Rope Chain Size Chart – How Are Rope Chains Measured?

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The rope chain is one of the most common, trendy, and also the most stylish chains for necklaces. With diamond-cut surfaces that reflect the light naturally and with ease, the chain always glistens, whether you have it on during the day or at night.

At the same time, the rope chain remains the simplest of chain styles that exude an air of elegance and sophistication.

Rope Chain Size Chart

And so, if you are looking for a good quality rope chain necklace, you’d want to make sure that the piece you ultimately choose is made of the right materials and comes in the right length to accentuate your best features.

In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of the rope chains, most importantly, the sizing chart for the rope chain, and how to accurately determine the length of the rope chain. So, let’s get right into it!


Rope chain size chart

rope chain size chart

Rope chain width – rope chain mm size chart

The rope chains are available in various lengths and widths, and depending on your style, and the occasion you are dressing up for, the width or the thickness of the chain is just as important as its length.

And the rope chains, like all other types of chains, have different widths, meaning you will come across some really thin and dainty options with a width of about 1mm, and on the other end, the thickest option can be as thick as 21mm, which is really thick and not the most common chain thickness preferred by most people. The most common widths for the rope chains are the 2mm to maybe the 7mm chains.

rope chain size chart

Rope chain length Inches to CM

While the sizing for all types of chains is often in inches, there are many times when you will need to know what the length of the chain is in centimeters too. So, while the 18inch chain is the most common option for most people, you may want to take some time to determine what the length equals in cm.

Generally, here are the standard chain lengths you need to know about;

  • Collar length, 14inches = 35.5cm or even shorter
  • Choker length, 16inches = 41cm
  • Princess length, 18inches = 46cm
  • Matinee length, between 20-24inches = 51cm – 61cm
  • Opera length chain, between 26inches and 34 inches = 66cm- 86cm
  • Rope chain length that is 36inches or longer = 91.5cm or even longer

rope chain size chart

How are rope chains measured?

Essentially, the length and the width of the rope chain are measured using a piece of thread measuring tape, and for the width, calipers (verniers) are often used.

The length of the chain is measured in cm and/or inches, while the width of the chain is determined in millimeters. And to take these measurements, you’d have to unclasp the chain first. #


What size rope chain should you get?

Well, the size of the rope chain that you should get is the chain size that you are most comfortable wearing in terms of the length of the chain and its width.

The look you are going for is also quite important. So, if you want a collar-length rope chain for a casual event or perhaps the princess chain length for everyday wear, then you’d have to choose between the 16inch and the 18inch rope chains.

The width of the chain is also important, but if you want a chain length that is versatile and most comfortable on your neck, then the 2mm or 3mm chain would be ideal.

That said, these are the recommended sizes that work for most women. Men, on the other hand, often prefer thicker chains, as well as chains that are 20inches or longer.

rope chain size chart

How thick should your rope chain be?

While there is no standard or rule that you must observe when buying the rope chain, most people seem to have an overall preference when it comes to the width of their rope chains, with chains with thicknesses of between 1mm and 1.5mm being the most preferred chain thickness for most people.

At this thickness, the chains can be worn on their own, but you could also incorporate pendants in them without worrying about the chain looking off or disproportionate.

But that is not all that you need to take into consideration because the thickness of the rope chain notwithstanding, there is an increase in the numbers and the varieties of the mass-produced chains whose thickness is often questionable, and in most cases, these chains will snap easily.

So, before you buy the cheap rope chain, think of its durability and figure out if the reputable local jewelers have better options – they always do

rope chain size chart

Tips for choosing a perfect rope chain

  • Find high-quality rope chains

At the end of the day, the rope chain is one of the most beautiful types of chain that is often made of the best quality gold. It features two or three segments connected to each other in a twisting pattern resembling an actual rope, and it is considered one of the most durable, heavy, and strongest types of chains.

The rope chain is also naturally lavish and lustrous, which is why it is the most common option you will come across. Unfortunately, these features mean that the chain is also the most counterfeited design, with more fakes than you can imagine and a high chance of buying inferior quality chains.

So, before you buy the rope chain, you want to make sure that the seller is reputable and the purchase is worth your money. Your best options are chains made of platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or sterling silver.

rope chain size chart

  • A statement or pendant-type chain

The other important thing to ask yourself is how you’d like to wear the chain. Opt for thicker rope chains if going for statement pieces and a thinner chain for adding a pendant.

  • Select the right length for the chain

The ideal length of the chain will differ depending on your style, the outfit you wish to accessorize, and if you wish to layer or not. As mentioned above, chain lengths range from 14inches to 30 or 36inches.



If you are looking for the perfect rope chain, make sure to take the above tips into consideration.

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