5 Little Known Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal in 2023

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The Miraculous Medal is one of the most powerful saint medals, which, according to Catholicism, offers a great deal of protection from the saints.

While many other saint medals mark different events, the Miraculous Medal of the virgin is popular among Catholics and Christians because of its association with the Blessed Mary and the graces that she offers to the people who wear it.

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

But then, are you wearing the medal correctly? Are there rules that guide you on how to wear the Miraculous Rules? And if so, what rules must you be aware of before you wear the Miraculous Medal?


What is the power of the Miraculous Medal?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal is regarded as one of the most important saint medals for Christians, especially Catholics.

It was created after the Blessed Mary’s apparition and after she appeared to the nun called St. Catherine (novice Saint Catherine Labouré) in 1830. Today, it is the most popular saint medal.

Initially, the Miraculous Medal was known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, but the name Miraculous Medal stuck by after several people that wore the medal reported multiple miracles from wearing it.

The name of this medal also stuck because it was a visual reminder of not just the Virgin Mary but also the Salvation of humanity through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

On the front of the Miraculous Medal is a depiction of Mary Immaculate, who appears with her hands open, with light beaming from them.

The design elements of the Miraculous Medal are said to have been given to St. Catherine by the Blessed Virgin, who gave her the details of the medal. She also told St.

Catherine that the medal would be worn around the neck of the wearer, and the result would be that the wearer would receive great graces.

The backside of the medal features the letter M and the symbol of the Cross, and these two elements symbolize the close relationship between Mary and the death, suffering, and also the passion of her son Jesus Christ.


So, what is the power of the Miraculous Medal?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal is an important symbol of the Blessed Virgin who, through the medal, promises the wearers and the Catholic community the great graces that would be conferred to the wearer of this religious medal.

The front side mbolizes Blessed Mary who stands on the globe as the Queen of the Heavens and Earth. But that is not all; there is also the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary stands crushing on the serpent’s head, aka the evil that she stands on with her feet.

But that is not all; the Virgin’s figure is also encircled by a specific sentence, Regina Sine Labe Originali Concepta O.P.N.

The year 1830 is also incorporated at the bottom of the medal to mark the date that the medal was created. And on the reverse side, besides the Cross and M symbol, there also are the 12 stars that represent the 12 apostles and two hearts.

So, anyone who wears the Miraculous Medal receives the greatest graces. Over the years, the Miraculous Medal has been worn by billions.

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

Since it was created, wearers across the world note that this medal has transformed their lives through the many conversions and miracles they have experienced.

Today, many people wear the Miraculous Medal because they believe in the power of its miracles and promises.

Many others wear the Miraculous Medal because they believe that it is the symbol that brought them back to the church and made them believers once again.

The Miraculous Medal is also considered an important symbol that represents the blessings from God for both Body and Soul.


What does the Miraculous Medal signify?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal represents the wearer’s devotion to the Blessed Mary. Over the years, wearing it has been providing a growing expansion of the wearer’s understanding of the roles that the Blessed Mary played towards the history of the salvation of the human being.

It is also a reminder of the passion and the suffering of Jesus Christ on the Cross. But that is not all, the medal also signifies the fact that Mary gave Jesus to us, and she was our Mother.

So, with this belief in mind, the Ephesus council made a proclamation of the Marian Dogmas in 431, and the proclamation that Mary was (is) the mother of God was formulated.

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

So, in 1830 when Mary appeared to St. Catherine and gave the church the popular invocation – O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you – the medal became one of the most important symbols in the church.

The new proclamation preceded the church by about 24 years. They officially made the same proclamation in 1854 when Pope Pius IX made the solemn proclamation and the Dogma for the Immaculate Conception.

It’s worth noting that the Miraculous Medal has the Blessed Mary standing on half the earth’s sphere representing the earth and the Blessed Virgin crushing on the serpent’s head.

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

So, for Christians and Jews, Mary, through the medals, calls believers to enter into the Lord’s sacrificial love in and for the world.

And with her open arms and the rays of light from her hands, the medal represents her grace for all that ask for the grace of God through the Blessed Mary.

The M symbolizes the compassion and suffering through Christ. The two hearts represent God’s love for humanity, while the 12 stars represent the path to love and sacrifice of self to God.


Can anyone wear the Miraculous Medal?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

Yes, anyone can wear the Miraculous Medal, as long as they believe in its power or the grace that is extended to the wearer whenever they wear it.


Who should wear the Miraculous Medal?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

Catholics and non-Catholic Christians can wear the Miraculous Medal. So, while the medal may be popular among Catholics, the medal is equally important and can be worn by anyone interested in enjoying the power of the medal.

The medal is an excellent reminder of the wearer’s faith and the grace it carries. It is also a famous symbol across the world that represents the wearer’s religious affiliation.


Who should not wear the Miraculous Medal?

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

If you don’t believe in the power of the Miraculous Medal, it would be wise not to wear it.


Rules for Wearing Miraculous Medal

Rules For Wearing Miraculous Medal

  • To wear the Miraculous Medal, you should be able to believe in its power, especially if you wish to enjoy all the benefits it offers.
  • If you wear it because it carries a special meaning, you will receive something special from it.
  • Lastly, you would want to wear the medal around your neck.
  • You also have to wear the Medal with confidence


The Miraculous Medal brings excellent graces to the wearer, and you only need to wear it around your neck.

This saint medal is quite important and powerful because it was designed by the Blessed Virgin herself, and by designing it uniquely and presenting it to the world through St. Catherine, she reminded the world that whoever wears this medal will receive great graces, as long as you wear it with confidence.

And for years, the people that have worn the Miraculous Medal have received great graces and big miracles.

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