7 Popular Round Nose Pliers for Jewelry Making In 2024

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If you have been looking for new ways to take your jewelry-making craft to the next level, this article is exactly what you need.

Here, we’ll not only share our 7 most recommended round nose pliers ideal for jewelry making but also the ideal way of using the jewelry pliers.

As a tool needed for easy and the creation of the best curves, circles, loops, or circles, the round-nose pliers is undeniably versatile and crucial too that makes it possible for you to bend, hold, and shape the jewelry wire.

And if you are making beading wires, earrings, or adding beads to bracelets, you will need the best round nose pliers.

So, which are the best kinds of round nose pliers for you to try out?


Best round-nose pliers for jewelry making

1.vouiu Jewelry Making Round Nose Pliers

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First on our list is this round-nose pliers by Vouiu. It is the most popular pliers and the top-rated tool for use in different crafts and making high-quality pieces of jewelry.

Some of the things that make this pliers the best option for you include its high-quality construction that is made possible from the use of carbon steel for the plier’s construction, as well as the high carbon steel for the handle.

Thanks to the used of forged high-carbon steel, you wouldn’t have to worry about this pair of pliers failing to get the job done or breaking apart too soon.

Thanks to its construction materials, you can use this round-nose pliers to make earrings, wrap wires, create loops, as well as clasps, eye pins, coils, jump rings, and also for the curved bends.

One of the things that makes this a great asset in jewelry making, besides its durable design, is the anti-slip handles that are coated for an extra layer of comfort and also maximum comfort when in use.

Its size of 5inches and weight of 58 grams also make it the perfect jewelry-making tool.


2.Cynamed German Stainless Steel 6 in 1 Bail Making Pliers

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Nothing spells great quality better than a premium-quality German-made pair of pliers, and this Cynamed could be exactly what you need, especially if you are going for a high level of versatility.

This pair of round nose pliers is made using premium-quality materials and German engineering, leaving you with a high-performance jewelry-making tool that offers maximum efficiency.

It is made of high-grade German stainless steel, which is rust-resistant, durable, and resistant to the forces of wear.

There is also the double-leaf construction along with the box joint, which leaves you with the most durable and the sturdiest pliers that will offer great service for years.

Then you have the high-comfort non-slip handles that make it the ideal pair of pliers for use when handling loops between 2mm and 9mm, and even jump rings.

The handles feature the most reliable non-slip ergonomics with a blue PVC which ensures comfortable handling for long and no risk of slipping. The design of the handle is also meant to reduce wrist fatigue.

One of the things that stands out well from this jewelry-making tool has got to be its 6-in-1 design made possible by the 6 interchangeable round heads that make this the best 6-step bail-making pliers.

It also means that you only need one pliers and the 6 round heads to handle loops measuring 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, and 9mm.

The other impressive feature of this pair of pliers is the fact that it works as a great bailing and beading tool that you can use to shape, bend, and loop metal wire for the creation of the best custom jewelry with ease.

There is also the double-leaf spring and its lap-joint construction that prevent hand cramping and fatigue.


3.Shynek 3pcs Jewelry Making Pliers

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This is the most popular jewelry-making pliers, and you will be happy to know that this would be the best option for you as well since your order comes with 3 pcs of the pliers and not one – and at a great price.

The pliers are versatile and come in pink, blue, and purple.

The features that make this round nose pliers ideal for your jewelry making projects include the fact that it comes with needle-nose pliers, a  wire cutter, and the round nose pliers; making this the ideal option for you if you are looking for jewelry making pliers for wire wrapping, jewelry repairs, and other craft projects. It’s also perfect for DIYs.

It has a durable, metallic body with rubber handles that make the pliers and the jewelry/ wire cutter the best option for you.

Its chain nose, snipe, or needle-nose pliers works as the best universal tool for jewelry making, and you will be happy to know that the long, tapering jaws with no teeth, hence a smooth and pointed end, will make your jewelry-making projects much easier.

This is because the needle noses can get to inaccessible places.

This type of nose pliers is also the perfect one for bending, gripping, crimping, and for opening/ closing of the jump rings, even as you hold on to and handle the smaller items/ parts.

The round nose with tapered and rounded jaws is ideal for looping wire, and you need the jewelry/ wire cutter pair of pliers to easily cut the thin metal wires.

Thanks to the flat blades, you get to cut right to the edge of the wire, and thus minimizing the filing and the finishing work needed.


4.The Beadsmith Loop Rite Plier

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Made of a copper alloy and available in varied colors, this loop rite pliers is great for jewelry making and allows you to easily make loops ranging from 2mm to 8mm.

Besides jewelry making, you could also use it to make different wire pieces for jewelry findings, home décor, and art pieces.

It is durable, versatile, easy on the hands, affordable, and can be used by professionals and hobbyists.


5.SPEEDWOX 5-Inches Round Nose Pliers

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If you are looking for micro round nose pliers that work great in wire looping, this mini round nose pliers that features the best of mini ultra-tapered and jaw precision function might be the very best option for you.

This pliers is a fine-spring pliers idea for small jewelry-making projects and parts.

The metallic part of the pliers is made of iron, chrome vanadium steel, and alloy steel, and the handle is made of blue thermoplastic rubber.

The metal alloys used to give it the high-strength properties – the chrome vanadium steel, while the forged steel offers a high level of durability, even as the heat-treated nickel-iron alloy plating enhances its durability.

It’s also oiled to reduce rusting, increase function, and make for easy cleaning.

The bi-color blue and gray handles ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Then there is the double-leaf spring, whose mechanism of action will reduce wrist and hand fatigue while also allowing for one-handed operation.


6.Rosenthal Collection Jewelers’ Round Nose Stainless Steel Pliers

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For simpler pliers to use in jewelry making, you may like this one made of stainless steel.

It is a professional-level craft tool that is durable and ideal for beading, among other kinds of fine jewelry making.

The 1mm tips ensure fine work. The PVC grips ensure comfort, while the leaf spring allows for ease of use.


7.SPEEDWOX Mini Round Nose Pliers for Jewelry Making

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Then you have this round nose pliers by Speedwox. It is comfortable and durable thanks to the non-slip plastic and forged high carbon steel construction, respectively.

It sports some of the thinnest tapered tips that you can use to easily grasp small parts, bend thin wire, and make loops while also reaching tight spaces.

It has a slim, lightweight profile that makes it the best option for persons with small hands, while the spring action will reduce wrist and hand fatigue, even allowing for one-hand operation.


How to use round nose jewelry pliers

As mentioned above, the round nose jewelry pliers are an important part of jewelry making. What this means is that you should be able to use the pliers correctly. To do that, you should follow these simple instructions.

  1. Always hold the pliers in your hand in a way that has your palm facing up and the pliers parallel to the work surface.
  2. Put the crafting/ jewelry wire in the pliers’ jaw where you need to manipulate it, depending on the loop size.
  3. Now twist the wrist towards your body, initiating that looping closure
  4. Then, loosen the grip on the pliers and wire and go back again to clamp down the wire. You have to repeat the wrist twist here to complete the loop.
  5. To center the wire, secure the loop by tightening your grip around the round nose plier’s jaw, then bend it back until you have the remaining wire centered.
  6. To maintain a consistent size for the loops, make use of your sharpie to make the tip of the pliers at the desired diameter.



And there you have it – your best pliers options for jewelry making and directions for use.

So, if you weren’t sure about the jewelry-making pliers to buy, this guide is for you.

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