Rose Gold Turning Finger Black(Top Reasons & Solutions in 2024)

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It is not uncommon for your finger to turn black or green when you’re earring a rose gold ring. Before you think that it is a flaw with the metal used, the reality is that’s not the issue at all. Rose gold tends to react with other chemicals on skin and thus brings about this unshyly problem. In this article, we’re going to explore all the reasons why your rose gold jewelry is turning your skin black.


Why is rose gold turning my finger black?

The primary reason your skin discolors when wearing rose gold jewelry is due to metallic abrasion. That refers to the rubbing off or tiny gold particles which look like dust that end up looking back instead of the color of the metal.

What causes the metal to rub off is first, gold is soft, and when it comes into contact with other substances, it gets scratched. In this case, it is things such as makeup, lotion, or other cosmetics on the skin. When the dust-like gold particles mix with the skin or cloth, they end up forming a black smudge.

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The other reason your rose gold ring is turning your finger black is the oxidation of the other metals used to make rose gold. To get the color rose or red, jewelers mix yellow gold with copper and silver. If you know anything about copper, you’ll see that it is well known for turning one’s skin green. It is not permanent, just as with the black stain. With soap and water, it comes off easily.

Therefore, when the area in contact with the skin turns black, that’s the corrosion of the metals combined to form the dark color. That happens when there’s a chemical reaction that often takes place under moist conditions.

In this case, sweat and other chemicals in the products you use cause corrosion. It gets worse when you’re in a place where there’s salt in the air like by the ocean. Also, if you’re on an acidic diet, your body will release chemicals that will react with the metal.

The other chemical that brings about this corrosion is the chlorine in the pool. It is known to eat away at gold and its alloys. You also want to avoid wearing your rose gold ring when you’re using bath salts or when you’re in the spa. You’ll end up running into the same problem. The best thing is to keep your ring in a neutral environment at all times.


How to prevent the finger from turning black?

When you’re applying lotions and the kind, remove your ring or whatever jewelry it is. After, only put it back on once they have dried. You also want to ensure that your hands are free from the makeup you use on your face so that the residue doesn’t get on the jewelry and become abrasive.

You also want to remove your rose gold ring when washing your hands or using cleaning products. It is best that you wear gloves if you’re going to keep the ring on when cleaning to protect it from the chemicals.

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If you’re sweating a lot because you’re in a hot or humid place, you might want to opt-out of wearing rose gold jewelry. You can, however, apply a powder that will keep your pores from sweating.

Only ensure that the powder is fine so that it doesn’t scratch the jewelry. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a black smudge at the end of the day. A quick hack you can also use is applying nail polish on the inner side for the ring or bracelet to form a barrier between the metal and the elements that affect it.

Overall, you’ll have to clean your ring often, that is before and after you wear it. Use a soft cloth to rub the jewelry to remove any residue before storage. Keep it in a sealed bag and find a cool place to keep it in. Do remember to also dry it in the even you forget and wash your hands with the ring on.

Note: if you want to get rid of the problem entirely, you can choose to coat it with rhodium. That is, however, not a perfect fix as you’ll have to re-plate it during the future when the rhodium finally wears off from friction. It will serve you for a while though, about six months to a year, if you’re keen to read yourself of the problem.



To find out if you’re going to react with the rose gold because of the copper it contains, you’ll have to do it through trial and error.

You will be able to tell within 30 minutes of wearing a ring to see if there will be a reaction. Overall, the copper in the rose gold is quite reactive to other chemicals, that is, the mixture of your sweat and lotions.

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 The black color, just as the green one with copper, is harmless. The only issue is that it looks unsightly, and someone might think that they are having a reaction to the metal.

Rose gold is indeed a beautiful color to entirely forgo purchasing any jewelry made out of it. With the hacks and maintenance tips give, you should be able to enjoy rose gold and all its glory.

Also, it is essential to note that not everyone gets this discoloration problem. There are those who are able to wear rose gold jewelry, and nothing happens to them. If it does to you, it’s unfortunate but well worth keeping the piece.

The main takeaway to keep in mind is that there is nothing with the gold piece that you have bought. It is just the nature of the metals and the elements it gets mixed with that cause the reaction.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!