10 Online Stores You Can Buy Rubber Bracelets for Fundraisers in 2024

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Have you been put in charge of fundraising for an important community or school project?

Well, you know what that means: this is your chance to prove that you can mobilize funds, be a great leader, an opportunity to enhance your social skills, and, most importantly, you cannot fail yourself.

Yes, that is a lot of pressure. But since you’ve already agreed to take up that role, we’re going to help you out. In this piece, we’re going to recommend the top 10 online stores that you can source the best rubber bracelets for fundraising from.

So, let’s jump right to it!


10 Suppliers of Rubber Bracelets for Fundraisers

1.Reminderband Custom Luxe Silicone Wristbands

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For perfectly customized fundraising rubber bracelets, you could order the bracelets from Reminderband.

The guys at Reminderband understand the intricacies around the creation of the best-customized fundraising bracelets made of rubber.

So, in addition to using the highest-quality rubber materials, they provide fast and easy customization services to match your needs.

The customization options available involve and start from a huge color array and font styles for you to choose from.

The company also promises to meet your customization needs, regardless of the use of bracelets.

Whether you are looking for help with creating the most impactful and memorable custom messages on the bracelets for a cause, a fundraiser, a party, to raise awareness, or for any other reason, these guys have you covered.

They can handle a huge bulk of work for classroom guides, corporate events, birthdays, sports, as well as medical bracelet options.

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For customization, the company allows a maximum of 25 characters, although they recommend fewer characters/phrases if you want larger imprints, especially for the bold and block/ print-style fonts.

They also offer sizing specifications for the rubber bands.

The recommended sizes are 190mm for the medium size (preferably for wrist size 17-19cm for women) bracelets and 210mm for large (males with a wrist size of between 19-21cm) bracelets.

To ensure that the imprinted message never fades, they bracelets are laser-etched.

And to avoid sensitivity reactions, the rubber bracelets are latex-free and hypoallergenic.

The bracelets are also durable and made of high-quality materials.

The bands are also 100% silicone.

Since the company sells single pieces, you can order as many (or few) as you want.


2.Awareness Products Warehouse Teal Ribbon Raised Letter Silicone Fundraiser Bracelet

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If you are looking for the best teal ribbon silicone bracelets to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, you may want to order from the Awareness Products Warehouse.

This company sells its silicone bracelets in packs of 25 pieces.

All the bracelets have the message embossed on a high-quality silicone material.

The bracelets are 0.5 inches wide.


3.Inkstone (12-Pack) Teal Awareness Ribbon Silicone Bracelets

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For unisex black and teal silicone ribbon bracelets designed to raise awareness, you may like these Teal Awareness ribbon bracelets.

The bracelets come in 12-piece packs, and they are ideal for raising awareness, running non-profit fundraising campaigns, event giveaways, or for everyday wear.

Essentially, the teal-colored awareness ribbon is designed for use in raising awareness around different causes or matters, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety disorder, anti-bullying, agoraphobia, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer, among other causes. The adult-size bracelet is 8inches around.


4.Rapid Wristbands

With a database of over 2 million fonts and clipart for you to choose from, Rapid Wristbands promises to make your customization needs for bracelets a simple process.

These guys offer customization services for fundraising bracelets and bracelets for any other cause for different clients, including schools, churches, small organizations, animal rescues/ shelters, and corporates, etc.

The pricing is based on the number of silicone bracelets you need, the customization style, the size of the bracelet, and the amount of money you wish to raise.


5.Wristband Resources

If you are looking for help with fundraising resources for the school or other fundraising projects, you may want to turn to Wristband Resources.

This company is especially ideal for school fundraising and awareness projects since the silicone wristbands sold are available in different bright and bold color options.

There are solid color silicone bands, 4-color swirl wristbands, and custom color silicone wristbands.

The wristbands are quite affordable, and the pricing is calculated per individual piece of silicone wristband.


6.Amazing Wristbands

Amazing Wristbands sells high-quality rubber/ silicone wristbands for different fundraising and awareness causes.

They offer a number of customization options, including debossed prints, ink-filled deboss, dual-layer, embossed, screen-printed, writable, and colorized emboss prints.

There are no minimum order quantities, they offer 4-day rush-order band orders, and the wristbands also come in different sizes from ¼ inch to 1-inch extra-wide silicone bands.



Wristbands are the other company that offers high-quality silicone wristbands for charities fundraising and/or raising awareness.

Besides silicone bracelets that have colorful debossed imprints and available in different colors and sizes, this company also offers wristbands made of different materials, including plastic and Tyvek.


8.FastTrack Fundraising

For the best fundraising wristbands made of rubber/ silicone, you may like this FastTrack Fundraising company.

These wristbands are designed in the best possible way to ensure that they complement your fundraiser.

The silicone bracelets are durable, comfortable, and made of high-quality, fashionable, and safe silicone.

There are different design and customization options offered, there are different colors for you to choose from, and you get to pick your most preferred fonts too.

You are allowed to use a maximum of 25 characters even though shorter phrases make the bracelets stand out very well.


9.10 Cent Wristbands

Whether you are looking for the best embossed silicone wristbands, silkscreened wristbands, or wideband silicone bracelets/ wristbands for fundraising, this sit has it all.

10Cent Wristband is easily the best site you could visit for hassle-free fundraising silicone wristbands since all the silicone bracelets and even the wristband keychains sold cost 10 cents each.

The bracelets are available in various sizes too, and if you are looking for the best thin band, then this is the best place for you to order from.

The wristbands are customized and printed in different fonts and styles, and you get to choose the colors and designs that fit your organization’s or cause’s needs best.

On top of the best debossed wristbands and silkscreen wristbands, this site also offers the best of debossed thumb bands.

To determine how much you’d spend on your fundraising wristbands, you can request a quote today.


10.Wristband Express

From debossed silicone wristbands to printed, solid color, and ink-injected silicone wristbands for fundraising,

Wristband Express offers you the widest range of affordable, durable, and stylish, and high-quality wristbands, all designed to help you reach your fundraising or awareness goals.

There are different customization options available, and the sizes also vary to match the needs of your organization.

The color options are also presented in the color-swirl option, and you could also choose the silicone glow fundraising bracelets, especially if you are planning a night/ evening outdoor event.

The widest of these rubber fundraising bracelets is the 1-inch bracelet, which comes in solid color.

The wristbands are also hypoallergenic.



The best rubber/ silicone bracelets for fundraising come customized with the right or intended message, allowing you to meet your goals and pass the intended message, as intended, and with ease.

Guys, you guys can buy it with confidence. See more posts, read it here or on our home page.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!