9 Types of Rings You can Wear at Work in 2022

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Looking rings you can wear at the workplace? Is your wedding or engagement ring way over the top to be worn at work comfortably, either because you are self-conscious, because of the dressing code of conduct, or because of your job description?

Are you afraid that your partner will get the wrong idea when you stop wearing your wedding/ engagement ring and do you feel awkward without your ring on because it now feels like a part of who you are?

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, all thanks to designers who understand the need for minimalist rings that can be worn to work comfortably.

Below, we look at 9 of your best options.


Rings You Can Wear at Work

Tungsten ring

1.Greenpod 2mm Tungsten Wedding Bands for Women

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This rose gold finish tungsten carbide ring is one of our best options when it comes to rings you can wear at work.

At 2mm and with its minimalist flair, this ring is a perfect fit for the office or any other workplace that tolerates simple jewelry.

The best part is that whether you are married or not, this tungsten ring will look really cute on you.

So, if you believe in the power of jewelry, regardless of the event or place you will be at, and you are never fully dressed without a ring, then this rose gold or even the silver polished version of this GreenPod tungsten ring would be an excellent fit for you.

This slim ring is also a good stacking ring although you could wear it on its own.

It’s comfortable, safe on the skin, scratch-resistant, durable, and it boasts the best color retention qualities.


Titanium Ring

2.Tigrade Titanium Eternity Engagement Band

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This is another minimalist design engagement band that will not draw attention to you.

Its rose gold finish is attractive, cool and the ring boasts a comfortable finish.

Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal, and you don’t have to worry about your safety or skin sensitivities.

You might also like the cubic zirconia stones that embellish this titanium ring,


Silicone Ring

3.ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

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If you are looking for an affordable ring to wear as a replacement to your wedding or engagement ring made of precious metals and with a diamond, this hypoallergenic set of silicone rings by ROQ might be the best option for you.

The rings are designed specifically for women, and they come in different cool colors such as marble white, white rose gold, pink, or black.

You could buy one ring, or you could choose the 4 or 7 pack options.

The silicone used is medical-grade silicone, it’s comfortable, fits easily, and they come in different sizes.


Stainless Steel Ring

4.Jude Jewelers 1.5 MM Stainless Steel Stackable Ring Wedding Band

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Rings for work are not necessarily made of silicone.

So, if you are shopping for a beautiful ring that you can wear to work comfortably, and possible, wear it every day, you might like this stainless steel ring by Jude Jewelers.

It is affordable, nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and you have three color options to choose from besides the low-sheen, mirror-finish silvery stainless steel version.

This ring is also stackable and thin, with a width of 1.5mm.

It’s rust-free, and you never have to worry about the ring losing its luster.


Wooden Rings

5.Metal Masters Co. Women’s 4mm Black Ceramic Dome Wedding Ring with Real Koa Wood Inlay

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Thanks to ring options like this wooden ring, you don’t have to be stuck with the conventional stainless steel or rose gold rings anymore.

This wooden ring is quite unique, and it’s safe to say that the Metal Masters Co. outdid themselves.

This wedding band that you can wear to work comfortably has a beautiful dome shape and a classy wood inlay.

The wood inlay is made of the Real Hawaiian Koa wood.

Surrounding this wooden inlay is black ceramic, which not only enhances the appeal of the ring but also makes it long-lasting thanks to its scratch-resistance.

The ceramic used in this ring is the high-tech black ceramic. Its 4mm thick, and it comes in different sizes.


Ceramic Ring

6.Thorsten Lilac Beveled Black Ceramic Ring

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Ceramic rings are not only beautiful, but also simple, elegant, and perfect to wear at work.

This Thorsten ring makes an excellent wedding ring and its lilac inlay adds to its allure.

It’s durable, safe on the skin, and perfect to be worn at work.


Gold Rings

7.Brilliant Expressions 10K Gold 0.06 Cttw Conflict-Free Diamond-Accented Twist Ring

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Gold has, for the longest time, been regarded as the go-to metal for jewelry, and as they say, you can never go wrong with the allure of gold.

Gold is not the go-to metal option for everyone, though, but if you live and breathe gold jewelry, then this choice of 10K white or yellow gold ring would be a great fit for you.

And if you are looking for a wedding or an anniversary gold ring that is affordable, then you might like the ring’s super-cool, but subtle diamond accented twist design, as well as the fact that the ring is conflict-free.

It also comes in different color options, I-J, with a clarity difference of I2-I3.

Even with the diamonds, this ring is pretty much laid back and perfect to wear at work.


Silver Ring

8.Hannah Design Teeny Tiny Stacking Sterling Silver Ring

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Silver and gold are the most popular precious metals, and they are a go-to option for anyone looking for a ring with that classic/ traditional feel.

This Sterling Silver ring by Hannah Design is one of the best silver rings that can be worn at work, and you might also like it more because it can be personalized.

This ring is made of genuine 925 sterling silver, and it boasts a beautiful, high-quality polish. It comes in a jewelry box.

The other reason why this sterling silver ring is a favorite has to do with the fact that it makes the perfect option for stackable rings.


Cobalt Ring

9.RINGS-4U 6mm Cobalt Chrome Comfort-Fit Unisex Men’s Women’s Wedding Ring Band

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 Looking for a unique ring that will fit right in at work? How about cobalt?

If you are looking for something different yet familiar, this cobalt ring with a chrome finish might be a good place for you to start.

The ring boasts a brilliant white chrome finish that looks a lot like platinum’s, but at a pocket-friendly price.

The brilliant chrome finish also means that you will never have to worry about tarnishing, fading, or polishing.

The other reason why we’re recommending cobalt as a good ring to wear at work, as long as you don’t work around electricity or heat, is that cobalt is very strong – specifically 4X stronger than gold, 5X harder than platinum, and 7X harder than silver.

And it will never crack or chip. Size options range from 5-12, with half-size variations, and the width can be 4mm or 6mm.



When looking for the ring to wear at work, you first need to think of your line of work and the kind of jewelry that would be safe and appropriate for you to wear.

With that in mind, you need to think about the material, edges (preferable rounded, cushion-cut diamond, or oval), as well as the setting (lower set options are preferable), and things like hygiene and environmental factors that would affect the wearing of the ring at work.

The good news is that there is a ring to wear at work, regardless of your line of work, and you get to choose from any of the options above.

For more buying tips, visit this section for more.

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