7 Little-known Scientific Reasons For Wearing Earrings

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Ever wondered if perhaps, there are some scientific reasons and advantages associated with wearing earrings?  

If you are an idealist, this is one of the questions that you may be asking yourself, and even if you are not, knowing about the science behind earrings and wearing earrings is one of those little but important things worth knowing.

In this article, we’ll look at every scientific thing you need to know about wearing earrings. So, let’s get right into it.


7 scientific reasons for wearing earrings

Different ornaments are believed to have specific meanings that influence our lives, and earrings, especially the ones made of gold, are believed to carry special meanings. But it all starts with the eye-piercing rituals.

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

There is also a belief that there exists a nerve that connects the eyes to the ears and the reproductive organs. In these cases, the earrings would improve one’s reproductive health and eyesight.

According to a French Neurologist and physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, there is a correlation between the ear or parts of the ear and the rest of the body. And through his research, he has shown the correlations between getting piercings in certain parts of the ear and how the piercings and also the friction from wearing jewelry on the piercings could have a positive effect on other parts of the body.

He noted how, in some cases, the piercings and friction send down the flow of energy through the body, leaving some positive effects, including pain alleviation and regulation of body systems, organs, and functions.

He also notes that his research is largely based on the Asian approach to medicine, as well as the elements like qi, the five elements, and yin and yang. Thanks to his work and more research on the same, acupuncture and auriculotherapy are now considered important elements in modern medicine.

Below, we’ll share some of the common scientific reasons for wearing earrings. Note that some of the reasons derived have to do with the types of earrings worn.

And in many cases, the earrings are more than playful fashion pieces.


1. Good for reproductive health

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

As mentioned above, gold earrings and ear piercings are believed to have a positive impact on the wearer’s reproductive health.

It is believed that wearing gold earrings, for example, helps in improving eyesight, reproductive health, and the earrings also help in alleviating different menstrual problems.

These benefits have to do with the fact that the ear piercings carry some acupuncture effects and why men and women should wear earrings.


2. Improved eyesight

Earrings are said to be quite beneficial to their wearers, especially to individuals with visual ailments and impairment. Of course, this might come off as a big surprise, but ear piercings, not just wearing earrings, has been shown to be helpful to your eyesight.

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

And people whose eyesight is deteriorating may benefit a great deal from wearing earrings or just getting their ears pierced.

This is backed by science. It is believed that having a piercing at the center of the earlobe activates specific pressure points in the body that are linked to vision directly.

It is believed that the ear piercings activate the acupuncture points in the eye, improving one’s eyesight, making vision better while also retaining the eyesight/ quality of the individual’s eyesight.


3. Good for weight management

Ideally, ears are believed to have hunger points, and wearing earrings in these hunger points will help to keep your food cravings in check while also aiding in your weight management efforts.

The tragus piercing and its connection to the vagus nerve is the reason why ear piercings and wearing earrings on this piercing would help suppress your appetite.


4. Improved immunity

The ear piercings and earrings also improve immunity. These effects come from the fact that the earlobe’s central part that is important for acupuncture is also beneficial to the entire body.

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

As an acupuncture point, ear piercing helps in getting rid of negative energies in the body, and in the process, it improves the overall functioning of the immune system.

In case you are wondering how the immune system and negative thoughts interact and why being stressed or negative is considered harmful to your health and immune system, here is what you need to know. Generally, negative feelings and a negative attitude will leave you feeling hopeless and helpless, which leads to chronic stress.

Chronic stress will upset your body’s hormones, keeping them out of balance and depleting the happiness chemicals in your body. When this happens, especially with consistently high cortisol levels, the immune system is unable to work effectively, and this is often manifested as inflammation.

Keep in mind that chronic stress is attributed to a decreased lifespan, with science backing these claims by showing how high-stress levels shorten the DNA strands’ end caps, resulting in faster aging. So, even though the ear piercings’ acupuncture effects and earrings may not have seemed huge effects, they play an important role in keeping you healthy.

Helix piercings that represent the most popular form of cartilage piercing on the ear’s outermost rim offer relief from allergies while quelling symptoms like congestion and even sore throats.


5. Migraine management

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

Although research on this is ongoing, ear piercings, specifically daith ear piercings and daith earrings, have been shown to help in the management of migraines.

While this is not to say that the daith piercings cure migraines, research shows that the daith piercings – the piercing in the ear’s innermost fold, can help alleviate migraine symptoms and to reduce the frequency of migraine reoccurrence.

The tragus piercing and wearing earrings on the tragus (the piercing in the smaller cartilage flap at the front of the ear canal) would also help with migraines by reducing the frequency at which you get migraines. The tragus piercing is also believed to offer anxiety relief.

These benefits are believed to stem from the fact the tragus area and the piercings on this part of the ear would stimulate the vagus nerve, offering these benefits.

Keep in mind that the vagus nerve is an important nerve that extends from the base of the brain goes down to the rest of the body.


6. Pain management

Scientific Reason For Wearing Earrings

Besides migraines, there are more people who’ve noted that conch cartilage piercings not only alleviate pain but also aid in the natural relaxation of muscles.

This is because the conch area is considered an acupuncture point, and the piercing and friction in the conch can combat chronic pain. Conch piercings have been shown by some people to help with the debilitating pain that is associated with Fibromyalgia.


7. Improved circulation and prevention of premature aging

The forward helix is not only relatively painless but the piercing has also been shown to help relax muscles while encouraging blood circulation and also promoting the release of healing energy.

This acupuncture point is also credited for more toned muscles, and lessening the appearance of wrinkles, especially on the face.

Whether you prefer wearing studs because of their versatility and timelessness, dangle earrings because they are fun, hoop earrings because they are seamless and can be worn to formal and casual events, or chandelier earrings because they are flattering to the shape of your face, the earrings are great ornaments that may also enhance your wellbeing.



There is a lot of ongoing research on the above, and it has not been proven 100% that ear piercings and wearing earrings would offer these advantages definitively.

So, if you have a health problem, you must see your physician before you get ear piercings in place of medication. Also, keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you.

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