watches on eBay.

Below are some of the most effective actionable tips that you’d want to take into consideration when planning to sell on eBay.

1.Research and look for what’s trending.

Before you start selling products on eBay, you first need to get a pulse on the items that are selling on eBay at that time.

You can do this by exploring the marketplace and doing a quick dive into what’s currently sold on the market using eBay’s Trending Search Tool.

This tool gives you important insights into what you need to do when trying to market your products, specifically for you to make the most out of the sales when your jewelry starts to sell.


2.Be the product expert.

One of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful sellers on eBay often lies in just how well a seller knows their products, as well as the competing products on the market.

Knowledge of your products and what makes them stand out, and also a thorough understanding of the market and what the competition sells is key to your success because a buyer is more likely to buy a product from you if from your conversations it appears that you are doing more than sell by throwing in some punch words.

Intimate understanding of the products you intend to sell means that you are passionate about the product, and you can tell a buyer why to choose a product made of material X and not Y.


3.Always take quality photos.

We live in an ever-evolving digital landscape where everything you do is monitored and judged on the internet, but only if it captures the right amount of attention.

Essentially, you need to take the best quality photos of your products because the photos determine if buyers click on the listing or not.

And though you will be tempted, you should avoid using stock photos – just set the lighting, get a better phone or learn what filters and angles work best, and make your best shot.

The best-selling products on eBay always have excellent photos in different frames to show off the details of the product on sale.

Is Selling Jewelry On ebay Safe

4.Get the product listing right.

In other words, you need to write a strong, compulsive, but also strong product listing. This is an important factor that determines whether the products sell or not.

A good product listing tells the buyers all they need to know about the product while giving them reasons why the features that stand out from that product make it one of the best buys of their lives.

Just make sure to throw in some powerful adjectives.


5.Name your price

This is a tricky one, but you have to get it right. First, determine the cost of each earring or necklace you are selling, then take into account the cost of shipping supplies, Returns/ Insurance Policy, and Fees.

You must consider these costs before you set the product price because it determines if you will make a profit or a loss.

To guide you in product pricing is research. Dig deep into eBay to see how much jewelry like what you are selling costs, and in the research, determine if people are actually paying what is sold in comparison to what sellers are asking for.

You can find these details in the Advanced Search Page – this page helps you find the median selling price. Don’t forget to run searches on the active listings for exact items, choose fixed pricing vs. auction prices, and you may want to go against the free shipping option. Finally, add some psychology tricks – for example, price products at $9.99 instead of $10.


6.Build your Seller Reputation

Your reputation is vital to the growth and success of your business, and even after the first 10 or 1000 sales, you’d have to always work on building your seller reputation.

You can do this by promptly responding to inquiries by buyers, always update buyers when the product is dispatched, issue a tracking number, and follow up after some days.

Doing this shows that you actually care about your customers, and the best part is that it always leads to positive feedback, which will increase your sales.


Selling jewelry on eBay vs. Amazon

Though these two are some of the best sites you could sell your jewelry from, Amazon is superior to eBay on so many fronts. Yes, fraud and scams are issues seen in both marketplaces, but with the detailed jewelry selling policy on Amazon and the fact that Amazon thoroughly goes through each seller application to ensure that they are compliant while giving warnings and immediate suspensions for product violations, hence better regulation.

 Overall, Amazon is a great place to sell jewelry from, whether cheap or expensive. eBay, however, has fewer barriers to entry, and if you don’t want to go through the long processes in Amazon, you could take the risk with Etsy – but only for cheap jewelry.

Is Selling Jewelry On ebay Safe

Other places you can sell your jewelry online

Amazon and eBay aren’t the only places you could sell your jewelry from. There are many other places you could try.

These include CashforGoldUSA, Etsy, web stores, and social media.



eBay might not be the safest place to sell jewelry, but you shouldn’t shun it either. If you are looking for an affordable marketplace to sell cheap jewelry from, eBay still offers the best marketplace.

Just make sure to research the market thoroughly to make sure that you are not getting scammed.

And just to reiterate what we mentioned earlier – if you cannot afford to lose it, don’t sell it on eBay.

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