Rolo Chain Vs Cable Chain-Which One You Should Choose?

When it comes to chains there is no limit to the amount of use you can get from them. The fact that they are also gender-neutral is a bonus. Chains have to be the easiest style of jewelry to wear.

You can easily dress them up or down, and they fit in any setting without attracting unwanted attention. They also come in various designs, thicknesses, and lengths. Among the most common designs are the cable chain and rolo chain.

Both of these chains are simple and great. The issue, however, is that they look extremely similar, and as such many people often confuse them to be the same thing. The two are, however, two different types of chains, and in this article, we will be going into deeper detail and explaining why.

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Is A Cable Chain The Same As A Rolo Chain?

rolo chain vs cable chain
Rolo Chain

Most people often confuse the rolo chain, also called the belcher chain, with the cable chain, also known as the trace chain.

That is because of the similarity in appearance in terms of their links and how they connect.

We would, however, like to point out that the two chains are different from one another.

Later on, in the article, we will look at what differentiates them. First, let’s start by separately understanding what each chain entails.


What Is The Rolo Chain?

rolo chain vs cable chain
Rolo Chain

When you are looking for a simple chain to wear alone or to pair with something, Rolo chains are among the top picks. These chains are simple in their design but still subtly eye-catching. The design of the chain features round symmetrical links, connected one after the other.

The links, are, however, not uniform in thickness, which means that while the outside of the links appears round and curved, the inside is flat. As a result, the links appear thicker than they are when really, they are just wider.

As with all other chains, the rolo chains are versatile. They come in different thicknesses and lengths. They are also suitable for both men and women. When it comes to jewelry making, chains are popular when making bracelets and anklets.


Pros And Cons Of Rolo Chain

rolo chain vs cable chain
Rolo Chain

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of rolo chains:


  • Great for making charm bracelets or anklets.
  • Easy to style.
  • Eye-catching design.


  • Smaller than cable chain.
  • Likely to kink


What Is The Cable Chain?

rolo chain vs cable chain
Cable chains

Cable chains are a part of the oldest, most common, and popular chains that exist today. They are considered to be classics. Their design was inspired by the iron chains used in ships for anchoring.

The chain was made for both beauty and functionality. The design entails symmetrical links with uniform thickness and size, connected one after the other. The links are typically oval but some may appear rounder.

The chain also comes in a variety of designs. They can be flattened or full, thick or thin as well as, long or short. Cable chains are the most commonly used type, in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or even extension chains.


Pros And Cons Of Cable Chain?

rolo chain vs cable chain
Cable chains

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of a cable chain:


  • Simple and attractive design.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy to style.
  • Suitable for charms and pendants.


  • Likely to kink.
  • Not as thick as the rolo chain.


What Is The Difference Between A Cable Chain And A Rolo Chain?

rolo chain vs cable chain
Cable chains

As we already established earlier Rolo and Cable chains are not the same thing. After looking at the two chains separately, it is easier to see why. The biggest difference between them is in their links.

The two may have a similar design in that the links connect one after another. The difference however is that the rolo links are half-round, meaning they are round on the outside and flat on the inside. The cable links, on the other hand, have a uniform thickness all around.

Another great difference is that the cable chains have oval links even though at times they may appear to be rounder. The rolo links are, however, predominantly round. Other minor differences include the fact that the rolo links are generally smaller than cable links.

That is why they are more suited for making bracelets and anklets. The rolo chains are also slightly heavier than the cable ones given the design of their links.

rolo chain vs cable chain
Cable chains

Related Q&A

Is a Rolo chain strong?

Yes, it is. A rolo chain might not be the strongest one, but it is among the strongest chains you can find. It has a sturdier and heavier appearance compared to cable chains. Also, the material used to make it adds to its strength and durability.

Is the cable Chain Strong?

Yes, it is, and this is thanks to their simple design. They may appear as sturdy as rolo chains, but they are quite durable and reliable. That is why they are the go-to chains when making jewelry because they won’t easily break.



Despite their differences, both chains are great options. They are each stylish and can be worn alone or paired with other chains or jewelry. Both chains have a simple design that allows you to easily dress them up or down.

Even though the Rolo chain appears to be sturdier both chains are strong and reliable. When it comes down to choosing which of the two is a better option that will depend on your preference and what you find more appealing.

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