Rose Gold vs White Gold Engagement Rings(Who Stands Out?)

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Marriage proposals are a thing of awe and passion. They set the ball rolling for every girl’s dream: the wedding.

The engagement ring is the single most important factor to consider when planning your proposal. In the bridal industry, there has been a spike of interest in white gold and rose gold engagement rings. Just which one of the two is outstanding?

Though men may not admit it much, buying an engagement ring is one of the hardest tasks they will have to do in their lifetime. Finding the perfect ring that fits, looks dazzling on your fiancée, expresses all your feelings and one you know she will love is not easy at all. That’s why most men will seek out their mate’s best friend to help them shop for the ring.

If you are a confident man or you don’t have the help of a friend, knowing what to look for is key to getting the best ring.


What is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Rose gold is a metal alloy consisting of parts of pure gold and parts of copper which gives it the red or pink color that it has. The more copper in a piece of rose gold, the redder the color hue will be.

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Gold is too soft a metal on its own to create long-lasting rings so jewelers break it down into parts and fill the rest of the part with other metals like copper to strengthen and change the color.

Rose gold metal used for engagement rings is mostly 14k or 18k gold. This means that there are either 14 or 18 parts of pure gold in that alloy. 14k rose gold is redder than 18k because it has a higher copper content.

To make these pieces even stronger and to get a variety of rose gold shades, jewelers add zinc or nickel to the 14k gold and silver or palladium to the 18k gold pieces.

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These rose gold rings do not need a rhodium coating and they look good on all skin tones and all genders. Women love them for their pink hue which is considered very romantic which is ideal for bridal rings.


What is a White Gold Engagement Ring?

White gold is a metal alloy which is a mixture of pure parts of yellow gold and parts of other metals to create a stronger and whiter metal. Gold in itself has a yellow color and at 24k purity, it is too soft to make good jewelry.

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Adding silver, zinc, nickel, or palladium to gold dilutes the yellow color and brings about a silvery hue.

Some streaks of yellow are still obvious in the blended metal alloy so a coating of rhodium is thinly applied over it. This makes the silver color pronounced and shiny.

White gold is much loved for its resemblance and its affordable value as compared to platinum. Setting jewelry stones on white gold looks brilliant and the stones shine even brighter.

You can find white gold in either 14k or 18k gold grades. The 14k is harder than 18k but softer than platinum.



The Differences Between Them

The main difference between rose gold and white gold metal is the color. When it comes to engagement rings, they mostly have very flashy designs often with a gem or two or seventy. It all depends on the look you are going for.

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While white gold designs are more readily available and accessible on-demand, rose gold pieces are quickly sold out and production is not much bulk.

Rose gold rings are perfect for most skin tones but white gold is more for cooler skin undertones. Also, rose gold is stronger than white gold due to the alloying with copper metal which is quite hardy and industrial.

White gold is more hypoallergenic than rose gold because of the rhodium plating that protects the metal from tarnish and your skin from exposure to the base metals. Rose gold could pose an allergic reaction to sensitive skin because of the copper and nickel used.

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White gold could get yellow and discolored over time and you will need to schedule days to get your rings recoated. Rose gold does not require the rhodium plating because it does not tarnish. What happens to these pieces is they turn a darker hue because of the copper and become more vintage looking.

Diamonds or clear crystals set in rose gold will not shine as bright as those set in the white gold metal bands. This is because the rose gold color will tend to take in more light or refract light with a pink aura. White gold, on the other hand, reflects light off its surface which pierces through the crystal creating a blinding sparkle.


The Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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  • Rose gold is a beautiful and unique shade for an engagement ring. The color denotes romance which is what you want more of in your marriage and on the big day.
  • It does not require regular trips to your jeweler for a new coating.
  • The choice between 14k and 18k rose gold provides options in color grade and also price range. Rose gold rings are very affordable.
  • Rose gold does not tarnish but transforms over time to gain a darker hue. This could be symbolic of your union in terms of how long you have been together.
  • It is also more durable than white gold due to its copper composition.
  • All skin tones and shades are flattered by rose gold engagement rings. You cannot go wrong.


  • Copper in rose gold makes it unsafe to wear for those with sensitive skin
  • Rose gold rings are rare and not as available as yellow gold or white gold


The Pros and Cons of White Gold Engagement Rings

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  • White gold resembles silver, platinum, or titanium rings which makes it very versatile. This color is unisex and both men and women love to get their hands on it.
  • Setting diamonds or other clear crystals look so beautiful on this metal and the gems seem to sparkle a little brighter than most.
  • It is more affordable than the metals it resembles platinum.
  • White gold has grown in popularity and the demand has resulted in mass production of bridal rings in this metal. There are more designs available to choose from white gold kind.


  • White gold is not as durable as rose gold due to its metal composition consisting of zinc, nickel, and silver.
  • The rhodium plating on the white gold rings will be eroded over time and you will need to schedule regular rhodium coatings to keep your ring looking new and shiny.
  • Being as white gold is yellow with some reinforced coating, your ring is bound to turn yellow after some years.
  • White gold is not hypoallergenic either because it contains nickel in its compound.


Choose Between the Two?

Knowing all you do know about these two gold metal alloys, choosing either one as your engagement ring is entirely a matter of personal preference.

White gold settings dazzle more but are weaker and need regular maintenance to keep looking good. Rose gold rings are almost as equally dazzling but the perfect ring may be hard to find in their limited catalog.

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 Also, copper is a known metal irritant so if you have copper allergies you should skip the rose gold rings. The same goes for the white gold rings which have nickel in them which is also an irritant.



in the end, it all boils down to your needs, wants, and resources at the time of buying the ring. Hopefully, you take a few weeks to carry out research both on the ground and online.

Shopping around will give you a feel of what is available and will widen your net to give you more engagement ring designs to choose from.

For more Wedding ring information, this section is for you. We answer all the possible questions our visitor might ask. See you guys in the next post!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!